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  1. Wotz
    Thank you, Steven Moffat. Thank you very much. I shake you by the hand, my good sir.
    The next episode looks like total rubbish but I'm in Spain when it airs, and this one makes up for it anyway. I was very pleasantly surprised by it, plus I'm glad to finally have my Who back. Also, Matt Smith gets awesomer every time I see him. I refuse to believe he will ever leave me.
    Oh yeah, and I'm going to Spain for a week in like, two days. Nice.
  2. Wotz
    Turns out I have a blog. Who'd've thunk it.
    So I've been thinking about writing a CoT epic about super powered secret agent penguins who fight in a war against baddies for no clear reason.
    Also my brother has kidnapped my Xbox and I'm slowly decaying into a lifeless husk.
    Oh, and there was some armed police or something somewhere nearby and no one knows anything about it other than some people were arrested or some madness.
    That's my life nowadays. Or rather, everything of interest, since my social life doesn't belong on BZP to be honest. That's what you put on blogs right?
  3. Wotz
    It feels so good to see Takua standing awesomely next to the name of my blog It's also good to see red instead of green, because green sucks and red is just the best colour of all time.
    Come to think of it, I have no idea why my self-inserts are always blue when my favourite colour is red. Maybe it's irony, maybe I'm stupid, who knows.
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