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  1. Username: Emissary to the VoidName: Calik RaktuFaction: Civilian, Day Run, Team SlightSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Dark red and black armour, with two tubes running from this shoulders to his back. Team crest is of three cards (get it, 'sleight of hand'!)Equipment: Sword, two combat knives and a tomahawk. Kanohi: Kanohi CalixPowers: Basic control over flame. Pretty basic really.Vehicle: The Ragnorak. A modified motorcycle looking thing, Calik cares about it like it's his own child. It's equipped with a splinter gun at the front and a heavy firework revolver on each side. The splinter gun is his own invention, firing pieces of shrapnel it's target. Not very effective against vehicles, but lethal on circuitry and flesh.Biography: Little is known about Calik's past, since he doesn't talk much. He's intense, his only pleasure is from battling and fixing the Ragnorak.All that is known, is that he had some trauma in his life and came to Kai-Nam to escape it.Username: Emissary to the VoidName: Lux SaranFaction: CivilianSpecies: Po-MatoranGender: MaleAppearance: Keetorange armour, with small runes carved into the top. He is also much taller than the average Matoran.Equipment: Short sword, engraved with runes to cause it to glow red-hot. He also carries a wooden flute.Kanohi: Kanohi KakamaPowers: n/aVehicle: A small hoverboard.Biography: Lux is the co-owner of Sigma Garages, a place where vehicles can be stored and repaired for relatively low prices. He came here looking for a place to spread good, and is determined to do so. He is generally kind-hearted and a bit of a jokester. Lux also has a passion for music.Username: Emissary to the VoidName: Delta StratosFaction: CivilianSpecies: Onu-MatoranGender: FemaleAppearance: Dark grey and black armour. She is only a couple of inches shorter than Lux.Equipment: A lug wrench, which she never parts with.Kanohi: Kanohi AkakuPowers: n/aVehicle: n/aBiography: Delta arrived a little while after Lux to Kai-Nam, and they helped each other found Sigma Garage. She is sarcastic, and brimming with dry humour and bad jokes. She finds Lux annoying sometimes, but she still cares about him.-Void
  2. Name: Plagia SimulSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: A lithe, slightly short Toa with blue hands, feet and torso, as well as yellow arms legs and mask. She is also very athletic.Powers: Elemental over lightningWeapons/Equipment: A bow and a quiver of arrows, as well as a Kanohi Hau.Biography: Plagia and her brother Rynekk were once great heroes on one of the further islands in the universe. They were sent on a diplomatic mission with two Turaga to a neighbouring island, when they were caught in a sudden sea storm. They washed up on an undisclosed shore, battered and near death, when the Shepherds found them. Plagia is extremely stubborn, sticking to an objective once she has made it. She is also very strong, one of the greatest fighters on their home island. She has a habit of being too curious for her own good, usually getting into grave danger.Name: Rynekk SimulSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: A broad, stout Toa with extremely dark brown and brown armour. He also wheres a long black cloak.Power: Elemental power over Iron.Weapon/Equipment: A collection of different blades, collected from...departed island residents. These range from minute pocket knives to deadly sickles. He has yet to find a sword or something to that effect. He also wears a Kanohi Calix.Biography: Look at previous profile.Rynekk is tense, taking everything very seriously. However, he is very protective of his sister, and would risk life and limb for her.
  3. OOC: Sorry 'bout being missing for so long. IC: Rynekk - Shadowtangle Suicavel. Him again. The one who had nearly killed Plagia. At this point, Rynekk had no time for plans. Suicavel would die, and it would be at his hand. In one swift motion, Rynekk hurled his largest blade at Suicavel, imbedding it a few inches from his hand. "Remember me?" -Void
  4. OOC: Oh, it's good to be back! IC: Lux - Mata Nui/Ta-Koro/Lavapool Inn Lux sighed a happy sigh as he entered the Lavapool. It was almost... nostalgic coming back here. This was his journey on this island had begun. He sat down at the bar, listening to the chattering crowds, the business dealings, the arguments. Lux shook himself out of his reverie and caught sight of someone else sitting at the bar. She looked like a Matoran, but she must have been about his height, unusual for villagers here. She was...fairly attractive, but Lux had had more than enough bad encounters with females to know that situations like this had to be approached cautiously. "Excuse me," he said to the female, "but would you care for a drink?" OOC: That's Solia he's talking to by the way, wotsiznum. Feel free to beat him into pulp. -Void
  5. -The Broken- Name: Known as Nika Draen Gender: Male Species: Vortixx Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Himself) Appearance: Nika is, while a specimen of above-average physical prowess, still lankier and skinnier than most Vortixx, which combined with a pronounced slouch, makes most beings to consider him rather weak and unimpressive at first glance. His left hand is purely mechanical from the elbow down, with his “hand” including a retractable taloned tip for each finger (one of the foreign tech items). Nika’s thin, light-weight armour is coloured jet black over his chest, shoulders and thighs, with his shins, stomach and arms coloured slate grey. His face is savage, to say the least, with a hard, wolfish smile and leaf-green eyes which have long-since clouded over with insanity. He also has high, sharp cheekbones, giving him a gaunt, hungry appearance. Equipment: Nika carries an ancient, modified lightstone sniper rifle, older than even he is, which is still as lethal as it was when it was first created (as well as capable of being disassembled into four different parts). Firing silently, it unfortunately takes longer to cool down and reload in-between shots, due to its increased range. (Another of the foreign tech items) He wields two daggers which he holds in his belt, as well as his mechanical hand. Dominant Hand: Right Home: A small hut on the outskirts of Ga-Wahi. Widgets: 317 Personality: Amoral, cold, psychotic...these are some of the milder things that Nika has been called throughout his adult life. Few beings have ever seen the assassin show any emotion beyond disdain, with fewer living to tell the tale. It should be noted, though, that with his cold exterior, he hides an incredibly broken and confused mind and spirit, filled with conflicting emotions which he hides from the world. However, on those rare moments when he has ever reached the cusp of sanity, or the rock-bottom depths of madness, he’s prone to bouts of depression and/or uncontrolled rage, which often include sadistic or masochistic actions to be brought on. Biography: Nika’s parents arrived on Mata-Nui shortly after the defeat of the Toa Mata, with no idea how they arrived there, or how to get back to Xia. However, intent on building a future for themselves, they worked hard to make a living, having two children during that time: Nika and his sister, Kapi. The Vortixx family journeyed across the island, selling their services as engineers and inventors. For years, this worked well, with the Draen’s managing a good living, and the two children growing up in a warm, nurturing (for Xian standards) environment. But it was on one of these voyages where disaster struck. A caravan of bandits attacked the family, robbing them and setting fire to their campsite. Caught unawares, only Nika was believed to have escaped the blaze. Fleeing from the scene, the deeply disturbed adolescent Vortixx had to fend for himself in the world. With only his father’s lightstone rifle, Nika took whatever work he could, including mercenary jobs. At first, such things sickened him, but the inescapable need for widgets and the deepening psychological scars from his family’s death quickly broke him, turning Nika into the killing machine he is today. Recently, though, things have changed. Letters have started arriving from his family, claiming that they managed to survive the fire and are looking for him. However, Nika, refusing to believe that his parents and sister could have lived and let him suffer in the world, remains steadfast in his belief that these beings are nothing more than frauds trying to trick him and he has yet to look deeper into the matter. Weaknesses: Nika’s growing lack of sanity, combined with his problems with drink have serious effects on his skills in killing and in everyday life, causing hallucinations, bouts of depression/sub-psychotic rage and lack of emotional depth. Also, due to his build, Nika has a lacking in physical strength, relying mainly on secrecy and speed in his fights. Skills: Nika is an excellent sniper with a remarkable track records (when he’s not too inebriated or insane), as well as a certain amount of skill in close-range combat, though he tries to avoid that whenever possible. -The Idealist- "I'm no hero. Not yet, anyway." Name: Lux Saran Gender: Male Species: Matoran Equipment: Any sane being would probably assume that, as a former blacksmith, Lux would generally carry a hammer with him as a weapon. However, they would fail to realize just how idealistic this Matoran is. Having heard many a story about heroes, Lux fashioned himself a claymore, perfectly balanced, fitting his hand like a glove. After his rescue of Delta, and her subsequent departure, Lux had been carrying around one of her old short swords, with a black, leaf-shaped blade. While not the best fit for the budding nomad, he keeps it more as a memento of their time together. Plus, he's got half a dozen bamboo disks. Just thought I'd mention that. Kanohi: Powerless Kakama Element: StoneAlignment: Neutral Good (Delta Stratos; Hakilve; Mata-Nuian Government) Personality: If there was a prize for who could act as an entire island's "little brother", there would be absolutely no competition for Lux to beat. The guy's idealistic to a fault, hopelessly out of touch with civilization in general (which may have something to do with being raised in a cavern for most of his life), and incredibly generous and forgiving (even to those who really don't deserve it). However, while it may take a lot to get on his bad side, if you do, yo should start writing up your will immediately. Lux will stop at nothing to, well...stop you. Appearance: Approximately a head taller than most Matoran here, years of forging have caused Lux to became reasonably muscular, though he's certainly no body-builder. He's cute in an awkward-in-his-own-skin sort of way, with a slight slouch stemming from years of trying to duck people's attention. This particular Po-Matoran wears a set of light-weight, yellow armour, with a dozen odd symbols carved into his chest-plate, for which he gives no explanation. Behind his similarly-coloured Kanohi, you'll find sea-green eyes which sparkle like the ocean at sunset, with a scar crossing over his right eye from a battle with Delta. Widgets: 257 Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous, though he favours his right. Biography: Lux was born and raised in a secret cavern (known as the Great Refuge, after the legends of Artakha) deep within the tunnels of Onu-Wahi, by a community of Matoran who had migrated there after the First Toa failed in their mission. Once he was of age, he became an apprentice blacksmith, where he showed incredible skill, as well as studying music in his free time. However, three years ago, everything changed. The elders of their village, based on the news brought by merchants and adventurers, sensed a subtle change on the island, one that could be used to bring about the end of the century-long darkness. The village chose a number of strong, compassionate Matoran, including Lux, to go out into the world, and work to make it a better place. Upon his arrival into the outside world, Lux met an aspiring Onu-Matoran engineer, Delta Stratos. The two became fast friends, and journeyed together for at least a year. Unfortunately, both realized they had different duties in life, and were forced to go their separate ways. For years, Lux wandered the island, doing good were he could. Eventually, he met a Toa of Water, named Solia, and the two decided to travel to Le-Koro together. Along the way, they met the Ko-Toa Zaveno in Onu-Koro, where Lux learned that Delta had been captured by infected Nui-Rama. Upon reaching the village of air, the trio met the beginnings of the Island Liberation Squad, and participated in the battle for Lake Pala, where Lux, with the aid of his friends, defeated an infected Stratos. The three split up at that point, with Solia deciding to work with the ILS, and Lux leaving to nurse Delta back to health. Shortly after that, he met the Toa of Stone; Hakilve, and the Vortixx; Readra, who offered to teach him in combat. Discovering that Delta had left upon her recovery, the Po-Matoran took they up on the offer. Eventually, the new trio found themselves at Casa Juturna, attending the wedding of Tillian and Emotia, where Lux was knocked unconscious during the Mark Bearers' attack. He and Hakilve continued travelling after that, winding up in Po-Koro, where they too parted ways, leading Lux to travel back to Onu-Koro.Weakness: Lux did not actually complete his combat training, so his fighting skill is only half-decent (at best). But even with the additional training he received from Readra and Hakilve, his kind and idealistic nature can be easily exploited by those cunning enough to trick him. Theme Song: "Hero" by Skillet. -The Bruiser-Name: Plagia SimulGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaEquipment: Twin Katana, which she keeps strapped to her back.Kanohi: HauElement: LightningAlignment: Neutral GoodPersonality: Fierce, tough, but extremely loyal, Plagia is not one you want to mess with. Generally sarcastic and cocky, she has a tendency of using humour as a defence mechanism.Physical Description: A lithe, slightly short Toa with blue and yellow armour.Biography: Once, she and her brother Rynekk were the Toa of a small island. Then, during a diplomatic mission to a nearby island colony, she, Rynekk and the two Turaga they were escorting were caught in a freak storm. When she awoke, she had washed up on the shores of Mata Nui, with nothing but herself, and with no knowledge of the whereabouts of Rynekk or the others. She eventually met up with the amnesiac Toa, Akinii, and the two travelled the island, trying to solve their respective mysteries. Upon discovering that her brother had joined Makuta, however, she seems to have given up trying to get back home, at least until Rynekk has turned back.She and Akinii made it to the newly-formed, Pala-Koro (along with Mussiki and JiMing), where they joined the ILS, and fought in the Rama Hive battle.Weakness: Plagia is extremely stubborn, sticking to an idea despite anything anyone else might say. She can also miss the obvious solution when it presents itself. She's also something of a loose cannon in combat.-The Pirate- Name: GunnerGender: MaleSpecies: ToaEquipment: Given his extensive training in sword-fighting, Gunner carries a protodermic broadsword, which he keeps sheathed in a leather sheath on his back.Kanohi: Kanohi Miru, Mask of LevitationElement: AirPower: Gunner has incredibly detailed control over both his elemental abilities over air and his mask powers of levitation, often using the two in conjunction to "fly".Alignment: (Chaotic Neutral) Infernavika, Grochi, PerkahnPersonality: Arrogant, obnoxious and sadistic can be used to describe Gunner, but that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his personality. He is all of those things, but once you look beyond his outward persona of an icy, harsh and condescending loner, you'd find a few shreds of goodness within him, parts of his identity that he only shows towards those who have earned his respect. He's not a nice guy, by any definition of the word, but neither is he a complete waste of space. On the battlefield, Gunner shows a remarkable quick-wittedness, ruthlessness, as well as an incredible determination to finish any job he's begun. Off the battlefield, however, all of these traits create a sharp-tongued and thoroughly unlikable individual.Physical Description: Tall and lanky, Gunner manages to make up for his rather unimpressive physique through his confident and regal bearing, an image capped off by his chiselled jaw, sharp cheekbones and glimmering black eyes. He wears fairly average armour, useful in battle or over casual conversation, whose pure greyish-green hue has been worn away by time, leaving it a ghost of what it once was, rusted, scratched and otherwise marred. Gunner has attempted to hide this by wearing his (now signature) black, ratty overcoat and matching fedora (the latter of which he gave to Mimira upon her arrival on the 'Vika).Biography: All of Gunner's early life is a mystery, as he says nothing about it. All that has been found is that he was once the successful (and no less smarmy) proprietor of the Rama Hive, one of the most successful inns in all of Po-Koro until a group of Toa shut it down upon discovering that he was operating a secret arms dealership out of it. Gunner managed to escape before they could arrest him, but has been on the run for the last six months. Recently, though, he's joined the crew of the Infernavika, becoming the Quartermaster, and later First Mate of the ship.Fighting Style: Gunner prefers softening his opponents up from a distance with his abilities over air and wind, before closing in and fighting them face-to-face. He's also a true pragmatist, with few scruples when it comes to battle.Weaknesses: His arrogance causes him to underestimate his opponents, as well as refusing aid when it's offered if he feels he can handle the situation (and his judgement is generally skewed when it comes to this). He often fails to realize when he's genuinely offended someone (or he does and he just doesn't care) which hasn't gotten him many friends. Also, Gunner's determination and stubbornness in life and battle tend to cause him more harm than is required, since he just doesn't know when to call it quits on something.-The Atoner-Name: Rynekk SimulGender: MaleSpecies: ToaEquipment: A solid, weathered spear.Kanohi: KakamaElement: StoneAlignment: Chaotic GoodPersonality: More noble than he was previously, but still maintains a certain mean streak. Harbours immense guilt over his involvement with Makuta, and has set himself on a journey to redeem himself for that.Physical Description: A stout Toa, wearing armour designed to resemble the colour of an infected Kanohi, as well as a cloak. He recently traded that cloak for a black, weathered duster.Biography: Once, he and his sister Plagia were the Toa of a small island. Then, during a diplomatic mission to a nearby island colony, he, Plagia and the two Turaga they were escorting were caught in a freak storm. When he awoke, he had washed up on the shores of Mata Nui, separated from his sister, and with no knowledge of the island. He wandered for a week, until he collapsed from fatigue, dehydration and starvation. When he awoke, he found an infected Nui-Rama dead in front of him. Thankful for the unexpected gift, he donned it's infected mask (to this day, it is unknown how he resisted the powers of the Kanohi, however it most likely aided his descent into darkness). He soon discovered a village, where he learned of the legend of Makuta. Realizing who his savior was, he pledged his allegiance to the dark one, resolving to find Plagia and (if she's alive) show her 'the light'.Weakness: His severe guilt and regret about joining Makuta can be a hinder on him, either by emotionally crippling him or causing him to lash out violently for undisclosed reasons.-The Tinkerer-Name: Delta StratosGender: FemaleSpecies: MatoranEquipment: Two short swords (one for each hand). However, she left one of these to her friend Lux.Kanohi: Powerless Kanohi AkakuElement: EarthAlignment: Neutral GoodPersonality: Brave and loyal, slightly jaded, but still a fairly happy person. She's slightly reckless, tending to take a lot of not needed risks. She also has a habit of trying to hide any fear or insecurity she may have with a shield of sarcasm.Physical Description: A standard Onu-Matoran, with a black-grey body.Biography: Originally a simple miner, Delta was later employed as an engineer, showing prowess for fixing things. During one of his travels, she and Lux would meet, where a strong friendship started. They journeyed together for a number of years, attempting to do good on the island. They worked well together, but it soon became apparent that they both had very different plans for life. Lux was a true nomad, not able to stay in one place, and too kind for his own good. Delta was certain that she was born to be an engineer. The choice to go their separate ways was mutual, and they still kept in touch after that.However, during an expedition into the swamps of Le-Koro, prospecting a new mine entrance, she was captured by a swarm of Rama, and donned an Infected Mask. Currently, she's hunting Lux, as the strong memories she has of him are...confusing for her, and she feels that if he's dead, she'll be free of such distractions. She found Lux, but with the held of his friends, Solia and Zaveno, he managed to stop her, destroying her Infected Mask, and nursing her back to health. Shortly afterwards, Delta left their company, heading back to Onu-Koro to restart her life. Weakness: Delta is a born risk-taker, often looking for the hardest way to do something, just to prove she can do it.-The Hero-Name: LumiraGender: FemaleSpecies: MatoranEquipment: Two tantos (one of which she lost in a fight against Bartan)Kanohi: Powerless Great-Style MiruElement: AirAlignment: (Neutral Good) Loosely affiliated with the ILF.Personality: Generally light-hearted and casual, Lumira believes in heroism with every fibre of her being. She’s totally committed to doing good deeds, and stopping evil, although she tends to have little success with it. Off the battlefield, she gives off the impression of being rather clumsy. In battle though, she reveals herself to be a very quick thinking and resourceful warrior.Physical Description: Slightly taller than your average Matoran, Lumira wears light-weight and easily maneuverable armour. Her torso, mask, hands and feet are teal, while the rest of her body is light green. She also wears a slightly battered, jet-black blazer and a white belt/sash around her waist, where she holds her daggers. Or, at least, she did before those particular articles of clothing were hacked to bits and abandoned during the Battle of Pala-Koro.Biography: Lumira has spent her entire life on Mata Nui, living on her own for the majority of it. Her parents died when she was very young, and she has virtually no memory of them. She managed to survive on her own very well, working as a navigator aboard numerous ships due to her extensive knowledge of the workings of the island. After the Toa Mata were defeated by Makuta, Lumira watched as the residents of her home were oppressed by the Dark One, and took it upon herself to be the hero that the island needed (albeit, with limited success so far).Weakness: Lumira is extremely headstrong, generally relying on her gut instincts to decide her actions, rather than thinking things through and formulating a plan.-The Amnesiac-Name: Peho EnibladGender: MaleSpecies: ToaEquipment: A claymore, made of polished bronze, with the words “Phoenix Blade” engraved into the blade.Kanohi: Kanohi Kadin, Mask of FlightElement: FireAlignment: (Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good) Island Liberation FrontPhysical Description: An exceptionally tall and broad Toa, easily a head taller than your average, with ornate (but damaged) dark red and light orange armour. He has a “collar” of armour that obscures the bottom of his face, as well as a bright yellow heart light and eyes.Biography: No one knows a thing about this Toa, least of all, himself. He woke up on the shores of Le-Wahi, with absolutely no memories, to the point of behaving like a (heavily-armoured) newborn child. Accidentally activating his Kadin, he wound up captured by the Hordika, Skaarn, who attempted to sell him into slavery. However, the mysterious Toa managed to escape, letting Lantz's personality to resurface in Skaarn's body. Following the Xa-Koronan assault on Le-Koro, the Toa stumbled upon Aronis Ril in a hospital, convincing him to teach the amnesiac about the world around him.Personality: He’s is generally quite a kind soul, and is very loyal to his friends. However, his amnesia means he’s next-to-useless in a social setting. It also means he’s very nervous around new people or places, and puts an absurd amount of faith in his friends. That said, if you hurt anyone he likes, he has no qualms against ripping you apart with his bare hands.Fighting Style: He generally tries not to fight, but when he does, he’s right up in your face, using anything available to defeat you. This includes (but is not limited to) fire, his sword, his fists, and any furniture that may be laying around. Weakness: Due to his amnesia, he has little to no knowledge of social norms, technology or... well, anything. This makes him easily confused and disoriented, and also makes him very gullible and easily manipulated by those who are skilled enough.Theme Song: “Forbidden Friendship” - How to Train Your Dragon OST -The Confidence Man- Name: Shrakk Denestrum Gender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: (Chaotic Neutral) HimselfElement: LightningPowers: Elemental control over electricity and lightning (in conjunction with another Skakdi), as well as laser vision.Appearance: Call his species what you will, no one can deny that Shrakk looks dang handsome. With a strong, lean frame, squared, rugged face, and dodger blue eyes, even his characteristically ugly grin can’t diminish his attractiveness. A thin scar runs through his left eye, though it doesn’t harm his vision. In keeping in the belief that “if one has to die, do it looking good”, Shrakk will rarely be seen in public without a clean set of silver armour, with a crisp, black three-piece suit over top. Something important thing to note is that underneath his shirt and blazer, one will find that a set of never-quite-healed wounds where his Skakdi spines were removed years ago.Equipment: While not a warrior by trade, Shrakk’s dealings and upbringing have required the ability to defend himself. For those reasons, he always carries a pair of sickles inside tailored sheathes found in the lining of his blazer.Dominant Hand: AmbidextrousHome: n/aWidgets: 2500 on his person, another 15,000 in various deposits across Mata Nui.Personality: Shrakk carries an aura of general amiability and jolliness, always ready and willing to crack a joke or share a drink with an interesting enough person. Add to that a surprising cunning and intellectualism often manifested in daring plots, philosophical non-sequiturs and manipulative gambits, and it’ll reveal the eccentric psyche of a confidence man.Biography: If you were to ask Shrakk his life story a thousand times, you’d most certainly get a thousand different tales of gritty and endearing adventures made by the sort of rugged hero you’d find on the cover of a cheesy romance novel. In truth, no one really knows all that much about the history of his strange and boisterous confidence man, and given his reputation as a consummate liar, it’s not likely anyone ever will.Weaknesses: The wounds from the removal of his spines still hurt like the mother of all Karz for Shrakk, and the only mediums he’s found to abate the problem is a combination of heavy drinking, deep meditation and the occasional visit to an actual medical professional. However, should he neglect these practices, the pain from his injuries can be crippling at worst, and at best, can seriously impede his fighting. In addition, his high intelligence means that his plots are often overly-complicated, and it’s difficult for him to see the obvious/simple solution to a problem.Skills: A brilliant plotter, consummate liar and connoisseur of alcohol... these are all things that Shrakk is, in spades. Of course, given his heritage, he also has the capacity to be a skilled warrior, but he tends to avoid fighting for the most part, preferring more creative ways of problem-solving.-Void
  6. The Time Slip sounds good. Or maybe "The Break". P.S. Both the real life and the BIONICLE Time Slip took place over a six month period. Freaky. P.P.S. Yes, I realize I'm not the first person to point this out.
  7. It's a cubic world in which you destroy/collect certain blocks of different materials to create objects of unending magnitude. It has two versions: Classic and Beta. Classic is an in browser version, with more or less the same qualities as Beta, with several key differences. These include, it's free, it doesn't have any enemies, you can't save, there's no redstone (as far as I know, I haven't played). Beta is a downloadable version, which costs about $20-30USD, but includes all the stuff that Classic lacks. Yeah, it has enemies, as well as allies (known as mobs) such as skeletons, zombies, creepers (exploding zombies), pigs, wolves, sheep, cows etc. Too much information? Excellent. -Void
  8. Welcome to BZP! If you wish to survive, keep your head down and hold your gun all menacing like! Oh wait... Sorry, wrong instructions.

  9. Hey WS. Just wondering, what's a fast reply? Thanks.

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