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  1. Lux - Apparently, it's latin for 'light'


    Plagia - Has a whole bunch of different meanings, but I kept getting 'plagiarize' most often.


    Renen - Swedish for 'reindeer'. Did not know that.


    Katan - Based off the word 'katana', a japanese sword.


    Simul - The last names of Plagia and Rynekk, it's latin for 'together' or 'at the same time'. Actually pretty accurate.


    Raleo - Latin for 'principle' and spanish for 'thinning'.


    Calam - Portugese for 'silent'. Ironic because she most certainly isn't.


    Will add more as I remember them.



  2. It's a cubic world in which you destroy/collect certain blocks of different materials to create objects of unending magnitude.


    It has two versions: Classic and Beta.


    Classic is an in browser version, with more or less the same qualities as Beta, with several key differences. These include, it's free, it doesn't have any enemies, you can't save, there's no redstone (as far as I know, I haven't played).


    Beta is a downloadable version, which costs about $20-30USD, but includes all the stuff that Classic lacks.


    Yeah, it has enemies, as well as allies (known as mobs) such as skeletons, zombies, creepers (exploding zombies), pigs, wolves, sheep, cows etc.


    Too much information? Excellent. :sly:



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