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  1. Hey!

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    2. CeeCee


      Hey that's awesome dude. How have you been doing at Uni, anyway?

    3. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      Quite well, actually. First term exams went very well, now I'm taking the final ones. There's a couple of exams that worry me, but I think I can manage to pass them with decent marks. Apart from exams, it's great, I love this university; it's got its cons, of course, but the people here are cool, and almost everybody is nice. Even found two guys who live almost in my same town. Worst part of it is having to catch the train every day and spending an hour per journey every day...

    4. CeeCee


      Ah good to hear you're enjoying it. The journey doesn't sound to fun though.

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