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  1. Hi, this is the Bionicle GX2 project. You might remember seeing something similar a year or so back, but it was dropped from development. This is a revival of the idea. My goal is to make a BIONICLE line (theoretically, not a pitch) that follows form AND function and has nostalgia pandering but a new story. The beats will be similar, but I aim for it to be something new fans, old fans, and children would enjoy. A demographic of 8 to 12 is my aim, hopefully sets like this will hit that mark. Keep in mind that none of this is a final product, everything is rough. Things that are a final decision, although controversial, include the printed masks, which I know are a point of contention. All of these things are available on my Ko-Fi through various Tier memberships, if you're interested in getting a more in-depth look, you can become a member at https://ko-fi.com/lemonlepid/tiers Also I'm on twitter! https://twitter.com/LemonyLepid Let's start with Matoran. These are not all the Matoran and some of these parts are a definite work-in-progress. The arms would be made of rubber, to allow item flinging, and have a hand clip for basic minifig tools. The feet are set above stud height, with the connection point being at the heel. This allows for posing on baseplates to be possible. They are scaled to be comparable to regular minifigs, and hopefully they're just as charming. Like I said before, these aren't final. None of this is. Let's move on to the Turaga, who are still kinda mid-development as of this post. These Turaga are less set representative and more set inspired. They have a custom cloth cape piece and utilize a hip part from the Toa, which we'll get to. Unfortunately I couldn't fit a function in these, but they're elders, they won't need to move much. These masks probably won't get attachments like the base 6, but I could change my mind. More discussion about those attachments soon. As you can see the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran scale properly at a base, but some Turaga are shorter than others! Then there are the Toa, who unfortunately have a pretty dated render at the moment and are still being finalized, such as the secondary color of the masks being the opposite of the mask. That's scrapped. The important thing is the Toa themselves. Each Toa has a proper gearbox, and function like the originals. Arms without a gear use (currently) a LotR Ring piece in black on a friction pin to brace the part, but that will probably change. They tower over Matoran, as they definitely should, and feature an abundance of pose-ability. There are several parts I want to revisit, but here they are! The mask attachments would all come in a single spru with the proper mask color, making all 7 attachments technically a single part. They clip or connect to accessory holes on the sides of the transparent mask visor piece. For this last section I'd like to once again ask that you'd check out both my Ko-Fi and my Twitter. If you join my Ko-Fi there is a discord you can join and ask me anything you want about the project, along with access parts and models at certain tiers, so please give that a look. With that I'd like to turn your attention to the Rahi. These Rahi are not only functional, but only a fraction of the size of the originals (except maybe the Rama). They are only one part of a full set, and you'll hear about my plans for each one as we go along. The sets themselves, in full, will feature two Matoran and a golden mask, along with one Rahi (or maybe two in the Tarakava's case) with two infected masks that give the Rahi buffs. The story beat is that the Matoran have to find these golden masks to use as a beacon to summon the Toa, who will protect them from the Rahi that threaten their daily life of peace. Using these masks will drain them of their power, which when the Toa return, they have to recharge the masks somehow (currently unclear if I'd do a collect-a-thon or some sort of other mcguffin like stones or whatever) so they can defeat the hostile forces that threaten the island. The Tarakava has a punching function, and would feature two lizards in a set with a Ga-Koro boat with a couple of Matoran, searching for the Golden Kaukau. It features two infected Kakama and it causes the beasts to move with wicked speed in and out of the water. The Nui Jaga has the classic stinging tail, and would feature in a set of a Volcanic arena, two Matoran attempting to battle the giant threat on Lava boards. Behind the monster is the Golden Hau, but it wears infected Pakari on its large claws, giving it wicked strength. The Nui Rama has a trigger function that flaps its wings. The set would be a battle in the sky, with two Matoran on a Gukko mount. They're chasing the large insect into it's hive, where the Golden Miru remains. The two Kaukau give the creature adaptive abilities, making it almost unstoppable even in the rain or underwater. Although rendered together here, the Kane Ra and Muaka would be different sets. The Kane Ra has a head bashing function to charge into action. The set would be in the canyons, the behemoth not budging from the cave it guards. Luckily two Matoran came prepared with a beast of their own, a battle dune buggy. Once the get passed that bull, the Golden Kakama would be free. But the monster wears the infected Akaku, giving it heightened perception! The Muaka has a chomping function that works similarly to the Kane Ra. The set would be in the drifts, where a couple Matoran have been watching from an observation deck. After they set out on their expedition for the Golden Akaku , they are attacked! The Muaka bears two infected Hau, giving it a powerful energy shield! The Manas has a bashing function operated my a single lever in the rear. The set would come with two matoran riding Ussel crabs with digging equipment. They find the lair of the dreaded Manas, guarding a golden Pakari. The two infected Miru amidst its fangs give it the ability to levitate. I guess. Please let me know what you think of my project, and follow me on Twitter and support my Ko-Fi if you want to keep up to date with it!
  2. Dude you flippin rock. Thank you so much. OMG thank you for finding that! <3 Thank you thank you thank you!
  3. Don't fail me now. I need help finding the source of several BZPower comic in-jokes. Most are relics of the old forums, but they *must* exist somewhere. They really are just old memories, but I must find them for my own old in-jokes to make sense. My request list for you scavengers out there: The ghost of Billy Mays Turaga Matau's furniture warehouse, "Everything must go!" The MSPainted Noobicorn from Noobicorn INC An arc about a shadow caring for 2 small children in a snowy place. I think this was from Galva's comics And something about when the fourth wall breaks, it begins raining pies or something Welp, good luck.
  4. Wow, that is amazing. It takes a lot to have me come out of the woodwork and say something, but this has a lot of potential. I hope you use it for more than just school.
  5. Welcome to the new BZPower.

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Your av mask colors are pretty!

    2. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      OMG thanks mushy!

  6. Of course the video is a prologue to my fanfiction in the description of the video, check it out if you'd like!
  7. It fills with energized protodermis, making it a useful piece of ammunition. I toss in a bunch of
  8. Out comes a metru hover board. In goes the Drome Racers line
  9. Out comes Metus, who will now plot his revenge. In goes my many bricklink wishlists.
  10. How, though? Do we like, go to Andrew's, put the computer(s) hosting BZP on a boat and burn the whole thing? Yes. @BlackSix, expect visitors soon.
  11. Once this topic dies I say we give BZPower a viking funeral.
  12. Vakama has a hidden non-disk launcher jetpack. Nokama's weapons turned into water skis Their vacations are wild
  13. Man, it feels like Halo 3 multiplayer. Everyone is offline. I'm mostly sad about the Comics Forum being completely devoid of any life. Soran, Girlicky, Dark709, Gavla, they're all dead now. I'm watching you, Terton.
  14. Eyy, BIONICLE is coming back maybe kind of.
  15. Nexo knights was the first theme I got obsessed over collecting. I just wanted all the knights! They just looked so cool!
  16. Dude, the MeNOG was awesome. Great job finding this, and good lick finding more. If you can pull resources from it, that'd be so awesome.
  17. Lakai is a term created by myself to describe the feeling of "Love" in the BIONICLE universe. This story takes place in an alternate Mata Nui where the events, such as the Bohrok, the fall of Ta-Koro, it has a lot of space in between. Also some Matoran are gender swapped, and some extra characters are introduced such as Ganto and Vika. This specific story is in between the Bohrok, and the Bohrok-Kal. It uses a bit of lore from my own comics and some old BIONICLE community lingo like "Karz" and such. I hope you enjoy. The Story of Lakai This story is updated regularly, but I will not be posting the notifications of updates here. Please join my discord server for updates to all my content such as MOCs, Comics and more. This is a discussion topic as the actual story is in a Google Document, so comments are welcome.
  18. Giant rock, meet Ganto's head. The rock crumbles. And I punch your face. It's my mask again, whadaya know.
  19. OOC: That's how you break the game. A reminder to all that the OG "Steal the mask" game was conquered and won by the power of friendship, pizza, and potatoes. I was there. We all shared the mask in harmony and it was closed by windrider because we WON. We won an unwinnable game. A giant fist pummels your face as I take that dang heckin' mask. Mine.
  20. I am so happy that I've been featured on the front page of a site I have so much history with.
  21. *Hyperventilating* I've been featured!! Oh my goodness! It's 4 in the morning here and I just caught it. I'm literally shaking.
  22. A blur whizzes past, and the mask is gone. All you see it a high cloud of dust around you and a faint dot in the distance. Pohatu's mask.
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