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    My name is MetaStriker. I'm very surprised these boards are still a thing; I was very active from 2011-2014 and then drifted away from BZPower. I came back a few years ago to re-release my major "comedic" work, but I never got around to finishing it and drifted away again in like 2018? Something like that.

    I guess I'm still slightly interested in LEGOs. I enjoy helping my sister build LEGO Architecture sets, as well as looking to see what new sets are coming. I recently helped her build the Friends Apartment sets, which I feel could have been a bit more substantial but I'm still happy they exist! I also like gaming and writing in my free time. I write music and I also write about marbles---more on that in a little bit.

    My most recent activity on these boards involved remaking a comedy that absolutely nobody but me cares about. Entitled "Tahu's Antics: Orderly Turmoil," the rewritten comedy features an overhauled plot as well as much more sophisticated and less sporadic humor than the original comedy. If you're interested...
    Tahu's Transport: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/23623-tahus-transport/
    Tahu's Consequence: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/24356-tahus-consequence/
    The Hero Tahu: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/25724-the-hero-tahu/
    The fourth season: I never finished it, and I also don't remember what I wanted to call it...whoops.

    Yeah, I never finished writing the remake to The Adventures of Tahu, in part due to the fact that I got into the Marble League (a marble sports tournament on YouTube) and became a member of the Jelle's Marble Runs fanbase. You can find me as Stynth in that community. #MomoStrong!

    Check out the Project Marblearth Blog for an introduction to the JMR Expanded Universe: https://projectmarblearth.wordpress.com/.

    Other Comedies...
    Okonicle (written in collaboration with Master Inika): http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/25003-okonicle-the-okay-chronicle/

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