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  1. IC Luten - Fowadi: "I *am* a little crystal person! I'm also a Kanohi! A Sanok, to be exact! And I'm very real, thank you very much!" the glow that suffused Luten's body turned red-purple as she placed tiny hands on equally tiny hips. "I came to life after my original host's mask was hit by lightning from the Red Star! But he passed away soon after, and then I met Mr. Lannon, and I got to sleep in a real bed, and then I met Mr. Oreius in the hospital, and then Mr. Kale found me and now I'm his mask, and I'm part of the crew here!" @Razgriz@otter@Snelly
  2. IC Luten - Fowadi: "Yay!" With a crystalline chime, she disappeared from Praggos' shoulder and reappeared on a railing closer to Jolek. The tiny mask spirit waved at the much taller Toa. "Hello there! My name is Luten! It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Jolek!" @Razgriz
  3. IC Luten - Fowadii: "Does that mean I can stop hiding and say hello, then?" @otter
  4. IC Luten - Fowadii Another soft chime relocated Luten to Praggos' back, and she peeked up over his shoulder, and whispered to him, "Is he a bad guy, Mr. Praggos'?" @otter
  5. IC Luten - Ta-Wahi bay? With a signature tinkling of crystal, the tiny mask spirit appeared on the railing next to Krayn, sitting precariously on the edge of the railing and kicking her legs back and forth. "Hi Mr. Krayn, hi Mr. Praggos. Whatcha doin'? And... who is that...?" @otter@Razgriz@Krayzikk
  6. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Village > Fishing Trawler: I nodded to Ahri, and noticed Mitsuri walking up as well. I blinked, and Raika was there, too. Had they been there all along? I shook my head, I had a fleet of refugees to worry about right now, I could figure out my mental weirdness later, once we were underway. Speaking of that fleet, I hurried onto the ship. Our ship, now I supposed. The Waikiru, according to the name across her bow. A Hacchoro style ship, a personal favorite of mine. Eight oars, three sails, and enough space to carry a few dozen people if you really crammed 'em on there. What? I work with boats and fish I'm allowed to have favorites. Tied to the aft end of her was a collection of smaller boats, mostly Tosa Wasen and little reed boats like my own. I took a deep breath in and blew it out before turning and stepping up onto the side. "Alright, folks, this is it! I need able hands to help with rigging and rowing on the ship! Once that's filled, we'll get the rest of you loaded onto the space we have!" @Keeper of Kraata@Click@Lady Takanuva@ARROW404
  7. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Village: I followed Ahri's gaze to the smoke rising in the distance, and an all too familiar pain gripped my heart for a moment. I glanced at Ahri. "Do.... you have people out there...?" I asked, softly. @Keeper of Kraata
  8. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Village I took a look at the crudely drawn map thoughtfully. "Hmmm, I can navigate either way well enough, open ocean might be a little rough on the smaller boats but not half as rough as those monsters will be if we're spotted from shore. North is probably the safer bet." It still kind of threw me for a loop that a fully trained male Menti was asking my advice but I suppose that was just another one of those crazy realities right now. I pointed to a spot along Ahri's chosen northern route. "There's a mean ocean current here, wouldn't be a problem if it was just the fishing trawler but the smaller boats might get caught in it. Nothing dangerous, but it will sweep em out further. I.... I can try and counter it but I'm not exactly an expert with the whole..." I waggled my fingers at the water "Y'know." @Keeper of Kraata@Click@Lady Takanuva@ARROW404
  9. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Village: Sleep didn't come easily for me that night, and it sure didn't come easy every night since. Exhaustedly I explained that something I thought I'd done had scared me, which wasn't untrue, and that after some rest I'd explain for fully. I barely got any rest. My brain obsessed over every little detail of what I would say and how and why and how the others would react, who would jump to throw me out and who would argue for my presence. Ultimately I just awoke groggy and none too well rested, but having to face the day all the same. That morning I gathered Ahri and Mitsuri and Yoka and Raika and I told them everything I could. I told them that I'd woken up on a beach here in the archipelago with no memories of how I'd gotten there, where I was or even my own name. I told them how I'd wandered the wilderness and nearly died before I stumbled across a tiny clan's home. How they'd taken me in and nursed me back to health and had even given me a name and a home. A family. I told them about my discovery of my own strange powers over water, and how that elated discovery had quickly been cut down by the horrors of fire and death. I told them how I'd buried the only family that had existed for me, had left that burned home behind with nothing but the sword I carried and memories. I told them how I'd wandered ever since, learning never to stay anywhere for too long, lest my strangeness be discovered. I told them how despite appearing a Menti in stature, I was just a oddity. A strange Saikoko with stranger abilities. After that I threw my self into the work. Repairing ships was easy, it was familiar, it was..... not enough to keep my mind occupied. I thought about what would happen when we finally got the ships in working order. I thought about what would happen when we reached the capital. I thought about what I'd say to.... I dunno, whatever high and mighties still were hanging around up there. I thought a lot about Raika, too. Or tried to. Every so often it was like they'd just.... Slip out of my mind entirely, like I'd never known them. And then I'd catch a glimpse of them or they'd come over to me and it all came flooding back. It might have been normal if it had just been once but it kept happening. Heck, I'm pretty sure I looked away from patching a hole and when I looked back, it was gone, seamless. And later I noticed Raika glancing at me more than usual. I don't know if that's connected but I was starting to think I was losing it. I planned to work up the courage to ask Mitsuri to make sure my head was on straight once we set off. Which.... Looked like it was going to be today. Zuto Nui help me. @Keeper of Kraata@Lady Takanuva@Click@ARROW404
  10. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki village As Raika and I emerged from the forest, I was expecting several things. I expected the others to be full of questions, I expected to have to do a lot of uncomfortable explaining right away, I expected a couple of accusations, even. What I did not expect was to find the refugees all working on repairing the ship, felling trees, and building boats. I glanced at Raika nervously. Explaining to Ahri and the others was one thing, but I definitely wasn't prepared to explain my mystical voodoo water powers to an entire camp of refugees. Heck, I was barely prepared for explaining it to anyone. @Click @Lady Takanuva @ARROW404 @Keeper of Kraata
  11. IC Cassie A313 and Kathrine Vail - Madrigal Hangar She chuckled, and gave her fellow Spartan a pat on the shoulder, "At ease, Care-bear, if you say you're good, then I believe you. Speaking of good, Vail! C'mere, got an assignment for ya." Kat, hearing her name called across the deck, rushed over, helmet still tucked under her arm. "Alright, quick and easy, just how I like it. Vail, this is Carol Blake, she'll be your EVA specialist today. Carol, this is Kathrine Vail, she'll be your CQC specialist today." The red armored Spartan managed a smile, "EVA specialist, huh? Glad to have you, call me Kat," she offered her left hand. @Lady Takanuva
  12. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Village: Oh no. Nonononononononono. She'd seen. She knew. Unnatural I froze, unable to say or do anything while all manner of horrible thoughts ran through my head. She'd surely tell the others. She'd tell Ahri and Mitsuri and..... Freak ...and she'd tell Raika. I couldn't even guarantee she couldn't by staying near them because they could all talk through ideaspeak and I simply couldn't. She could be telling the others right now and I'd have no way of knowing. The jig was up. Clouds rolled in, and small raindrops began falling. "I-I.... I didn't- I can-" I stammered and fumbled for something, anything to say. And when nothing came out? I ran. The rain began in earnest, a sudden and torrential downpour as I ran away from my problems, from the only friends I had, from myself for the umpteenth time in my life. Coward
  13. IC Cassie-A313 - Madrigal Hangar: "There any reason you feel you shouldn't be?" The question was casual enough, but Cassie did pause in her gear stowing and turned her helmeted gaze to meet her fellow Spartan-III's. Pre mission jitters were one thing, but if Carol had a legitimate concern about her efficacy on the battlefield, Cassie needed to hear it, and address it before it led to problems. IC Kathrine Vail - Madrigal Hangar: Following others arrival, a red armored Spartan with helmet tucked under her arm stepped into the hangar deck and blew out a nervous breath, her emerald eyes flicking over the vehicles being prepped therein. Booster Frames. "Just had to be booster frames again, didn't it." She spoke mostly to herself. Testing new equipment was one thing, but doing so in the open vacuum of space with little more than a weaponised space Mongoose strapped to her back was quite another. And she'd never really liked EVA to begin with. @Lady Takanuva
  14. Throwing down my other Halo OC as a regular character because dangit I'm just so excited to play halo RP with y'all. Name: Kathrine Vail Species: Human Gender: She/Her Age: 25 Appearance: A modest(for a Spartan) 6' 5", Kathrine hardly stands out in physicality from fellow Spartans, with a lean and powerful physique fitting her CQC expertise. Beneath the armor she is striking, pale freckled skin and green eyes, with graceful features that have gotten her remarks about being "too pretty to be Spartan". Her red hair is cropped close in something roughly resembling a pixie cut, to cut down on the static feeling she gets from her neural interface. Her left arm is a cybernetic prosthetic, a result of her time on Requiem. Her armor is officially listed as a suit of Decimator class MJOLNIR however it is in fact a prototype for GEN3 Mk VII. The suit is a burnished metallic red with light grey accents, and her helmet is an updated CQB model. Carefully painted on the left side of the chest plate is a black cartoon cat with a pink bow. A hardcase is attached to the left thigh. Rank: Spartan-IV Personality: Kathrine is by all accounts, one of the kindest and most earnest Spartans a person could ever meet. A go-getter, and always driven, Kathrine takes to Spartan life with enthusiasm tempered only by the knowledge that she is comparitively still new to the job. She cares for her fellow soldiers, and is easygoing and cheerful in most situations. She holds Covenant species with a certain amount of distrust, but what child of Earth during the end of the war wouldn't with all the propaganda and news reports. She tries not hold individual members responsible for the actions of a much larger group, however, even if it sometimes puts her in an awkward situation. Background: Born in Old Portland on Earth in 2534, Kathrine grew up hearing every day the horrible losses of the war against the Covenant and experienced some of it first hand when the war made it to Earth in her 18th year in 2552. After that, she signed up with the UNSC the first chance she got, taking to military life like a fish to water. Assigned to Infinity, she quickly made marks with her close combat and urban warfare scores, and soon after found that all too important invitation. Spartan-IV. Still in recovery during the initial Requiem incident, Kathrine served in several spartan operations on Requiem after the first encounters. It was during one such operation that she lost her arm defending an ODST from being cut down by a Promethean Knight. Following her recovery she was reassigned to Naval Special Warfare Group 7, aboard the UNSC Molon Labe where she served and refound her confidence following her loss. Noting her extraordinary track record during her time on the Labe, ONI pulled her and placed her aboard the Madrigal, with a few goodies to sweeten the deal. Equipment: Prototype Gen 3 Mark VII MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor - this armor provided by ONI is built to upcoming standards for the next generation of the iconic Spartan armor. Unfortunately due to being a prototype, it is prone to several issues. Most notably, it is incompatible with most current armor upgrade packages, human or covenant. The shields are meant to be more resilient and recharge more efficiently and are when functioning properly. Unfortunately, the emitters in this particular suit are fitted improperly and are prone to misaligning, causing the system to short and fail from time to time. The armor itself is also more resilient to weapons fire, thankfully and technicians aboard Madrigal are working on fixing the emitters whenever they get the chance. M90 CAWS - the ultimate in close range devastation , Kathrine prefers the M90 model shotgun over the M45D and newer Bulldog for its reliability and incredible stopping power. The added ammunition capacity isn't bad, either. M20/PDW - The new standard issue SMG is what you might consider Kathrine's primary weapon. Simple, dependable, and able to unleash a whole lot of hurt very quickly up close. M6D Magnum - It's big, it's bulky, it's impossible to find a decent holster for. It's also one of the best ****** weapons Misriah ever made, and it's got the track record to back it up. When a job requires range, Kathrine accepts no substitutes. Kig-Yar Point Defense Gauntlet - Spartans have a stories history or repurposing covenant equipment, and Kathrine is no exception. Strapped to her right arm, this portable energy shield can supplement her shielding, or serve as a makeshift replacement should they fail. M1 Combat Knife - it's a knife. Attached to the upper right chest plate for easy access. Skills: Kathrine specializes in close quarters combat, hand to hand, and urban warfare. Or as urban as one gets in the variety of environs Spartans tend to find themselves in. Flaws: while no Spartan is ever really helpless in battle, Kat's dedication to close quarters means she has a bad habit of overextending in more open combat terrain. She has a notable fear of open space, one she has struggled with in the past but still has not fully conquered.
  15. IC Cassie A-313 - Madrigal Hangar: Waiting was not Cassie's strong suit. In fact if she had to make a list, waiting around would probably make right below those ####ing bird aliens but just above clearing out unexplored Forerunner structures. You never knew what you'd find in those ****** things. So, much like everyone else, she'd been idly checking, rechecking, packing, unpacking and then repacking her gear just to give her hands something to do. Duffel full of various shaped charges, danger putty, wires, and detonators. For the Pelican. M41 on her back. For anything that needed a deft touch at range. And of course.... Felicia. 100 beautiful centimeters of metal and polymer that spewed 7.62mm airburst rounds with reckless abandon and and even 40 millimeter grenades when the situation called for it. When Cassie held her, the situation often called for it. The cut down M6H2 she had more for posterity than any attachment or need. If her primary armaments weren't doing the trick, she had much bigger problems. Of course now she had a team to look after. That would be new and interesting. She'd never had leadership roles before, the nature of her work often meant she was something of a lone wolf, or part of an attache. More interestingly was a particular member of her newly created Saber Team. Carol-A215. Now there was a a name and tag she hadn't seen or thought about in a loooong time. In fact.... Cassie slipped her EOD helmet onto her head, and sent a green status light to her teammate in the corner, then opened a tight-beam comm channel to her. "Care-Bear, it's gonna be tight quarters over there, you gonna be good?" She asked, genuinely. Of anyone aboard the Madrigal, Cassie was probably the only one who'd had any prior experience around her fellow S-III. She'd never been particularly well suited to close quarters fighting, and while Cassie had no intentions of trying to push her into something she wasn't ready for, things happened. Battles changed and situations went south. You didn't serve nearly 40 years on active combat duty and not know that intimately. @Lady Takanuva
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