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  1. Kale Ironshaper - Ga-koro - Fowadi IC: The captain's order got a nod and soft sound of acknowledgement. The tall young man and his diminutive ward began to head off through the crowded docks. His sailor's coat fluttering out behind him in a slightly unnatural manor. Anyone who had spent much time with him would recognize it as a subconscious expression. The metalic threads woven through the heavy fabric twitching in excitement as the unusual sounds surrounded him. the island had gone through a lot of major events and changes recently. This was yet another such event, yet it bore the promise to change the island in a very real way. An entire koro's worth of people showing up overnight would have an impact almost by definition. New culture, new idea, new food and tools. It was exciting if he was honest with himself. There would be issues of course. Many of those same exciting new things were bound to cause sparks as they impacted those of their new home. A smile crossed his face as Luten started pointing at various pieces of food that caught her attention. It never ceased to amuse him that a semi-corporeal mask spirit could eat at all. To say nothing of just how much she enjoyed the experience. Nonetheless, he restrained from indulging her as much as he wanted to. From the look of things many of the newcomers would need Ga-koro's abundant but limited supply of food more than he and his mask. That wasn't to say that he didn't get anything. So when the crew's first mate and his crystaline companion finally found the rest of their wayward crew he was contentedly munching on a bag full of a particular type of seaweed. Toasted and spiced in a way that wonderfully complimented the inherent saltiness. As his eyes scanned the small cluster of Toa on the busy docks his eyebrows rose and a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He wasn't some sort of psychic like the newcomers were said to be but...one didn't have to be in order to read the mood. Skyra you dog. Couldn't stay away from the pretty newcomers for even five minutes?
  2. Kale Ironshaper - Ga-koro - Fowadi IC: "Aye aye captain." The words were accompanied by a sharp salute. The silver Toa's mind was already feeling out the logistics of the plan. They'd be using all of the skiffs on this to be sure. Most of the crew would need to stay onboard as well. Normally he'd take take this chance to give them some well-earned shore-leave. There wasn't any sign of a struggle in the koro but until he knew more about the situation he didn't want to risk any situations popping up that might entangle them in something extensive. A green figure flashed off overhead in a preternaturally long leap and his eyes flicked up to follow it. One eyebrow lifted in impressed annoyance. He hadn't known she could jump that far. It was an impressive feat even with her element aiding her in the effort. It would bear remembering the next time he needed to say...shoot someone out of a cannon. After that it was back to figuring just what Dehkaz's orders would entail. They needed to figure out just how much the other team would need to acquire, which team got which skiff. The sort of details that a first mate was usually supposed to be in charge of. Even after a few months it was honestly a bit of a relief that such small details were all he had to worry about for the most part. Thankfully everyone one the crew was experienced enough at this point that such things went smoothly. Soon enough the clattering sound of the anchor chain rang out, accompanied by the splashing sound of the anchor itself sinking into the water to catch against some undersea rock
  3. Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi IC: "Weeellll, our newest sailor did lead the crew in a wonderful rendition of an old sailing classic. You'll have to wait until the next unexpected burst of song before you can join in." It seemed like the silver Toa was in a teasing mood today. A smile flickered across his face. Although it would have been difficult for Luten to catch sight of it from her perch atop his head. Although...he supposed those were technically her lips as well. Sharing one's face with another person was weird. His philosophical musing were interrupted as something from the other conversation caught his attention. Two fingers tapped on the gunwale in thought as he spoke up. "Valdya...wasn't she the one that interviewed us after everything that happened during our last visit to Ga-koro?"
  4. Some good ideas. I know I'm the one who suggested the idea but one way that such a system might get awkward is during more general battle royal style matches. Not everything is going to be basic duels. So maybe the stronger character's attacks get some sort of handicap when attacking someone from a lower tier while in matches where specific challenges were not given.
  5. Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi IC: The head that the small person rested upon twitched for a moment as he started to shake his head in the negative. Having someone who spent much of her time on top of his head was taking some getting used to. In many ways it was more difficult than adjusting to an entirely new mask. "Unfortunately not. They likely wont be back until tomorrow at the earliest. Did you sleep well?"
  6. Perhaps some sort of power tier tier system. Depending on someone's powers or how well they use them they get put into one of five tiers. Characters can fight people in their own tier or challenge someone above them. But nobody can challenge someone of a lower tier. The game definitely has utility as a general fighting arena for players who want to actually get in some pvp. As Click said, it would also benefit from at least a little story. Even something as simple as trying to figure out what's up with this dimension. Or maybe there is something like a "Fight King Crown" that everyone wants.
  7. Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi IC: A chuckle rippled from the silver Toa at his companions response. Further conversation being cut off by the rising tide of impromptu music. It was a catchy tune, one designed to be easy for many people to sing along with. Despite his relatively short time on the water it was a song that even he had heard before. As the chorus rolled around the young man's voice joined with that of his crew. High and clear notes joined with the others in a wave of sound that the ocean wind carried across the harbor. As the last note of the song hung in the air like a piece of cut crystal it was joined by another ring. Green eyes glanced up at the small figure sitting on his head and a smile creased his face. "Good morning little one. Did we wake you?"
  8. Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi IC: "Rynekk!" The silver Toa responded. His voice filled with false indignation that mirrored the twinkle in his eyes. "Are you attempting to use your connections to get one of the Maru to go on a date with you? I might have to rethink your position on this ship my friend." The fact that they were entirely valid suggestions was just as entirely beside the point. There was no way that he was going to give up the opportunity to rib one of his best friends. The other Toa had even used the word! That was just asking for it.
  9. Po-koro - Renaka's house - Renaka IC: The matoran took the proffered hand and shook it firmly. Resolute eyes met a pair that held the solidity of bedrock. He was treating her token with the respect it deserved. Most people were somewhat more casual with such delegated authority. Only a few of them knew just how close a misuse of that very same power had almost brought the island to the brink of civil war. Muir's words and actions showed him to be trustworthy in this regard at least. "Good luck on your investigation. Hopefully this will all turn out to have been nothing but I trust you to find out the truth whichever way it falls."
  10. Po-koro - Renaka's house - Renaka IC: It was a valid request. If she was going to give them an official request than the least she could do was put her name behind it. So she nodded to the lawyer and vanished into another room in the house for several moments. The three people in the room could hear a faint scratching for most of that time. When the akiri returned she handed a palm sized tablet of stone to Muir. It was more of a badge really. The back was emblazoned with the official seal of the koro. The front had fine letters carved into it that sketched out the rough outline of what she had asked the pair to do. Interestingly enough only the lawyer's name was listed on the badge. If the Ko-koro spy was going to hide behind the fiction of being the other man's assistant then she might as well treat him as such. Plus there was no way that she was going to hand any of her authority over to someone who made a living out of not following the rules. Foolish decisions like that were how diplomatic incidences were started. She trusted Muir not to do anything she wouldn't be willing to back him up on.
  11. Po-koro - Renaka's house - Renaka IC: The Akiri's grip was as strong as one would expect. Despite her odd coloring she was still a Po-matoran. Even so she didn't try to crush her guest's hand. Her replying handshake was firm but polite. Two short pumps and then she let go. She nodded to the door as she replied. "It has been a pleasure gentlemen. Now if you don't mind, I have a crossword that I need to get back to."
  12. Po-koro - Renaka's house - Renaka IC: "And I am happy to provide that information as it pertains to your investigation." She had made a public oath to be more transparent in her administration than her predecessor after all. One of the vast arrow of documents on her task pad was a new system for the bureaucracy through which people could put in official requests for records or information about certain topics. there were limits to the system of course. People wouldn't be able to look up things like current Sentinel numbers and deployment locations. On the whole though, she figured that people like the man in front of her would be satisfied with the end results. "Is there anything else you wish to know?"
  13. Po-koro - Renaka's house - Renaka IC: There had always been suspicions about certain events. Things like oddly generous loan rates or low prices right after unfortunate events elsewhere on the island. There was never any proof however. Nothing that anyone had the time or opportunity to put together at least. Renaka had suspicions herself based off of odd gaps in the records. Considering everything else that the island she was dealing with it had been an infected mask she'd been hesitant to touch. "From what I understand Onu-koro made a point of keeping close with all of the akiri back then. But...Hewkii did seem to have a knack for getting more out of them than most others. Our current close relations are mostly due to my head of engineering. A vortixx by the name of Lenat."
  14. Po-koro - Renaka's house - Renaka IC: The pale matoran's head tilted to one side and her eyes drifted as she accessed her mental file on her new peer. If she was going to give at least one half of this pair official backing she might as well equip him as best as possible. A very slight smile quirked one corner of her mouth as her thoughts momentarily flitted to the other one. Hiring a spy to investigate his own people had a certain level of amusement to it. Satisfaction as well if she was going to be honest with herself. The thought that Hewkii had likely gained much enjoyment from such games killed the smile as quickly as it appeared. "The fact that the koro elected a foreign weaponsmith as their new leader is somewhat worrying. Even so it makes a fair amount of sense considering their troubled history. They seek safety and local leaders have been less than helpful in that regard. The man himself has been only friendly so far. We are in talks for several trade agreements and have one or two fairly significant treaties already signed. It's too early to say that I trust the man but so far the Kalta are probably the most worrisome decision he's made so far."
  15. Po-koro - Renaka's house - Renaka IC: With the other two Toa gone the akiri could now focus on the thought that had been buzzing around her head since she'd first learned of what Muir and his shady companion were up to. Her bright gaze focused on those still in the room. Or more specifically Muir as what she was about to ask was directed at him in particular. "I would like to hire you to look into the possible crimes of Skorm.The information brought to light here has convinced me his action bear further looking into.His crimes may not have occurred in this koro but that does not mean that they cannot still reach him." It was also worrisome that Ko-koro had chosen someone with such a dark past to be a member of their preeminent Toa team. If one were to be a suspicious type, like Hewkii for instance, it might suggest that the new akiri's efforts at turning a new leaf were less genuine than it would appear on the surface. The current So far her contact with the eccentric inventor had been through intermediaries. Practically rebuilding the Po-koro from the ground up was a time consuming effort to say the least. All the other signs of his intentions had been genuine enough however. She needed more information before making any further moves in that region. Ostia - Fowadi - Kale IC: "From what I hear, Stannis isn't exactly the gregarious type. Nice enough but not exactly the type to go out and make friends in the market. The akiri might know but I also know that akiri Renaka is booked. My meeting with her about our funding got pushed back to next month for some reason or another." The words were accompanied by an annoyed snort and a shake of his head. The ones following had a slower and more contemplative note to them. "Our best bet might be one of the other Maru. Leah is said to be one of the most friendly of them and we are heading to Ga-koro in the next few days. How about we go pay her a visit while we are there?"
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