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  2. Just submitted my entry I'm excited to see who the winner is. It looks like we've got a lot of great competition so far.
  3. Love the look of this so far. I'm excited to see some updates for a few more things to do It's a lot of fun. Thumbs up, man.
  4. So pumped about Bionicles Return :D (Just take my money)

  5. Oh, hey, you're back!

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      Or were you here the whole time and I just didn't notice?

  6. I.C. Vompran (Le-koro) The group proceded entrance to the village of wind. Once there they made their way to the home of the AKIRI KONGU, and knocked on the door.
  7. I.C. Vompran (the bottom of Le-koro) "Sounds like a useful invention. Well, we'd best go on to the village, now." Vompran wasn't sure if he was supposed to use the elevator, or the new chute system, so he motioned the others to go first.
  8. I.C. Vompran (just outside of Le-koro) "It's fascinating. I've never seen anything quite like it... How safe is it?"
  9. I.C. Vompran looked at the chutes very interested not quite sure what they were. "What... What are these?"
  10. I.C. Toa Vompran (Le-Wahi) "Life has been better to say the least. We don't have to be half so worried about infected rahi jumping out of the brush trying to kill us any more. No followers of Makuta to rip off your appendages, and no giant rama hive blocking out the view of the sun." He paused. "But life has also been a little bleak. Looking back at all the terrible things that have happened, and all of the damage to be repaired. Fortunately, the damage can be repaired and once it is, I believe a new era will dawn. I only hope it is an era of peace."
  11. I.C. Vompran (Le-Wahi) "Yes, our luck has always been sour at the time of the Makuta. It seems to have changed in recent times. All you can do is hope and wish It won't change again." Rather than discussing more politics, Vompran decided to change the subject. "So, Sulkua, what adventures have kept you busy since Makuta's defeat?"
  12. I.C. Vompran (Le-Wahi) "We wish to be on good terms with the Akiri. There has been a lot of political turmoil lately, as you may or may not have noticed. We want to see what's happening and see what direction the turmoil is heading. If possible, we wish to alleviate or distinguish it." Vompran's artificial leg snagged on a vine almost causing him to trip. Embarrassed, he manipulated the vine away from him. And tried to keep on walking with a better watch for his own element.
  13. OOC: Ah, sorry not available during weekends =( when I said one-armed toa, I was talking about Vompran. He is missing an arm and has an artificial shin and foot. He was badly injured in the Makuta war. Poor guy. =P I.C. Vompran (Le-Wahi) "No, I'm afraid I don't remember you. Yes, I know a ta-toa blacksmith named Akune, and my friend-over-here's brother, Onyx, is a toa of Iron. Last I checked, Akune was in the village, and I'm not sure where Onyx is."
  14. I.C. Vompran (Le-Wahi) Vompran turned around and saw Sulkua not far behind. "Oh, hello. Didn't see you there." the one-armed toa welcomed Sulkua to the group. By the looks of it, Sulkua's blade was badly fractured. Too bad Sulkua had missed Akune. He might have been able to help him. Or maybe Onyx. But Vompran hadn't seen Onyx in a while." "Heading to Le-Koro?"
  15. I.C. Vompran (Pala-Koro) All right then. It's been a while since he visited Le-Koro. He wondered if it was still like he remembered back when he lived there. "If everyone's ready, we'll move along." the group made their way onward towards the village of wind. It would be a while before they arrived.
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