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  1. Hi! A little while ago, a bunch of fans of a twice-defunct toy line came together to make some music. That project was called Mata Nui: The Music Chronicle, and it turned out not half-bad. Now we’d like to do it again, but a little bigger this time, and hopefully, with your help. Mata Nui: Tales of the Amaja is a continuation of the previous album, that focuses on the Bionicle story from 2001 to 2003. As the first album centred on the original MNOG, this project focuses on the storyline and soundtracks of the Bohrok hordes and MNOG 2. We hope to capture the original mystery of Bionicle’s early storyline, culminating in the movie and Quest for the Mask of Light. To make this happen, musicians and artists alike are wanted to help out with this. If you feel like you’d want to be a part, regardless of skill level, please get in contact with me here on Bzpower, by filling out This Form, or by messaging me at Skip#3749 on Discord. We’d love to have you be a part of this and hope you can join us to make something great in this community. Cheers!
  2. Hey guys, I'm Skip, and I make Bionicle music. A couple months ago I talked with a few other music producers about what the original elements of Bionicle would sound like. Eventually, this conversation turned into a project, and that project turned into this. Mata Nui: The Music Chronicle is. ‘a tribute to the original 2001-2003 era of Bionicle Gen 1, that introduced so many fans into the world of Bionicle.’ With 10 tracks in total, ranging from across the island and world of Mata Nui, this album seeks to capture that nostalgic MNOG feeling in all of us. Give it a listen if you’re interested, and please share it with others, cheers!
  3. Sadly, you can't stick gen1 masks on gen2 heads, you can, however, stick gen2 masks on gen1 heads(2004-2008-9)! Sadly, it looks incredibly stupid and is not recommended. Thanks man, I tried to find a balance between the paladin-esque bulk of the new Kopaka and the more slim design of the old.
  4. Kopaka: Anthology Edition (Or Various Bits of Kopaka on One Kopaka) Didn't even know about the throwback contest until I logged on to post this, but yea, I just got the new Kopaka set and wanted to make a sort of callback to the past iterations, while still working with the new style, was definitely fun. Hands unashamedly stolen from This Cool MOC that I saw, no regrets. Gallery
  5. IC: Xitec Stuck in crystal, narrowly avoiding death, and completely confused, Xitec just stood there. Well, he had to, he couldn't move. Echelon was speaking, something about a prophecy? Apparently his goons weren't going to kill the matoran, lucky sods. Whatever the prophecy was, he had almost a front row seat to it, so he sucked in as much air as he could before the crystal completely enveloped his chest, and decided to watch what was going to happen.
  6. (Leave for one day and you get swamped by pages, I am not used to this ) IC: Xitec Unaware of the impeding knife, Xitec was still stuck, trying to unhook his claw. no matter how he shifted, the thing wouldn't move. Underneath him the stairs grew closer, but his claw was still hooked onto the wall tightly. Suddenly, an idea hit him, using the reverse of the motion he used to throw the shot, he pulled back, planting his feet on the wall for stability. He pulled, and the claw let go, causing him to fall off backwards onto the stairs just in time, with the knife just clipping his foot nastily. He slowly slid to the bottom of the staircase, and then painfully got up, standing to face his opponent again.
  7. IC: Xitec Woomph. Xitec zoomed towards the wall, being reeled in quicker and quicker by the hookshot. This was going to hurt, a lot. Using his right arm, his threw up his shield and braced for impact, pulling it up just in time to greet the wall. The shield managed to absorb most of the blow, but the wind was knocked out of him, and now he was dangling from the wall like some sort of hanging ornament, though at least he couldn't be attacked from up here. probably. He tried to figure out how to unclamp the claw, but nothing seemed to work so far.
  8. IC: Xitec Ok, so the delaying strategy wasn't working so well. For one, his arm was being battered constantly, and he didn't know how long his shield was going to hold. If he was going to do something, he needed to do it now. Waiting till the toa swung her sword again, instead of stepping back and pulling up his shield as usual, he pushed forward, aiming to put the shield in the middle of her sword's sweep. Then, with his left hand, he swung his arm up and over at her right side, hoping for some sort of energy sword or whip to come out. Instead, the claw at the end of his arm spun rapidly, and then shot out, followed by a trail of crackling, held plasma. A clank rang out through the cavern as the claw connected with the middle third of the sanctum wall, Pulling the plasma beam taunt. "Uh-oh." He wimpered as the attachment on his arm slowly began to spin in reverse. OOC: Xitec used his plasma hookshot (which I doublechecked this time!) , and is now probably going to hurtle into a wall posthaste.
  9. OOC: Woops, sorry man, wrote that late at night and didn't check the specifics, my bad. IC: Xitec. Well, Whatever that was, it had given him a moment's reprieve. He scrambled to his feet and started backpedaling away from her. The shield was still up, for now, so he kept that in between the two of them, trying to block the next swing. She didn't seem to have any other weaponry, so maybe if he could keep her at arms length he could survive this. He glanced down at his left arm, and maybe whatever gadget he had on there would help too.
  10. IC: Xitec. Xitec felt the wall behind him change, he looked behind him and saw that it had slowly begun to crystalize, turning around again, he tried to move forward, but the toa was already on top of him. This was it, he raised his arms in a cross up in front of him, trying to shield himself in a last ditch effort. and then, just as the toa's sword began to lunge at his chest, his right arm began to glow with an eerie yellowness, blossoming out from his arm to meet the incoming weapon... OOC: Xitec (accidentally) activated his kinetic shield, which is a pointable elliptic shield attached to his arm which returns all energy directed at it in equal measure.
  11. IC: Xitec Prove himself? How was he going to do that while he was trying to escape death? He saw the Toa's downward swing just in time and jerk his legs in, scrabbling back even further. Pleading wasn't going to work, obviously, and as far as he knew he had no offensive weapons, running, however, only seemed to prolong the inevitable. *Clunk* The back of his head hit the sanctum wall, he was trapped against it, with the Toa advancing towards him. This wasn't exactly helping with the worth-proving strategy. He stood up, facing his attacker, and pleading one last time, "Hey, seriously, we don't have to do this!"
  12. OOC: Fair enough man IC: Xitec "I mean, cmon, I could be a servant too, I could be twice as loyal!" He said to Echelon, unaware of the toa unstealthing behind him. Remembering his guffaw last time, he quickly bowed, "I mean, loyal, my lord." Hearing the swoosh above him as the sword passed over his head, he turned around to spy his adversary, "AUGHK!" He fell over backwards. Still on the ground, he started backpedaling away from her on his hands and feet, pleading, "Please, please don't do this! I just got here! Please!"
  13. IC: Xitec "Kill him." Xitec froze midstep. What? Why kill him? did he forget an evil villain codeword or something? He glanced at She-who-was-formerly-known-as-Arkarth, wondering, hoping that she'd point out the ludicrousness of this demand. "As you wish." And she disappeared. So that wasn't going to happen, obviously. Well. As first impressions went, this was going rather poorly. It was probably the wave, he realized, nobody likes to be waved at. Honestly, he just brang this upon himself. If he was a ominous powerful city invading wackjob and someone came into his lair and started waving around the place, he'd start getting a bit homicidal too. Xitec's eyes darted the hall, aside from the entrance behind him, there were a few doorways leading deeper into the halls. The roof was tall, small ornate embellishments adorning the pillars around him. If he craned his head, he could barely make out the roof above him. As exit strategies went, not great. Strangely, the architect of his execution hadn't made a move yet, nor the other toa in the room. In fact, the only sound he could hear in the hall was the hum from his arm attachment, which he still hadn't figured out. He moved forward, speaking to Echelon, "Uh, do I get a say in this whole killing thing? Because I feel like, there could be better ways to test this whole loyalty thing, y'know?" OOC: Anything of note in the sanctum I should know of?
  14. IC: Xitec As the traveled through the halls, Xitec slowly began to feel less at ease, the bodies strewn across the floors didn't help much either. But Arkarth kept walking resolutely, and so did he. Eventually they reached what seemed to be main hall, this time with living people in it. The leader of which apparently was some sort of master to Arkarth, as she knelt before the figure, he put up a half-wave half-salute, hoping this wouldnt be too unceremonial. It seemed that she was trying to enter the service of the figure, named Echelon, Who himself was servant of Makuta, and orchestrated this attack. It answered some questions, but gave quite a few more. Suddenly, before his eyes, Arkarth's armour transformed, her golden blue colours changed to jet black, and her voice became flat and monotone. This was not a good sign. Luckily, Echelon hadn't seemed to notice him yet, too focused on Arkarth and another toa who also entered. Xitec took a sloooow step back.
  15. IC: Xitec Xitec hesitated, "Dangerous?" He thought. But then, the alternative was to stay out here and either get lost, or killed by someone else who showed up and wasn't as friendly. Xitec didn't want to die. And he didn't want to get lost again either. "Uh...sure." he said. He quickened his pace and caught up to her. "Happy to help out."
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