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  1. This is really cool I love how you were able to desgin a way to make them fit together and look like an actual mask
  2. I actualy like the way you did the mask reminds me of the comic art style for all the background characters from that era
  3. ...... I really love the models this will be very interesting to see when it comes out
  4. Pineapple

    1. Axilus Prime

      Axilus Prime


  5. or the Knights kingdom stuff
  6. you see he painted it after his own Bioncile AU version of Soran, his totally original character Searing who does nothing but sick roast all day
  7. oh dont mind the Giant box behind us we're just installing lockers
  8. if that happened would Soran actually feel it or have to act like he felt it
  9. they could move the body onto a bed to be even more convincing or act like Soran is sick or paralyzed.
  10. I mean are they really going to take the word of a crazy person. wait.... their crazy people too they might just believe it.
  11. Well... welcome back to the shadow hanging over our head of Bionicle's cancellation

  12. Logan Tec


    huh.... this will be intresting. gl on this
  13. cant Soran posses the Ghost hunters equipment? then just threaten to use it against him I mean i guess they could be fooled
  14. Just posses a type writer then u can type away your listing needs. Like sending ppl to the store or the slapping list
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