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    I'm a bird nerd because photographing marine fish is somehow more expensive than photographing dinosaurs.
    I taught myself to write music a few years back, and then did the same thing with playing the flute, harmonica and didgeridoo.
    Sharks are cool, too, I guess. I'm kinda landlocked right now though, so... you know. Limited relevance.
    When I say "sharks are cool, too, I guess" what I really mean is that I literally have a degree in Marine Biology and am extremely bitter that I can't currently do anything with it.

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  1. If I were a successful, popular musician with a long career behind me, I wouldn't do an unplugged album. No. I would do an unpugged album, in which, for the first time, my fans would get to hear my songs without me whispering "pugs" in the background, to pugs, which make a lot of weird snuffly noises back at me because they know I'm talking about them. After forty years, I would finally offer fans an escape from that. I'd whisper "dachshunds" instead.

    1. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      xD That is amazing. xD

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