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  1. OOC: @Ghosthands & Mt Ihu: I thought nothing of it, as anger wasn't an element.@Tanma: You told us to tell you if you made a mistake. We aren't at the Kini-Nui any more, we travelled along a tunnel. We're only still posting in Kini-Nui because whoever created the tunnel hasn't told us exacctly where we are (or so I assume). I hope this clears things up. =) IC: PirokIn reply to Tuanuku, Pirok said:"Well, considering the majority here are Toa of Fire, I suggest we head towards Ta-Koro. Of course, my suggestion would be far more helpful if we knew what direction Ta-Koro was in. That is, of course, assuming we are still on mainland Mata-Nui, I've heard rumours of a tunnel system beneath the Kumu-Islets. Perhaps we have stumbled accross it?"Pirok tried not to let his worry show. He had never liked the Kumu-Islets much, even though he spent a lot of time there as a Matoran. Still, he thought. We probably aren't anywhere near there. I don't think we travelled that far.
  2. This is how you can tell it's only 18 more years 'til Skynet. XDBut, seriously, even I can't solve a Rubix cube. However, I am convinced that mine is broken. I mixed it up in July, after all. Who could possibly manage to spend several months on a (working) Rubix cube?
  3. Just so y'all know, I wouldn't mind if you said 'hi' when you visited my profile. After all, I usually say hi when I visit yours. And if I haven't visited yours, then when I see you on the list of people who viewed me, I will. =)

  4. Hello. I found you due to a chain of people I clicked on 'cause I felt like it. And you like Doctor Who. So I decided to say hi. Here it is: Hi!

  5. IC: ProditorProditor, noticing a blue-ish Toa who looked like he knew his way around Ga-Koro (Syyge), walked over, and, putting on what he believed to be his most heroic face (which, in truth, just made him look unwell), began to talk."Excuse me? I was wondering if you knew anyone with a... speed-boat... that could... quick-sail... me to the Kumu Islets?" Having been underground so many years, Proditor could only hope the Toa would not notice how rusty his tree-speak was.OOC: I noticed that my character was open for interaction, and your character was open for interaction, and that they were both in the same place and thought "Why not?". =)
  6. IC: PirokNoticing that no-one was trying to kill him, Pirok found it was getting rather boring, and thus decided to head to Xa-Koro.IC: KraalKraal stepped out into the street, breathing the air. You couldn't exactly call Xa-Koro's air 'fresh'. He stood, watching. There was always something happening in Xa-Koro. If he wanted to make some money, he just had to spot the makings of a fight. He enjoyed taking bets, it was always fun when a better lost. And with him, betters always lost, as the winners generally died. Imagine that.OOC: Pirok to Xa-Koro, Kraal open for interaction.
  7. IC: PirokPirok, freed from the control of the Kurahk, shook his head. "I didn't puch it that hard..." he thought to himself. Climbing up, he said:"Alright then, I suppose we have two problems now. First, we don't know where we are, and second, there are probably more Rahkshi down there. I don't know about you, but I've never heard of Rahkshi travelling in two's." As he said this, dark clouds began swirling in the sky, the wind picked up, and torrential rain began to fall.OOC: There are Rahkshi of Weather Control, right? If I read JL's post right, there's one more Rahkshi down there that hasn't been specified.
  8. IC: PirokPirok was getting frustrated. Those fools were fighting, and there was a Rahkshi right ahead! He wanted to join the fight and tell them to wise up, but years of training allowed him to stay silent. However, the anger soon became too much for him, but, instead of shouting back, he turned around...And puched the wall.The others continued to fight as the roof in front of them began to shake and crack, about to cave in.OOC: I miss my elemental powers. Why did I have to make a weaponless Toa? =P
  9. IC: PirokPirok had never been particularly lucky, but this, he thought, was just rude. Not only did a Kraata burst from the ground, NOT ONLY did the lights go out, but the Rahkshi was within hearing range. And he was probably in the Rahkshi's range of sight, as Rahkshi had excellent night vision. In his past, he had always just run when he saw any sign of a Rahkshi, but it seemed this time he would have to fight. Turning in the direction he hoped was Merror, he whispered:"Alright, you've fought these things before. Any ideas?"OOC: In HIS past. Pirok's timeline is messed up, so, technically, his past hasn't happened yet. Just felt the need to clear that up, in case anyone was wondering.
  10. IC: Pirok (Toa) Pirok was about to make a comeback in reply to Merror, when the Kraata burst from the ground. Using his Calix to dodge it, he create a ball of flame in his hand and threw it at the Kraata, hoping it would hit."I haven't had this much excitement in about 3 centuries!" he exclaimed, throwing another fireball. OOC: @wotsiznum: Of course you did... (LOL)
  11. OOC: @wotsiznum: It's the Suva Kaita, and you may wish to note that, at this point, the seal on top of it has been smashed.
  12. I have LEGO SW III on 3DS.

  13. IC: ProditorProditor walked into Ga-Koro, feeling quite pleased with himself. "Guess I know my way 'round this island pretty well" he thought to himself. He started walking around, hoping to find someone with a boat that could take him as far as the Kumu Islets.OOC: Proditor open for interaction.
  14. IC: Pirok"Okay, you're still fighting. Looks like that plan didn't work. On the bright side, you're not killing me, which is a good thing. That makes me wonder: What's better? 'You're not' or 'you aren't'? And you're still fighting, so I just think I'll walk away now. Maybe I'll go to Xa-Koro! I'm always welcome there! Or I was, until I spent all my money. And, technically, it wasn't even MY money in the first place..." Pirok said, as he backed slowly away from the fight. However, a downside of walking backwards is being left unable to see where you're going, as Pirok discovered when he tripped over a branch.OOC: I'm pretty sure a knife in the chest would AT LEAST leave you immobilized, and seriously injured. Or dead. Dead being the worst possible, but no-one really wants to kill off their character(s).
  15. IC: Pirok (Toa)Pirok, now having caught up with the group, was listening to the conversation."If there are Rahkshi down here, we should move quickly. They are difficult opponents, and few Toa have survived battles with them, nevermind Matoran."OOC: This HAS been an interesting day at the Kini-Nui. A large group, damage to a major monument, an evil Toa, a swarm of Nui-Rama, Makuta's first appearance, a dark tunnel and now: Rahkshi. I think all our characters are REALLY good at avoiding trouble. =P
  16. IC: Pirok (Toa)Pirok looked around. He saw no sign of the Nui-Rama who had been attacking, or the Toa who had been fighting back. Thinking he heard some noise, he walked over to a hole in the ground, and climbed in, hoping to find the others he had seen.Noticing a light a bit ahead of him in the tunnel, he ran towards it."Hey! Wait!"OOC: There must be more Toa of Fire here than in most of Ta-Koro! =P
  17. OOC: I assumed that as they were in two different locations that wouldn't matter. I apologise.
  18. IC: ProditorProditor woke up deep in the jungle. The last thing he could remember was preparing to use a blast of air to cave-in the hole the Toa were hiding in, then he felt a pain in his back and everything turned white. And now he was here."What a great day this is turning out to be." He muttered darkly, before starting off in a direction he hoped would take him to Ga-Koro. Hopefully, word of his reappearance hadn't gotten 'round yet and he'd be able to get a boat to the Kumu Islets, as he remembered from his time as a Matoran that that was the best place to be if you wanted to get your hands on foreign tech.OOC: There, that's Proditor outta the way for a while. =)
  19. I just found out there's a difference between your profile post in BZPRPG being approved, and the powers in it being approved. Oops.

  20. @Ghosthands: I didn't destroy the monument, I did some minor damage. I apologise for the 'time control, and I will fix that, I just assumed that as my profile post was approved the power was approved. I will fix the time thing, but I didn't destroy the Suva-Kaita completely. I just broke the seal. Other people assumed I had exploded the entire monument.@Ghosthands: I have fixed eveery time-reference in the profiles, except the explanation for Pirok's existence.
  21. IC: Kraal In a small restaurant in Xa-Koro... Kraal sat, absorbed in his thoughts. For the size of his brain, he had a lot of thoughts. Mainly about the Ta-Matoran trader he was going to kill. He felt no need to worry about that at the moment, as unless he walked into the room where he was sitting, he would not have to kill him."I don't know how he got away with it. I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna kill him. Mark my words!" he shouted, to no-one in particular. OOC: Well, that's Kraal open for interaction. And yes, if you're wondering, I did put them in the same place for irony's sake. Well, not exactly the same place, but I'll have fixed that soon enough...
  22. IC: Pirok (Toa) Pirok stood in the shadows, watching the beings scurrying as the Nui-Rama attacked. He was only focused on one thing: The black armoured being at the centre of it all. He crouched down, and prepared an attack. Using the power of his Calix, took a run at the location where the Suva-Kaita once stood, and jumped into the air, fist outstretched. He his targeting was perfect, and he hit Proditor square in the back, sending him flying. He stopped, and stood for a moment."Well, that worked out well." he said, before falling to the ground, unconcious. OOC: Pirok is open for interaction, and if anyone feels like it, they can save his life.
  23. IC: Pirok (Matoran)"Oh great. Now there's killing. And next someone's going to try and kill me, as usual. Why are people always trying to kill me? Everywhere I go, someone is trying to kill me..." Pirok, deciding the best option would be to walk down and end the confrontation before he had to dump any bodies. Again."Hello, fighting people. I'm Pirok. If anyone asks about me, especially if they're a blue Skakdi, then I'm dead. And, did you know, people who get involved in fights have a much shorter life-span than those who avoid them. So, if you stop fighting, you're likely to live longer! And if you do stop fighting, please don't try to kill me. It's really annoying when that happens..."OOC: Be warned! If you try to kill him, he has a very protective Ussal Crab, which shall surely exact revenge. AND you'll create a MASSIVE paradox, which could rip apart reality. =)But you can attack him. He just won't die. But you could still seriously injure him. =)
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