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  1. ZTG

    NINJAGO 2015

    Yeah it was my first time drawing the Ninja since 2012 offsite, but don't worry, their hair will be modified to actually look more like their LEGO counterparts, namely Jay, Zane and Kai. But thanks you very much
  2. 'Fraid not, don't hav ean account. But anyway, glad ya liked it How about a link to your Deviantart? I actually have one, but I stopped posting art for reasons. But I'll at least post this picture on there for ya
  3. ZTG

    NINJAGO 2015

    Yeah, I did that because to prevent some spoilers for those who aren't all that caught up
  4. ZTG

    NINJAGO 2015

    A tad hard to see, but zane is in the left side of the banner near cole
  5. 'Fraid not, don't hav ean account. But anyway, glad ya liked it
  6. ZTG

    NINJAGO 2015

    Yeah I admit Jay's could've been shorter, but Zane's hair does stick up in this style, a bit hard to see since not all of his head is shown.
  7. Granted, however, you are stuck knowing only how to draw platypuses I wish I had a tree
  8. Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway
  9. Do your ears hang low? Or do they wobble to and fro?
  10. Granted, but now what you wish for is rotton tomatoes I wish I had more money
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