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  1. I'll preface this by saying I still haven't seen Tangled or Tangled Ever After. But, title-wise, Tangled wouldn't make a whole lot of sense without the hair connection. In fact, I'd honestly be a bit skeptical whether an entire cartoon series based on the movie could succeed without Rapunzel having her iconic locks. Really, the bigger question might be whether trying to create a TV series based on a movie that already neatly wrapped up its own plot threads (no pun intended) is really the best idea.


    That said, they'll probably have some explanation. It's just a question of whether they can make that explanation satisfactory.


    tbh this makes me think of the aladdin and the little mermaid tv series that disney made back in the day, which weren't half-bad as i remember them from my childhood and faced some similar issues in terms of resolved plot threads. i'm presuming that they're going for something similar here?


    - Ramona Flowers


    (also i am v happy to hear zachary levi is on board, i might just watch this)

  2. Congrats on still being around. Unless, you know, you live an existence of pure agony, in which case I send condolences.

    i feel like this is a joke but [darn] if it ain't eerily accurate. condolences & congratulations accepted in equal measure


    - Ramona Flowers

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  3. expressionistic and otherwise unique/unusual art styles in video games (along with sprite-based stuff) appeal to me more because of this
    i like it when my people look like people, and when people look too much like people they kinda stop looking like people

    which is just creepy as heck


    - Ramona Flowers

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  4. i like the thing that you like (a Lot) and i am also slightly impressed that that username wasn't already taken

    tell me about it!


    i'm so happy it wasn't though, i absolutely love it and it's the first name i've had has really worked with the POBZPC imo and it's made me a lot more comfortable with the colouring given how much it used to freak me out


    - Ramona Flowers

  5. I mean, obviously time constraints, plus the last novel not being finished when the movie was being made definitely hurt it as well. But as a fan of both versions, it is pretty clear that Edgar Wright had very little understanding of the backbone of the story, the coming-of-age "accept your faults, grow up, you're not the hero of the story" story was almost entirely removed. The Nega-Scott thing in particular bugs me a lot, but as you haven't read the series fully, I won't spoil it.

    I liked the film a lot, but it absolutely neuters Ramona and her agency, and it severely changes Scott's personality and purpose. It's a good movie- the books are better (and there's even a character in the film in the end who you can overhear saying that, which is both a great jab at people like me who make that claim, and also a subtle admission from the producers that the media differences will change the story too much for some folks).


    honestly, despite the name change i have not read the entirety of the books (i'm working my way through them atm), but both from what i've read so far and what i know of the series past where i am i completely agree on what you're saying there

    i enjoyed the film, personally, and i'm a big fan of edgar wright's work which definitely factored into it, but the sheer amount of nuance i realised it had lost when i started reading was incredible, and i was pretty much instantly blown away

    the film is literally accurate in its shots to panels that are in the books, and has some fantastic fight scenes, but frankly that only counts for so much when it fails to translate the meaning and the emotion in the books across, at least in my opinion


    - Ramona Flowers

  6. tbh, one of my favourite uses of this has to be The World's End (easily one of my favourite films), in which virtually everything we learn about the characters apart from the initial montage (which is enjoyable in its own right) comes in the form of conflict, often as arguments and fights between characters that explain exactly what the negative side of gary's history with everyone is (a particular scene in a smokehouse stands out as a fantastic example of this, as does the confrontation near the end)


    Ramona Flowers

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  7. see i was bolded black for a good three years, then in january i looked and i was an OBZPC

    and it's weird adjusting to that because i was so used to the black and the orange stands out and like

    i feel like i stand out now and idk what to do with that, i ain't a cool kid or nothin' i just paid for a lot of one-month premier memberships and helped out in a competition or two back in the day, y'know?


    kids, if you're reading this, i am not an appropriate role model. don't look up to me please.


    - Suzy

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  8. Hi Indigo, been a long time since I last talked to you. 


    It's good to hear that you managed to get out of the relationship. Far too often people get trapped in unhealthy relationships, often with very painful results. Managing to get out of those kinds of relationships seems to be one of the hardest things to do, due to the psychological aspects at play.


    Good to see you again.


    (I'm The Dark Chronicler, if you remember me. Hi!)


    i dooooo

    no way i'm forgetting the bzprpg glory days :P

    (oh god i was so embarrassing and i'm so sorry)


    it's great to see you too, and thank you for your kind words c:


    - Indigo Individual

  9. :c

    i'm really sorry to hear that, especially when you were working so hard to do well (and i can really sympathise with the pencil-case loss ._.)


    hopefully you've at least done okay despite things going badly and you'll be able to do better next time


    - Indigo Individual


    turn it off and back on again

    And failing that, take out out and blow on it and put it back in.


    the exact same thing happened to me with soulsilver, taking it out and blowing on it (also blow into the cartridge slot on your 3DS/DS [depending what you're playing it on]) managed to fix it, no permanent damage, everything was back to normal


    - Indigo Individual

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