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  1. IC: Aden (The Burning Steppes) The Ko-Lesterin, one of those already waiting at the site, had her collar popped and her shoulder to the wind, the better to protect her face from the ash and smoke. Her eyes, though, still peeked out from above it, in what could perhaps have been a weather-induced squint, but was almost definitely a dismissive glare. “I’m Aden, the Broker’s ‘expert.’” Cold, condescending eyes scanned the other members of her party; she seemed unimpressed. “So which of you brutes was it that found this place, and how much damage should I expect inside?”
  2. IC: Pirok (The Fowadi) "Right, yes. Of course." The Toa of Fire sighed, and cast down his eyes. When he lifted his gaze, all levity in his expression had vanished. "It's about Echelon."
  3. IC: Pirok (The Fowadi) "She definitely didn't. Why would you even have asked if she'd already said it?"
  4. IC: Pirok (The Fowadi) "Hold on a second, I thought you didn't know what hospital we were in… so how come you remember it was Ga-Koro?"
  5. IC: Pirok (The Fowadi) "Wait, you mean that wasn't you?"
  6. IC: Pirok (The Fowadi) "I mean, I can understand why. Seems a bit extreme, but you were pretty weird about everything."
  7. IC: Pirok (The Fowadi) "No, no, it's cool, I get it. It's totally understandable to be embarrassed, we've all had to unlearn some stuff – I actually think it's really cool that you and Skyra are still friends, despite everything."
  8. IC: Me, Skyra, Merror, Weta… Elliane! Wait, no. What was that guy's name?
  9. IC: "Yeah, Skyra, it was just me, you, Merror and…" Huh. "No, there was someone else there. That other guy from the Astha."
  10. IC: "Yeah, that's actually kinda why I'm here. Not about your body specifically- that is, I mean, your guy body, the old body. Well, actually, yeah, about it, not your- ####. Let me take this from the top." He was on deck, now, and lucky to be red enough that no one could see how flushed he was. Probably. He nodded to Praggos, and held out a hand. "Hey, I'm Pirok."
  11. IC: "Oh, y'know. Still a guy. I mean- it's cool and all, nothing wrong with not being a guy anymore, if that's what, like, if that's who you Are, on the inside, and I guess also now the outside? Like, I'm supportive." His soul was dying with each step he took up the gangplank. "I'm not doing myself any favours here, am I?"
  12. IC: Holy ####, was that her? "Hey! Been a while!" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Uh, permission to come aboard?"
  13. IC: It's funny; Ta-Wahi, in theory at least, should have felt like home. It didn't, of course, and it wasn't. But as out-of-place as he had once felt in Le-Koro, it was interesting that Ta had never really had a place for him either – and this in spite him having been just about the most stereotypical Ta-Matoran, and then Ta-Toa, imaginable, and even now not having fully grown out of it. He had grown, though. Grown a little older, a little wearier; grown enough to realise he had in many ways still been a child when he first received his powers. In spite of everything, in spite of the losses, in spite of Makuta, he looked back fondly on those times. But now wasn't the time for reminiscing – there would, he guessed, be plenty of that later, once he'd found… her. Her. That was taking a little getting used to. The finding, at least, wouldn't take much longer; one particular ship on the dock was abuzz with activity, which was as good an indication as any that he'd finally caught up to the Fowadi. "Ho there!" He shouted up to the deck, still standing on the jetty below. Ho there. Was that the right thing to say? He could swear he'd seen people shout that to ships before. "You the Aggressors? I'm, uh, I'm looking for Skyra – Skyra Daring?" OOC: @Snelly @otter @Krayzikk @Emzee
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