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  1. IC Yuna - Oki Village "Huh? Oh, no, no, I've asked enough from you for a while, don't wanna over-do it, y'know?" I laughed, but it came out more nervous than intended. I still had that monster inside to deal with. And I wanted to deal with it before Raika or Mitsuri had to see it. @Click@ARROW404@Keeper of Kraata@Lady Takanuva
  2. IC Yuna - Oki Village: Between the three of us, it all came together quite nicely, and soon enough the ship was beached high enough to keep it from slipping back under the water. I popped up to the surface to give it a better look in the light of day. "Well... She's definitely seen better days but I think we can get her floating again. Let's see... There, one of those shacks should have some basic supplies. We'll need the laquer at least. Might have to scavenge some material off the houses if there's not something to cover the holes with. Worst case, we start weaving a patch with the reeds." @Keeper of Kraata @Lady Takanuva @ARROW404 @Click
  3. IC Luten - Fowadi: She gave a pout, but offered a cheerful wave for introductions before disappearing from the rail and reappearing on Kale's shoulder.
  4. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ta-Wahi: "I wanna go, too!" whined Luten, appearing on the railing with a soft chime. @Silvan Haven@Snelly@Void Emissary@Krayzikk
  5. IC Yuna Koizumi - underwater - ruined Oki Village: Okay, here goes nothing. I stretched out, feeling the currents and eddies around me. All I had to do was make one of my own. One that would dislodge the boat from the mud. Without breaking it any further in the process. No sweat, I could do that. The water swirled around me, something I chose to believe was because I was preparing myself, and definitely not an attempt to calm my nerves. I blew out a stream of bubbles, and pushed. Wood creaked and groaned as the wave of water heaved against it, slowly shifting the vessal free from the muck of the seabed. That accomplished, I changed positions, and began drawing water out of the ship through the holes in the hull, which in turn drew air in through the section that still remained above the waterline. Hopefully between the natural buoyancy of the now less waterlogged ship, and Ahri's Mindarm mastery, the raising of the ship should be simple. @Keeper of Kraata
  6. IC Yuna - Oki Village "Okay, I'll get it up from the mud, then you guys pull it ashore. Then we can get it emptied out and patched up. Just uh... Will hammer me when you're ready, I guess?" I shrugged, then turned and stepped into the water before anyone could question me about it. I was about to do the hardest thing I'd ever done with my abilities and I hoped to Zuto Nui that it wouldn't seem too out of place. A surge of bubbles erupted from my mask as I drove under, a few easy kicks propelling me down to where the ship was entrenched in the sandy mud of the dock. I floated serenely for a moment, letting the subtle underwater currents wash across me and soothe my mind and body. And then I got ready.
  7. IC Yuna Koizumi: Right. "Well, I'm gonna need at least one other Mindarm on the surface while I work from under water. There's only a couple holes to worry about, but they're pretty low down so we have to get it up pretty high out of the water." @ARROW404@Click£
  8. IC Yuna - Oki Village: "Think we've got enough folks we can multi-task, I need your help raising the boat, Ahri." 'Saihoko pragmatism at its finest,' I thought to myself bitterly. Truth was though, that the longer we hung around here, the more likely we were to run into trouble. @Keeper of Kraata
  9. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki village: I shrugged agreeably, "Happy to learn, I just never had the time or a teacher before, ykmow? Or... well,. a reason to learn I suppose." Part of me dreaded what would happen when we got to Sado, but another part of me hoped that the Imperial healers might be able to un-**** whatever was wrong with my brain. Who knows, maybe I could be a proper Menti after all? It was a quiet, cautious hope.
  10. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Village: The silence had grown increasingly awkward, punctuated only by the occasional gesture. It was a painfully familiar kind of silence that I'd been more than happy to not deal with for a while. It was difficult not to wonder on the contents of those silent conversations I could not hear. It was instinctual, almost natural that I faded into the background, a silent, deaf observer of things I couldn't even begin to fathom. Ikyazu broke the silence unexpectedly, which drew me out of that line of thought, and I reengaged a bit, though to be honest, with as many actual Menti here, I much suspected they'd habitually slip back into thought-speak again before long.
  11. IC Yuna: I wasn't able to mind arm rubble away, and Raika was two steps ahead of me in the physical clearing department. By the time I got down to help out, she'd already revealed the face of our newest rescue. I gave her a a half grin and the other half of a wave, "Heya!" She looked pretty awful, but then, who wouldn't, being trapped under a building for Zataka knows how long? I worked with Raika to clear enough debris so she could fit, then reached down to her. "Grab hold, sister, we're gettin' you outta there."
  12. IC Yuna Koizumi - Definitely Not Abandoned Oki Village: The situation kept getting stranger by the minute. One thing was for certain, though. This village was not nearly as abandoned as it seemed. There were survivors here. By some grace of Zuto Nui, they'd held out long enough for our merry band of misfits to find them. Which was nice, but it also meant more people I now had to lie to about myself. I was beginning to wish I hadn't started doing that. Like it or not though, I'd do my part to help. I followed along, though I did notably linger near the rear of the group.
  13. IC Yuna Koizumi - Not so abandoned Oki Village: I relaxed a little, letting my hand fall from from my sword. "Did you see what happened here?" @Lady Takanuva @Keeper of Kraata @ARROW404
  14. IC Yuna - Oki Abandoned Village: The sound of footsteps of someone who was definitely not Raika or Ahri met my ears, and my head turned as my body unconsciously tensed, my hand flying to the tsuka of my katana. "Whoa, hey, hold it there! Who are you?" @ARROW404 @Keeper of Kraata @Lady Takanuva
  15. IC Yuna: Looking over the two of them, whatever they'd found didn't seem obvious, and a glance around the surrounding area offered no additional clues, so I shrugged apologetically, "Alright, I give up, what did you find?"
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