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  1. I think Ba-Matoran should have a resistance to gravity, allowing them to jump higher and fall slower. Matoran of Magnetism should either be able to sense magnetic fields or have a greater manipulation of their own magnetism, like being able to attract or repel things from a short distance away. I think it would cool if Matoran of Plantlife could blend in when around plants. Matoran of Plasma should be resistant to extreme heat and bright light but weak against cold and magnetism.
  2. I have a theory that Kapura has a glitch that allows him to get to places quickly. Similar to how Vakama has a glitch that allows precognition, Kapura has a glitch that allows either teleportation or super speed. Vakama might have recognized the glitch and taught him how to get it under control. I think this allows an interesting story concept of matoran with extra abilities.
  3. Wow, Lego reviewed the Serenity before it even reached 10,000 supporters. Too bad it didn't make it, that model was cool, the decision makes sense though.
  4. Haha! Nice name!

    Welcome to BZP :)

    MATHEMATICS!!! Ah, how I love it.

    And I, too, am happy to help you if you need it.

  5. Welcome to BZP, if you need help just leave a comment on my profile. =)

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