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  1. I know this is a somewhat late response, but wow, thanks everyone! Especially Pomegranate who took the time to write such a detailed response! I can see that you're very observant as so many of the things you said were things that I was thinking about while making this. As for those who wanted to see a neutral position/wire frame shot I'll see what I can do!
  2. You're great at 3D modeling! :D Do you also animate in Blender?

  3. I don't think I've seen any, but I'd consider designing/modeling one for the right price. Here are some other things I've made: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/3dprintedmasks
  4. Thanks! I love Bomonga's mask as well; his and Gaaki's were definitely the two hardest to rework from their original forms but I feel like I managed to keep the feel of the original while also greatly improving upon it. Not sure if you noticed, but because his mask is the mask of growth I tried to incorporate a tree pattern into his mask! I actually tried to think about all of the mask's power's when designing them and if you look closely maybe you can figure out what I was thinking with some of the others Thank you! I definitely love having my team sitting up on my shelf to look at. I actually just used some matte black spray paint as primer and then just picked up some "DecoArt" Acrylic paint from my local craft store. I had to get a couple of them for the gold color and mix em together to match the Lego gold, but I was actually able to find a silver color that matched almost exactly! To finish it off I used a matte clear sealer (spray can). I know a lot of people like using the "made specifically for models" paints like citadel but TBH you can find ones that work just as well for a lot cheaper.
  5. This piece has been a long time in the making and I'm glad to finally be able to show it off to you guys! I made it in entirely from scratch in Blender 3D and did the editing in GIMP. Here is a link to my Deviantart page where you can view it at full size and even buy a print if you'd like to have this bad boy hanging on your wall: Link Feel free to zoom in and see all the small details in the armor and the grungy texture of the metal. One of the things I'm really proud of with this piece is the inclusion of the muscles, something that is often left by the wayside when making Bionicle artwork. I thought it would kind of make sense to have the muscles look a little more artificial and having them also be Gali's complementary colors helps them pop and add visual interest to her color scheme. Another interesting decision that I made with this model was to actually hand draw the eyes rather than having them be actual geometry. I decided to go for a more cartoony look for the eyes because I felt that it allowed more room for expression than the mechanical eyes that I've tried in the past. Aside from the face the model is actually fully rigged and ready for animation - the muscles stretch and contract when the limbs are moved and the pistons and various other pieces all function as you would expect! this was a big undertaking for me and was something that I felt was really important to include. I'm not actually an animator though, so I probably won't be making any videos with this model. If you're into animating with Blender though feel free to shoot me a message and I'd be open to letting you use the model provided you credit me! Thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed seeing this!
  6. This is something that I've actually been done with for quite a while but never got around to posting so I'm super happy to finally be showing this to you guys! Some of you may remember seeing this render of the toa Hagah from a fan project a long time ago; well I was actually the one to work on these toa and design their masks! Ever since that render was made I've been asked countless times if I would ever make 3D printed versions of them and I'm happy to say that that's exactly what I've done! I couldn't just settle for copying my original (and now very outdated) designs, however, and decided to give all of them full revamps. An astounding amount of effort and time went into these masks and I think I can proudly say that they are some of the highest quality 3D printed masks that I've ever seen, fitting in perfectly with the other two toa Hagah that were lucky enough to have official sets. But enough with the talk! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! Flickr Albums for individual masks: Pouks, Kualus, Bomonga, Gaaki I also have an unboxing video: link and of course here is a link to my Shapeways Shop where all fours masks are available for purchase! Link
  7. I actually got an offer from someone which contains most of these, so I'll be taking that. For the remaining few I'll just use bricklink. Thanks though
  8. Edit: I got an offer for most of these pieces, I can probably find the remaining few on bricklink. So I've been looking for some parts and was able to find a good chunk of em on Bricklink. I'm having difficulty, however, finding a single seller who has a decent number of these. If you have a few of these and are willing to sell them it would be very helpful! thanks. looking for: X1 X1 X1 X1 X1 X2 X2 X1 X2 X2 X4 X4
  9. 00dude00


    YES! This is so beautiful. The reds in the background with the Ignika are super nice and really make the image pop. And the energy coming off the staff of fusion really makes the image look a lot more dynamic. If I were to critique anything it would be that he doesn't noticeably have his trademark curly torn cape, and that while I realize it was a design decision derived directly from the set I'm not 100% sold on the belly armor. Regardless of those minor things this is still fantastic, and I actually might put this as my phone wallpaper if you don't mind!
  10. I just have to say, although I ended up voting for groundskeeper, I also really like #3 and hope it's able to move on to the next round!
  11. First off, this is the first large MOC I've made in a looong time, like years! Haha. But anyhow, I was really exited to make this, and even more so since a real life buddy of mine (Oreo'M) agreed to also work on an entry alongside me! His isn't up yet, but we took our pictures together and it should be up sometime soon! I seriously advise you guys to look out for it because it is terrifying XD Anyhow, on to the MOC! Reaper King Carnus Ungue Entry pic (Large) Pic #1 Pic #2 pic #3 pic #4 pic #5 As you can see, the poster I used as the background wasn't quiiite big enough. I was going to edit them like I did the entry picture, but I ran out of time, so you guys will have to suffer through looking at my wall, haha. Spooky Halloween backstory: A being of supreme intelligence, and yet one of unmatched malevolence, he has spent millenniums brooding deep within the furthest reaches of the wraith-world. For the most part he has left his accursed work to the droves of reapers under his rule, but about once every century, a mortal whose spirit is dark enough to be worthy of his highness is born. When their time comes, they soon realize the bright light they see at the end of the tunnel is not emanating from a heavenly abode, but rather from within the ornate robes of an otherwise shadowed figure. As the light becomes brighter, the distant screams of those long dead can be heard emanating from his cloak, and their now flesh-less fingers seen futilely clawing at his chest. Unable to move, speak, or look away, there is little that can be done to prevent their fate, and the icy claws of Carnus Ungue make short work of his victims. With another soul to fuel his inner flames, and another head hanging from his waist, he returns to his throne to contemplate his more kingly duties. Hope you guys like it, and best of luck to everybody with the contest!
  12. There is some nice artwork in there, but the lack of clarification on how he had to do with each of those along with no credit/explanation given for makuta/Megatron is a big turn off.
  13. I personally used a thin layer of black primer then acrylic over that. I'm no expert when it comes to painting models, but from what I've read acrylics are easier to mix as well as easier on your brushes, I've also painted several masks (and even a full figure - Nuparu) using them, so that's what I would suggest. But do your research and decide for yourself.
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