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  1. Lenat - Po-koro - Engineering Department IC: That last suggest drew a grimace from the lean man across the desk. He didn't try to hide it either. Setting up an entirely new outpost was a big ask on top of a mounting list of big asks. The reward was enticing to be sure but the timing of this was less than ideal. He'd prefer to put this off for a few months and give the koro time to recover from all the massive changes of late. Makuta might not give them that much time though. With the island's greatest threat now back in play they needed every tool they could get. Assuming the dark god didn't use something as risky as this as a chance to strike at them. With a sigh, he leaned back in his chair and looked at Jokaro. The grimace was still in place as he began to speak. "Frankly we, that is the koro administration, can't support another village or outpost. We're already stretched thin as it is. Not enough people in uniform to go around. I've heard of a few proposals to let private citizens strike out on their own with official recognition but that's the closest thing we could manage." He raised one ling fingered hand to momentarily forestall any replies. Quickly taking another sip of bula juice before continuing. "Now that equation does change if we can get significant support from Onu-koro. The simple fact of the matter is that they would be footing most of the bill for this project. Sharing the finished product with them is likely the only way they would agree to such an effort. We have the groundwork already set up for starting the process. Lines of communication are already opened for this like this and I think it more likely than not that they will be open to the suggestion. It's not a guarantee however and I want you to know where things stand."
  2. Lenat - Po-koro - Engineering Department IC: The taller man couldn't help the wince as he saw the proposed figures. Even while downscaled the the R&D price would be significant. Maybe they could pull from the Fowadi's operating budget while the ship was away for however long the ship's newest voyage would take. Moving funds between departments like that usually get those involved feeling testy in case such a move was a precursor towards a permanent reduction in funding. Before Lenat could continue down that line of thinking, his guest's words caught his attention once more. "As a matter of fact I was involved in setting that initiative up. Akiri Renaka sees it as chance to mend some tunnels so to speak. A way to promote unity after the unpleasantness of Hewkii's reign as well as improve our own capabilities. At the moment it's only a general agreement dealing with information that's already more or less available for anyone who puts some effort into it however. They wont be teaching us how to build exo-matoran, for example. Are you suggesting asking for their expertise on this project? This design might still be unfinished but it should be quite potent if it can be successfully completed."
  3. Lenat - Po-koro - Engineering Department IC:The other man's eyes instantly became glued to the paper. His well ordered mind assorting itself, tracing lines of force, stress, fiction points and more. To call this device complicated would be an understatement. The notes indicating various measurements indicated that it would be big as well. Very big...maybe too big. He knew Commander Dehkaz of course. The refits to the Fowadi had been one of the many projects Lenat had been involved in overseeing over the last couple months. The koro's peeminent captain was a consumate professional according to both reputation and personal experience. To suggest a project like this was certainly ambitious. Although with Makuta back it might be needed. It would also be extremely expensive and manpower intensive. At least when it came to technically trained personnel. A frown creased the tell man's brows as he ran through a rough estimate of the costs and resources needed for something like this. It wasn't a pleasant number to consider after everything they had just spent on the Po-koro and its ancillary towns. "This is...impressive to say the least. I can see why you came to me in my capacity as the koro's chief engineer. I could fund most of this project personally but..." He glanced down at the paper again and shook his head. "It would be risky. it looks like you still have some things to work out in the design. The costs on a project like this will be monumental. Probably more than what Po-koro can spare after all of our recent works."
  4. Lenat - Po-koro - Engineering Department IC: The slightly breathy half-chuckle the question received said plenty even if it was shallow on details. The taller man had slept on his office couch the night before and had spent the entire morning before Jokaro had showed up finishing the last week's paperwork. Pages after pages of forms and numbers scrolling past on the slight blue glow of his task pad's screen. If those numbers are right it looks like the foreman of the southern third shift crew is trying to embezzle funds from his designated budget. Plumbing systems don't cost that much to install unless there's something seriously wrong with the location. If that was the case he'd be fighting Jokaro for space in my office instead of sending in massively inflated budget requests. "I've had busier." A slightly haunted look entered his eyes before he shook his head and took another drink from his mug. With a sigh, he let the exhaustion fade to the back of his awareness and focus on the engineer before him. This was apparently important enough for the Matoran to put up with a rather obscene wait time. "Thank you for asking, Jokaro. So, what did you want to see me about? You don't usually come to me unless you want to show off something in person." OOC: @Perp
  5. Lenat - Po-koro - Engineering Department IC: The massive amounts of civil works that had been going on in the koro had been an equally massive boon to the parched and often unpleasant town. Nobody who had actually spent any time there in the past could say otherwise. Better public infrastructure, freely available water, actual plants. Before a month ago the only place that plants could have been found in the koro was the homes of the exceedingly wealthy. As much a way for them to show off their wealth as a way to add some color and life to the place. Lenat would know, he'd been one of those people. For the person responsible for directing and organizing all of the various projects and new equipment it had been sheer Karzahni. Exciting, fascinating, and deeply satisfying Karzahni but Karzahni all the same. Seeing his own designs and those of people from all over the island being put to use to improve the lives of the citizens of Po-koro had been deeply fulfilling in a way that few people ever got to truly experience. And then reality had to come crashing in. Problems started popping up left and right. Organizational issues rather than technical ones. People needed to be payed on time. Supplies needed to keep flowing to all of a dozen different construction teams that were working at any one time. That construction had played merry havoc with traffic flows. All of the delegations from the various koros needed to be housed, fed, and protected. A thousand and one minor issues that threatened to spiral into major issues if not taken care of properly. Nobody on the island had ever attempted something as big and complex as this before and Lenat had to wonder if that had more to do with the lack of desire to deal with the headaches involved than the danger of Makuta interfering. The Vortixx wasn't sure when the last time he'd slept for longer than five hours had been. Which all went to say that when his secretary had called him over the telegram to say that one of various mad scientists they kept on staff was here to meet with him, Lenat had said that he'd bee right out, reached for the very large mug of bula berry juice on his desk, and then lost himself in considering whether or not it was possible to overdose on the drink that he was becoming increasingly more reliant on. Did it come in powdered form? Perhaps he could mix it into his breakfast cereals. In fact that would be a great product li- "Sir, your guest has been waiting for a very long time now and is becoming increasingly impatient." Karzing cracked mask! The fact that he did not wear a mask did not drain any of the startled jolt of adrenaline and guilt from his mind as the voice of his secretary crackled over the intercom once more. One hand reached out to grab the oversized mug and the bleary eyed Vortixx took a deep swig of the highly concentrated mixture before reaching out and pressing the button that allowed his voice to be transmitted back to his attentive doorkeeper. "Thank you, please send him in. I'm ready for him now." OOC: @Perp
  6. Kale Ironshaper - Docks - Fowadi IC: "We're stopping here to top off our supplies before we set off on a months long journey into the unknown. As well as one last stop for anyone that might want to leave or join the crew." There was a definite eyebrow raise in there this time. It seemed rather obvious that any vessel attempting such a trip would want to bring as many supplies as possible. The ocean was dangerous enough close to the shore. Very few people had ever gone beyond the horizen. Even fewer had made it back to tell the story.
  7. Kale Ironshaper - Docks - Fowadi IC: "Until the captain gets back from the koro, that's me. What do you need to say?" The words weren't quite hostile. So far this passenger had been odd but not too loud. In fact Kale was pretty sure that the other man had spent as much time as possible passed out and clutching onto the nearest solid object. Which made his demanding an audience with Dehkaz a rather odd prospect to be sure. The Fowadi wasn't a passenger ship to be sure. The fact that the Lesterin had payed for passage was hardly going to get him a more comfortable berth for the duration of his stay.
  8. Kale Ironshaper - Docks - Fowadi IC: One nice thing about being part of the Aggressors was that they were always on the move. Always heading off to deal with some new spot of trouble. It helped him to feel like his life had a purpose. In this particular instance it got Kale out of Ga-koro before he had to explain to the Marines why the latest crisis was not the fault of his ship. The koro was pleasant enough but it seemed like something was always trying to blow it up whenever they happened to be in port. Which all meant that Kale was rather happy to be arriving at Ta-koro's modest dock. It wasn't nearly as large or sophisticated as Ga-koro's facilities had been. They didn't need that however. A short supply stop and a chance for the crew to say hello to anyone they knew inside of the semi-active volcano that threateningly spewed dark clouds of smoke and took up most of the horizon. The glint of sunlight off of the crystalline ships brought back another memory. The bright light of the noon day sun shining on oddly well maintained chainmail as the Infernavika swept past their port side. Disks, elemental attacks, and sometimes people flying between the two ships. This was where he had first met the storied pirate vessel. A ship they they were now allied with. Technically speaking...if you didn't look too hard and were far enough away at the time. They no longer fired on each other upon seeing the other sail into port at least. Things changed slowly but change they did. A volcanic breeze fluttered the trailing edge of his longcoat as the young man stepped up onto the deck. One last minute check of their stores in order to determine just what they would need to stock up on before heading off once more. They may of had a real quartermaster now but old habits died hard. His musings were disturbed by the sound of a fist impacting wood nearby. it didn't sound like someone was trying to break through said wood but that had not been a light impact either. Emerald eyes darted towards the source of the sound and a frown creased his mask. The sounds of metal feet on solid wood joined the rest of the commotion on deck as Kale made his way over to where one of their passengers was apparently trying to punch his way into the Captain's quarters. "if you break that I'm going to add the repair cost to your fee for this trip." OOC: @BULiK
  9. Kale Ironshaper - Ga-koro - Docks IC: "Mata Nui certainly has her fair share of natural resources. Although as far as the Fowadi goes..." He turned to shoot an assessing glance over the metallic beast floating in the center of the bay. Memories of the refit being sorted through like a deck of cards. Individual frames picked out and examined within a specific light. "I think I've made or refurbished a solid quarter of the Fowadi's plating at this point." A grimace crossed his face at the memory of the long and grueling hours spent forming specific alloys based off of samples provided by some very demanding engineers. He still wasn't sure if all the effort had actually been worth it. Did they really need theoretically rust resistant plating when there were multiple people aboard who could fix it with a thought? The young Toa took a moment to blink the thoughts away and refocus on the woman before him. The grimace turning into a wry smile in the process. "Thankfully I wasn't alone in that endeavor. Our crew has put a lot of work into the ship and I'm sure they'd enjoy the chance to show off sometime. I'd offer to give you one now but it would seem that we are both somewhat busy today." This time the twin emerald orbs flicked towards where it looked like the Dasakan navy were performing boarding opperations against their famed sumbersible ship. Elsewhere in the koro the telltale signs of varied abilities were sounding out. The air breezing about as a not insignificant number of solid objects moved around off the ground. Even the water was still choppy from the recent wave. Whatever else one could say about today, 'peaceful' was not it. @Vezok's Friend @Umbraline Yumiwa @The UltimoScorp @BULiK
  10. Kale Ironshaper - Ga-koro - Docks IC: Sharing a face with someone was weird. The pale Toa let out a soft sigh of relief as the situation deescalated. Even if the guards didn't look particularly comfortable still. The way that they had responded to some sort of unheard command was certainly interesting. Something to report back to Dehkaz at least.Instant private communications would certainly be useful in battle. Or just about any situation really. "My apologies, Luten is still learning the ways of the world and meant no harm by her actions. She and I are members of the Aggressors task force. A team made up of members from the different koro tasked with finding and dealing with issues before they can become major threats to our homes. The large ship moored out in the bay is our home away from home. The Fowadi." He lifted a hand and carefully gestured at the ironclad where it floated a safe distance behind the Dasakan refugee fleet. Newly refurbished armor gleamed despite the sudden storm overheard. Fat drops of warm rain now falling from the sky and pattering against his waterproof coat. "I was hoping to talk to you about about what exactly brought your people to our shores. What I overheard talked of a vast army of rahkshi." @Vezok's Friend @The UltimoScorp @BULiK
  11. Kale Ironshaper - Ga-koro - Docks IC: "To introduce my ship and crew, see what connections can be made, and learn of your pe-" Aaaand then Luten was suddenly on the shoulder of the Very Important Toa he was currently trying to talk to. He wasn't sure how uptight these people were but the fact that the Commodore had been surrounded by bodyguards when he'd shown up told him that someone teleporting onto their charge's shoulder probably wouldn't be taken well. "Luten please, lets introduce ourselves before we start touching the nice crystal ladies. I'm sure we can find someone who will be happy to compare armor with you once we're done." Emerald eyes flicked between his companion, her current platform, and the guards. He didn't think they could truly injure the strange mask. Not from hitting her avatar at least. But he still didn't know much about Luten. He knew even less about Mata Nui's new guests...inhabitants? Starting off relations between the Aggressors and the Dasaka with another brawl in the middle of Ga-koro was the opposite of what he'd been sent here to do. Plus, one of them was already staring at him reaaaally hard. OOC: The only Fowadi people in this group are Kale and Luten. @BULiK @Vezok's Friend
  12. Kale Ironshaper - Ga-koro - Docks IC: "Aye sir, I'll see what I can find out." The silver Toa handed another small piece of seasweed chip up to his companion and turned to survey the docks. It had always been a busy place. Now it was a chaotic sea of living beings in half a dozen sizes and shapes. There were patterns to it however. Even among the beautiful yet alien Dasaka there were distinct groups. Perhaps shipmates or familial groups. Often times the knots of people clustered around particularly well dressed individuals. A small smile lifted the young man's face as he noted that bit. Alien culture or not, the people in charge always got the fanciest stuff. He was looking for a specific person however. The Dasakan commodore, a military leader. So perhaps not as fancy, a little more practical, she'd been here for a few months now hadn't she? Probably better at blending in. As he made his way towards the submarine his rahkshi metal staff thudded softly against the lily pads. There was a crowd on the pier nearest to the submersible ship. One in particular stood out to him. Fancy armor that had a slightly more military cut to it. At least that's what his admittedly untrained eye suggested. Her bearing and presence certainly suggested a military official who was used to being in command of most everyone around her. Rather than try to force his way through the collection of rather tense looking Dasaka, he stopped at the edge of the squadron and called out. The tone used was one that he'd cultivated on the battlefield. Designed to carry and be heard despite high levels of ambient noise. Useful for yelling at slow workers on a busy dock as well. For this particular moment he tried to inject a bit of formality into his voice as well. The newcomers liked that right? He was pretty sure he'd heard that somewhere. "I am Kale Ironshaper, first mate of the ironclad Fowadi. Is Commodore Ayiwah here? I would speak to her if possible." The longcoat draped across his form fluttered in a way that was very clearly not the wind as he realized that it was difficult to look dramatic and formal with a small pink person on his head eating seaweed chips. Emerald eyes flicked upwards as a small crumb landed on his nose. OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  13. Iron Mahi- Engine Car IC: Being an engineer for one of Po-koro's growing fleet of Iron Mahi payed extremely well. Not everyone could understand the interplay of electrical and mechanical forces tumbling within the metallic shells and if you needed an engineer then it was rather required that they actually knew what they were about. Of course, the pay was probably also so good because how else did the eponymous "They" expect such talented folk to deal with total and complete boredom of the experience. Watching the landscape change from an ocean of dunes to one of water was interesting the first couple times...if one was being extremely generous. After that it just got mind numbingly monotonous. So Tal had taken to skipping through the various radio broadcasts that had started to fill the air ever since the technology had been released to the general public. The selection was pretty limited for obvious reasons. Not everyone could afford their own pile of machinery the size of an old-style hut after all. It was better than struggling to stay awake listening to the clatter of the tracks and the hum of the engine however. His personal favorite was a broadcast that some enterprising Matoran had started a few weeks back. Once a day for about three hours the smooth voice of a woman would come on the air and read out one of the new paperbacks that aspiring authors were now printing out in droves. The woman was in the middle of her hourly break in the story to thank a few companies who apparently payed her to do exactly that when several things happened in quick succession. First, the signal was almost washed out in a wave of static. Second, there was a metallic groaning from up above that was almost immediately follow by a loud SPRANG. Then the radio signal cut out entirely. "What the Karz?" That could only have been the radio antenna being torn off. Shorn off? No way to tell without going up there and seeing just what was going on. Whatever it was, it was definitely strange. Strange and mysterious events generally weren't something that one willingly stuck their hands into, not if they wanted to keep all their fingers. Especially not when there was a detachment of Sentinels onboard perfectly willing to do it in his stead. One long arm reached out and grabbed the microphone for the train's internal telegram system. There were actually a pair of guardsmen in another compartment of the engine car but doing this had the double advantage of informing the entire Sentinel detachment of the situation. "We've got an issue."
  14. Kale Ironshaper - Ga-koro - Fowadi IC: The captain's order got a nod and soft sound of acknowledgement. The tall young man and his diminutive ward began to head off through the crowded docks. His sailor's coat fluttering out behind him in a slightly unnatural manor. Anyone who had spent much time with him would recognize it as a subconscious expression. The metalic threads woven through the heavy fabric twitching in excitement as the unusual sounds surrounded him. the island had gone through a lot of major events and changes recently. This was yet another such event, yet it bore the promise to change the island in a very real way. An entire koro's worth of people showing up overnight would have an impact almost by definition. New culture, new idea, new food and tools. It was exciting if he was honest with himself. There would be issues of course. Many of those same exciting new things were bound to cause sparks as they impacted those of their new home. A smile crossed his face as Luten started pointing at various pieces of food that caught her attention. It never ceased to amuse him that a semi-corporeal mask spirit could eat at all. To say nothing of just how much she enjoyed the experience. Nonetheless, he restrained from indulging her as much as he wanted to. From the look of things many of the newcomers would need Ga-koro's abundant but limited supply of food more than he and his mask. That wasn't to say that he didn't get anything. So when the crew's first mate and his crystaline companion finally found the rest of their wayward crew he was contentedly munching on a bag full of a particular type of seaweed. Toasted and spiced in a way that wonderfully complimented the inherent saltiness. As his eyes scanned the small cluster of Toa on the busy docks his eyebrows rose and a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He wasn't some sort of psychic like the newcomers were said to be but...one didn't have to be in order to read the mood. Skyra you dog. Couldn't stay away from the pretty newcomers for even five minutes?
  15. Kale Ironshaper - Ga-koro - Fowadi IC: "Aye aye captain." The words were accompanied by a sharp salute. The silver Toa's mind was already feeling out the logistics of the plan. They'd be using all of the skiffs on this to be sure. Most of the crew would need to stay onboard as well. Normally he'd take take this chance to give them some well-earned shore-leave. There wasn't any sign of a struggle in the koro but until he knew more about the situation he didn't want to risk any situations popping up that might entangle them in something extensive. A green figure flashed off overhead in a preternaturally long leap and his eyes flicked up to follow it. One eyebrow lifted in impressed annoyance. He hadn't known she could jump that far. It was an impressive feat even with her element aiding her in the effort. It would bear remembering the next time he needed to say...shoot someone out of a cannon. After that it was back to figuring just what Dehkaz's orders would entail. They needed to figure out just how much the other team would need to acquire, which team got which skiff. The sort of details that a first mate was usually supposed to be in charge of. Even after a few months it was honestly a bit of a relief that such small details were all he had to worry about for the most part. Thankfully everyone one the crew was experienced enough at this point that such things went smoothly. Soon enough the clattering sound of the anchor chain rang out, accompanied by the splashing sound of the anchor itself sinking into the water to catch against some undersea rock
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