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  1. IC: Pukipuki (The Unfortunate Fikou, Onu-Koro) This was also a dream. In the dream, I was there, but I wasn't me. I could see myself from a darkened passage, and I was tall like a Toa with a great axe, rapping on the door of my destiny. How long had I been standing here? It was impossible to tell the time of day in Onu-Koro without knowing it. I found myself yearning for the d̶͖̈́e̸̱͝ĕ̷͉p̸͚̓ crisp air of my home b̶̡̝̱̝̯̳̖̟͌͊̆ͅȩ̷̡̢͍͓̤̱̯̜̫͍̩͂̓̽̈́̏̔̈́̓̆͒͊͗ͅl̸͙̫̖̞̝̫̪̖̉̈̓̍̄͆̓̆̂̈́̒̃̕͝ó̴̧̨̧͉̦͈̲̯͍̦͚̍̓͋̈́̊̈̆͒̓̓͊͂͘̚͜͜ͅw̶̧͕̥̯̗͐̈́̌͐̓̈́̐̉̈́̋͝͝ in the mountains. I wanted to say something to the stranger, it seemed only right, but my mouth was so dry I could barely open it, and my tongue stuck to the back of my throat when I tried to flex it. The w̵̷̧a̴͞t͏̷͝e̵̛͝r. Need to Drink More.
  2. IC: Pukipuki (Onu-Koro) When I get up in the morning, I feel heavy. It's cold in Ko-Koro. That makes it harder to get up in the morning. That, and in my dreams, I'm always swimming. Swimming feels so natural until I wake up. It's like breathing. You never stop breathing unless you try. I don't know why I would ever want to stop swimming. "...Puki...?" Tupi's pale blue Ruru reminded me of swimming. "...Onu-Koro to Puki, you in there?" "Hmm? Yes." "I was telling you about my new Ussal. Were you listening?" "Yeah, sure." My lips barely separated. They were visibly parched. "Long-In-The-Tooth, right?" "No, his name is George, and he is a bit long in the tooth, that's what I was saying. Pay attention." She turned back to the tea. "Anyway, so I said to the salesman..." Tupi carried on talking. I heard the tea pouring. It sounded like water, which reminded me of swimming. I looked into the teacup and I pictured myself plunging d̶͖̈́e̸̱͝ĕ̷͉p̸͚̓ into its dark depths, watching the spoon's entire gigantic form looming in the shadows as it passed by all the way down to the tea leaves at the bottom; then I pass b̶̡̝̱̝̯̳̖̟͌͊̆ͅȩ̷̡̢͍͓̤̱̯̜̫͍̩͂̓̽̈́̏̔̈́̓̆͒͊͗ͅl̸͙̫̖̞̝̫̪̖̉̈̓̍̄͆̓̆̂̈́̒̃̕͝ó̴̧̨̧͉̦͈̲̯͍̦͚̍̓͋̈́̊̈̆͒̓̓͊͂͘̚͜͜ͅw̶̧͕̥̯̗͐̈́̌͐̓̈́̐̉̈́̋͝͝ the tea leaves, and I'm surrounded by nothing; the nothingness speaks to me, tells me what it said to the Ussal salesman and how Long-In-The-Tooth has too many pink spots on his belly; then the nothingness' voice transforms into a language I can't understand, it stops just a sound being just sound a being just a sound it becomes something else. ... "...Hey, Puki?" My head snapped up. I hadn't realised it was drooping. "You been sleeping okay, my guy?" "Yeah, swimmi- swimmingly." Swimmingly? "I don't think that's- never mind. You should have a nap. My bed's free." She sipped her tea. "Also, I have to go to work this evening, so I probably won't be here when you get up." - - - - - When I got up, I wasn't swimming. I wasn't in Tupi's bed, either. I was lying against the town sundial. It worked with artificial light yadaydayda, said Tupi in my memory. Someone walked past and tutted. Someone else asked me if I knew Mata Nui loved me. I said yes to make him go away. Hauling myself up, I gazed at the sundial. My eyes were still focusing, but I managed to decipher that it had been 4 hours. Tupi was at work. I had nowhere to go. ... Another hour. The bartender at The Unfortunate Fikou asked me how much I'd had to drink. I ordered some water and drank it, then I ordered some more, and drank that, then I ordered more water and drank it. Then, I asked the bartender if I could have a bucket of water and a room to sleep in. He stared at me for a long time, then gave me the bucket of water and sent me upstairs with the room key. He would have shown me to the room but hmfrmbmmf (this part was mumbled as he bent down to do something behind the bar). I couldn't remember which room it was that I was meant to stay in. I stopped outside one of them and stood there for a long time, holding the water in my right hand and the outstretched key in my left.
  3. IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi Courtyard) Grolasch was stunned by his leader's move - usually it took a few more seconds for her to get round to flooring him. Maybe it was the hangover. "Alright then." Ipsudir had placed her foot in a very uncomfortable position on his neck. It didn't exactly stop him from getting up, but he knew the next flooring would be singificantly more painful if he simply rose. He was supposed to fight his way up. He made a fist with both hands above his head and, with a grunt, swung at her midsection.
  4. IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi Courtyard) "'Legendary'?" Grolasch pondered this for a moment. Obviously the answer was already 'yes', Ipsudir must've known that already. But 'legendary'? Either it was a genuinely legendary contest, and Grolasch would win... or it was a suicide mission, and Grolasch would still win. "...Just tell me I don't have to sign anything this time."
  5. IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi Courtyard) Instinctively, Grolasch whirled around violently at the squeeze on his shoulder - but when his swinging backhand flew just over the head of Ipsudir, he realised who he was facing. "Leader... I didn't-" “As it happens, I have a proposal just for you.” A pause, as his desiccated brain caught up to what she had said. "...A proposal...?"
  6. IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi Courtyard) Dumping the bucket on the side of the well, Grolasch stepped back over to Kirik, and leaned in close enough that the gestalt stench of their breath became a violent force in its own right. "I don't have any secrets." He took the cup, and threw it down the well. "There. Now it has refilled. Probably."
  7. IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi Courtyard) Grolasch snorted in amusement, and simply snatched the cup out of Kirik's hand. He gave him a challenging look as he stepped round to the well to fill up the cup. He drank the contents in a single gulp, then another. After about four cups, he lobbed the cup back at Kirik and grabbed the bucket hanging over the well to drink that. glugglugglugglug... aaaaaaaaa. He felt the oxygen flowing to his brain, his vision beginning to return, his body temperature regulating nomally once more, and smiled drowsily. It was so refreshing it was almost a high. Realising Kirik was still standing there, he looked over, still holding the bucket a few inches from his mouth, as if he and it were interrupted lovers. "...Still here?"
  8. IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi Courtyard) Grolasch considered responding with something to the effect of, "I said out. Of. My. Way." This would probably be followed by an escelation of sorts, a fight perhaps, that would undoubtedly result in Kirik plunging headfirst down the well. ...but he thought better of it. He was in no fit state to get into any such altercation. The drought in his mouth took priority. His eyes spared a lustful glare at the cup in one of Kirik's four hands. "Give me that."
  9. IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi Courtyard) Grolasch's swaggering demeanor betrayed little of his hangover, but internally he was in a state of turmoil. As such, his bloodshot eyes didn't immediately detect that there was someone between them and the well. It was only when he was a few meters away that he became aware he was staring directly at Kirik. "Out of the way," he croaked dryly.
  10. IC: Noka (Fowadi Gym) "Then it looks like I'll have to take a trip down to the hold later to try out this 'meditation' you just taught me." She took the Toa's hand and rose to her feet, then added cheerfully, "Don't interrupt me!" The Po-Matoran picked up a dumbbell. "Now, though, the Routine is waiting."
  11. IC: Grolasch (Fort Garsi) The monstrous brute in question was, at that moment, giggling hoarsely at a small wooden table somewhere in the fort's drinking halls. The lingering effects of the alcohol had staved off the brunt of his hangover. Sprawled across the other side of the table was a yellow-armoured Skakdi whose hands clutched a Spinegammon board devotedly. The focal point of Grolasch's amusement, however, was a stone rat which darted back and forth across the table as he repeatedly used his massive hands to block its exits. run stop run stop run. The creature never seemed to tired or give up, it just kept repeating the same identical action again and again - obviously because it valued its survival, but Grolasch did not ponder the concept to this level of depth. He took a simple joy in its movements. Even so, eventually he did begin to tire of this game. run stop run stop run sto-SPLAT! His hand karate-chopped the creature's back shattering it. A small pool of blood oozed from the mess and dripped onto the floor. Grolasch looked around blankly, blinking. He realised that he was thirsty. He got up, the screech of the chair echoing off the stone walls, and began walking down towards the courtyard, the well being the only thing on his mind.
  12. IC: Kuhrin (Lake Pala North) The water ripples - wind, too powerful and precise to be natural - I leap into the air to avoid its full force. It carries me backwards as I curl in the air, turning a somersault into a dive, and descend into the water. They must have seen the splash. Still, I swam hurriedly towards the village on the breath I had, staying far enough below the surface that I would not be immediately visible.
  13. IC: Kuhrin (Lake Pala North) A part of me always wants to be caught. If I were caught, my guilt would be proved, and a deserved punishment wrought upon me. But none who ever catch me know the true extent of my crimes - they always let me live. A hollowed out tree trunk rests on the bank, reaching out to rescue a trio of irretrievable boulders from the water. I balance across its back, and leap to the boulders, darting across them with the agility and speed of a trained killer. Why do they always let me live? But the boulders lead nowhere, and now I'm over water deeper than my height. I could swim, certainly, but my lungs wouldn't carry me far enough. Besides that, the Huna seems to have trouble underwater. Even as a servant of darkness I failed to become notorious enough to be remembered. The blood on my hands goes unnoticed. So they always let me live. "You looking for something?" My attention is yanked back towards the village. One of them saw something. They probably don't know what they saw just yet, but it was enough to be suspicious. The Huna flickers. Again. ###mit. It wants me to be caught, too.
  14. IC: Noka (Fowadi Gym) She nodded, then paused for a moment. Then, hesitantly, she asked, "Do you know any other spots that are good for er, being alone?"
  15. IC: Noka (Fowadi Gym) As Tirokk spoke, she nodded attentively, and followed what he instructed as he spoke - but she did not close her eyes. He didn't seem threatening, if anything he came across quite calming, but she would not close her eyes. Still, she was intrigued by this strange practice and couldn't help but become entrained by the rhythm of his breathing. What a load of Ko-Koronan nonsense. Quiet you. "Okay, so close eyes - breathe deep - focus on breathing - right? Is that all?" Her tone was a little more standoffish than she intended.
  16. IC: Xaruthan (Mountains) As I rose out of the energy storm I had created, I gazed over the horizon, taking in the see of rocky blades sticking out of the mist, the ice clinging to each of them in symbiosis. The morning sun, as it cascaded over the mountain peaks, was stained red with blood, but in its sublime beauty I couldn't see the horror in its light. High, high up and higher I flew, feeling the moisture of the clouds evaporating from my skin as I glided against them. This, then, was my life. My freedom. Free to go anywhere, do anything - but cursed with the knowledge that there was nobody left to share it with. I didn't know whether I could ever forgive Aru, it didn't even cross my mind at that time. Twisting my body, I changed trajectory midair and swooped down under the Death Cloud. I looked upon its blue majesty, spitting ions in the ether like an angry god. Then, in a flash, it was gone. It was just a cloud again, just steam. My power could alter the very state of matter itself, I could turn boulders to magma, mist into a deadly energized haze - but it was nothing. So inconsequential and empty. It couldn't heal. It could only destroy. So, perhaps Aru was right, in a way. Of all I was capable of, I had been designed from a young age for war, for conquest. everythingyoudidtomeeeee Ignotus' melting face flashed before my eyes, and the salt my tears left behind stung more bitterly. The icy wind soothed and enflamed both my partially-melted right hand, and the still-open cut on my arm, but all I felt was numbness. I wished I was still frozen. After some time of flying aimlessly, I looked up. Perhaps my instincts were carrying me - the great Mangai volcano loomed on the horizon, black smoke from lava farms rising and dissipating into the dark canopy above. There was something within me that felt drawn to its heat, but it wasn't a conscious decision. Those 'instincts' of mine were proving to have something of a mind of their own. OOC: Xaruthan to Ta-Wahi.
  17. IC: Xaruthan (Some Mountain) "That's what you 'think'? A most compelling analysis, professor. You know where you can stick it." Once again, I jumped into open space and spread my wings. At this altitude, some low clouds graced the peaks of the mountains, and I made a point of disappearing into one, superheating it into a lethal state as I passed through.
  18. IC: Xaruthan (Some Mountain) "Nice to know that you don't spend a lot of time thinking about the people you've killed or why you killed them. That really is reassuring. You see, if all of those Mystix on our side - good people - deserved to die, why don't you? You're an exception to your own rule. How very advanced you are."
  19. IC: Xaruthan (Some Mountain) "Don't pretend to miss the point. Answer me." My eyes were ablaze, almost literally.
  20. IC: Xaruthan (Some Mountain) "You're calling me ungrateful?"
  21. IC: Xaruthan (Some Mountain) "There is a reason why you didn't follow your own point of view and kill us both. And the reason isn't because we're any exceptions to this rule of yours - we established that, right? So, why did you let us live, judge, jury and executioner?"
  22. IC: Xaruthan (Some Mountain) "You've been awake for weeks now. You didn't kill yourself, nor me. Why?"
  23. IC: Xaruthan (Some Mountain) "...So, by your own logic, you rightfully deserve to die, too?" My tone had changed. Less eratic. More somber.
  24. IC: Xaruthan (Some Mountain) "It's in our blood-" "-It's in our choices, Aru! I made a choice to change, and so did you! What exactly do you think makes us any different from the rest of our kind? This, this is my ####ing blood:" I tore open one of the scars on my arm - glowing hot whatever it was oozed out and fell to the ground. I flicked the scolding hot substance in her face. "Is this why I killed your father? Is that why I trusted you? Because of my blood?!"
  25. IC: Xaruthan (Some Mountain) "Wow, what a wonderful peace you've created! Our species is extinct, and we're the lucky ones who get to live with that knowledge! That is, unless we want to have thousands of children that'll all be destined for incest!" On that last word I whirled around, superheating a section of the mountaintop. "How is this what you wanted?! This is a psychotic dream! And you don't even see it! Well, you stay here with Aclaraung for a few more weeks, see if your bright future is made a little brighter by the fire and roadkill of a ruthless, genocidal-" I punched the rock I had melted, creating a hole through the mountaintop - and screamed in pain as the armour on my hand melted and fused with my mutilated skin. The screaming felt good, so I did it again, louder this time. Louder, and longer, till my lungs were empty and my stomach so tense it felt like I was going to vomit. Then, I did it again, and again. Soon the screaming became feeble whines that punctuated my sobbing. The tears would leave my eyes and evaporate before they could drip off of my face. There was no mercy for them and no escape. Dead before they could live.
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