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About Me

This isn't gone
I can get it back

Battles with the mind and the timid stand off


Slightest bit of pain and those tender folk scoff


Choose the destination but that bridge must be crossed

Guess the bottom line is we're cut from different cloths

Borders they divide but I'm inclined to cut across

Reach the outer limits then I cut away my loss

Continue toward the goal in sight no matter what the cost

Emboldened by this chance, I'm not afraid to get lost

Cuz now I'm pushing forward and nobody dare oppose

Now I'm moving faster while that ticking clock slows

And now I'm climbing higher like the ground can't hold

So I don't plan on stopping when this summit plateaus

I'm that invasion of the body by the soul

Sickened from the cold but soon a certified whole

Never one to fight but I just hit it on the nose

It took my spirit, but I got it back, case closed

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