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  1. i recommend the recommendation to recommend that recommending people without the proper recommendations is not recommended (also we got another mafia, yay? sure, let's say yay, even if we lost an agent and a medic, we're not just taking losses, we're taking some of them down with us!)
  2. SO I'm going on vacation and then going to summer camp for a job and while that won't totally separate me from technology, it will put a serious dent in my activity. Therefore, to avoid being a sore part of things, here's basically what's up with my characters: Zakaro- Can be bunnyed by Click, Ultron, and Nato. (Anyone in the Den-attacking group) until the point of reaching the facility again. From there, assume guard duty unless another expedition to the Den heads out. Nisaduf, Bajets- Can be bunnyed by Xae. Sevyn- Treat as random NPC. Can be basically used by anyone getting food. Astaer- Treat as silent NPC for Kale's group. Can be used by anyone within that group for combat/movement purposes. Ajiseni- Inactive, for the time being. Nisadeff- Inactive, for the time being. Maccha White!- Can be bunnyed by Blade. I will still be around, somewhat, but when I'm not default to this. Thanks!
  3. IC: Zakaro (The Spine, with Olari, Virse, and Co.) The Toa had stood, just watching the forcefield for a while, frowning, before eventually speaking again. "Perhaps... The way I see it, and in my experience, we have three probable ways to beat this thing. One is obvious, we pound it with enough force, over and over, until it breaks. Two would be to try to short it out with a surge of energy or magnetism, while three is the unlikely possibility that this thing has an external component that we can exploit or destroy." He pauses, shrugs, and speaks again. "Of course, we can also circle the building to see if there's any visible entrance through the field. Tunneling under is also an option." IC: Maccha White! (Sota Games, with Maccha Green! and camXara!) Turning away from the Agent for the moment, Maccha White moved forward to speak with her companions, pushing some of her positive energy into her voice. "Alright! Who's next to fight, my companion of Green and being of Light-ning!"
  4. IC: Ethan (Horizon) Meanwhile, a young ginger in flannel was just walking through the city, not a care in the world and not a clue what he was actually going to do. Alcohol wasn't exactly his cup of tea, surprising at it was, though he wouldn't mind a glass of cold lemonade. Actually, that wasn't a half-bad idea. Focusing into the world, the freckled mechanic scanned the crowd for a vendor of the pale, citrus drink he desired. Nothing in sight, as far as he could tell. That was fine. He wasn't too concerned, really. Being in the military had taught him the differences between necessities and luxuries, and cold lemonade was certainly a luxury. With a goal somewhat in mind, Ethan resumed his pace. He didn't have to be back at base for a while, there was no hurry at all. OOC: ethan is also open for interaction but will find some as soon as I can actually function so yeah that's that.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, The Beat has dropped. (Xae is coming with Reggie eventually. I promise. ) Name: Ethan Cassidy FlanneryAge: 22Gender: MaleOccupation: Military Mechanic/Pilot, E3Appearance: Ethan is a gangly man who seems like he hasn't yet truly grown into his body and still hasn't filled out his chest, being one of those kids that simply cannot get his ribs to stop showing no matter how much he eats. He's quite pale and burns easily, with freckles painting a streak across his cheeks and on the sides of his arms. His bright red hair (all natural and more of a ginger or orange tone than red) indicates that he does have some Irish descent in him, even with the buzzcut he sports. Light grey-blue eyes are perhaps his most striking feature, thankfully drawing attention away from abnormally large hands and feet that would seem to fit someone a good head higher than him. He's attempting to grow a beard, but so far nothing but a few curly ginger hairs on his chin. He wears either a standard military uniform, though he's chosen all the options that would give him the most pockets, or jeans and a T-shirt with a red, plaid, flannel button down which remains forever unbuttoned. Equipment: Ethan typically carries around a basic Phillips screwdriver, adjustable wrench, and a hammer in terms of mechanical tools, along with a water bottle, some emerency snacks, compass, communicator, 6 ft of rope, and sunglasses, all stored within various pockets or pouches. And, of course, copious amounts of duct tape, duck tape, and a bottle of Gorilla Glue. He owns a shotgun which he brought from his hometown, but it remains within his barracks or at the firing range. Co-pilots Молот Тора, aka MTV.Skills: As is unsurprising for a Gunner, Ethan has an eye for aim. While we're not talking shooting quarters off a porch at 100 yards with his shotgun, he can do it 8 times out of 10 at 75. Hunting as a kid has trained him well in both patience and hitting a moving target, making his skills with the cannons of the MTV some of the best around. As well, he's a brilliant informal mechanic, which usually means that while he doesn't do things by the book and often times has never even seen or heard of the book, Ethan can fix things and make them work again in a surprising manner. Best results often come frmo when he's being told to make a temporary fix just to get them home, permenant fixes or after-battle repairs aren't his cup of tea, though by no means is he horrid at them. Personality: One would think that being both a backwater redneck and of Irish descent Ethan would be a hotheaded guy who wants to jump into everything. Sadly for the tropers that's not true, the only thing remotely related to that would be his temper, which burns hot and fast once it's lit, though that's a feat in and of itself. He can certainly hold a grudge, though getting into said grudge is tougher than setting him off. Overall, he's pretty easy-going, with a patient smile and unhurried manner. He smiles often, laughs rarely, and doesn't seem to understand why everyone always wants things done right now. Bio: Ethan Cassidy Flannery was born in Backwater Junction, in what was once the state of Montana in the United States of America. For the majority of his schooling years, he found a quiet peace in hunting, fishing, and the outdoors, just content to listen to his dad talk about something or teach him about how to catch a fish. School was a dreaded chore for the young Ethan, never holding his attention long enough for him to actually care about it. Instead, his father's car-fixing business first sparked his mechanical skill, and from there he just kept finding bigger things to fix. Joining the military was a simple enough choice at 18 years of age, it was a noble pursuit for the young man, would allow him to keep fixing things, and best of all he wouldn't need to deal with schoolwork anymore! Unsurprisingly, he's never been promoted to a desk or leadership position, though he was 20 when he first began to work on the Arsanal Walkers. And now, finally, he's decided to move up to manning the guns of a mech, and not just fixing them. He was assigned to Reggie as her partner, and after a few fixings and rebuildings they're ready to go with the new and improved МTV. As he would say, "Time to let The Beat drop, pardner."Weakness: Ethan will be the first to admit he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. By no means is he a monosyllabic brute, but he always struggled in school, finding it a waste of time to try and learn about numbers and correct spelling when welding and mechanics were much more along his skillset, the hands-on aspect drawing him to it. Also, he's often late unless directly told to show up at a specific time, simply because he's happy to move at his own tempo. Base Model: FAW-016A Gunner Designation: Молот Тора (pronounced Molot Tora)‏. Means the Hammer of Thor‏ in Russian, has been 'affectionately' named MTV or The Beat. Most often referred to as the latter names if the person's been around the base long enough. In fact, Ethan has joked about being able to tell when a newbie comes in just by listening to what they call the mech. Appearance: The Beat is a large mech, as is to be expected with a FAW-016A Gunner, towering over the pilots below at a solid 25m (excluding additional height from railgun aiming). Atypical for a FAW-016A, The Beat features dual railguns protruding over both shoulders. For those less inclinded to decode the words, it has a total of four railguns. Needless to say, firing all four at once basically kills the mech. More often, the dual dual railguns are used for increasing the rate of fire to roughly double that of a normal Gunner, though this is at the cost of more time spent immobile. Missile pods are located in the shoulders, featuring the standard heat-seeking explosives, with a few varients depending on the battle. Miniguns are located on the mech's wrists, manly used for firing on non-armored combatants. For defense while immobile, beyond any escort mechs that The Beat may have, there are also six automated .50 caliber machine guns mounted at various points across The Beat’s armor. Two are located on the upper arms, another two are located on the knees, and there is a pair for the feet. These turrets use a mech’s IFF to determine hostility, and take a few seconds to fire in case a friendly mech has their IFF disabled for any reason. MTV uses an axe for melee, much like other Gunners, however the blade of the axe is a chain. This allows MTV to dig into and cut through armoring or trees much easier, however the chain is very noisy and cannot always be on, forcing it to be actively turned on a few seconds before its cutting ability comes to fruition. The Молот Тора's most unique system is the MASS, the Movable Anchoring Spiked System. Looking almost like the bottom of a cleat, plates of MASS armoring cover the mech's soles, knees, elbows, and hands, notably the front of the hands and fingers rather than the palm. The impressive thing about the MASS is that the spikes of the 'cleat' have a limited range of movement, varying from very little for the knees, elbows, and soles, mainly to extend to grip into soil or retract to pick up. However, the MASS on the hands have some amount of movement in an almost joystick fashion, tilting to sides and coming together to help to clamp around smaller objects, as the sides of the spikes are covered in the same rough, gripping material as the tops. Combined, this makes the Молот Тора a very stable mech when it's in its typical three-point landing firing stance. Lastly are the cameras located on top and as scopes on the railguns. The camera on top is wired down to Reggie's seat so that she can make sure nobody's coming in from above, while the cameras on the scopes are used by Ethan to help with aiming. Notably, though, it is a dark blue all over, with gunmetal and silver elements cropping up across the frame. Notable instances of these metallic elements are the mech’s shoulder-mounted missile pods, retractable wrist miniguns, quad railguns, and MASS. The Beat’s paintjob is far from uniform, though, having been beaten up and damaged many, many times, and has therefore very obviously been repainted innumerable times. Armaments: Two sets of FAW-016 railguns, one pair over either shoulder 6x auto .50 machine guns. Located on the upper arm, knee, and foot for both left and right sides of the Beat. Shoulder-mounted heat-seeking missile pods (May be switched for other kinds of missile depending on mission) Wrist-mounted GAU-8 Avengers, firing 30mm depleted uranium rounds Standard Gunner axe, with an additional chainsaw blade in the axe’s blade. The MASS, or “Movable Anchoring Spiked System.” A series of movable spikes on the Beat’s knuckles, elbows, knees and soles (knees and soles). Additional cameras. Not the best feed, but there’s one for either pair of railguns for aiming, and a third on a 360 degree pan-tilt mount Reggie can look through to watch the Beat’s back. Hidden from sight and unmaintained, The Beat still has a functional, though certainly not optimized or well-polished, electrical surge protection system. A remnant of Молот Тора's original pilots and modifications, it would at the least allow the mech to safely move live electrical wiring without negative repercussions and possibly even remain functioning through an EMP blast, though that is more than debatable at this point. Weakness: The Beat is slow. Like, really slow. It's easily outpaced by any other mech, trucks, and sometimes even sprinting humans. In addition, its shoulders are less armored than usual to accomodate the four railguns, and the insides of the knees and elbows are a vital weakness in terms of both the arm and the MASS armoring connections. Plus, with the amount of explosives it carries, if a major hit was to impact it at the very beginning of a battle, there is a real danger of the entire thing just imploding on itself. The cameras are also relatively vernerable, being able to be blown out with a good shot from a handheld rifle. Pilots: Rejiva in the main seat, controlling movement, while Ethan is the main gunner. These roles are variable and flexible, but overall it follows those general roles.
  6. oh noes ehks Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen and i will remember youuuuu i think the answer is obvious ehks was killed ehks stands for x x is the 24th letter in the alphabet this is page 24 game 23 that's a difference of 1 LIFE BOAT #1 IS THE ANSWE-oh that's my boat... i didn't ehkspect to get this far... ehks exploded, pulse has a history of exploding names... pulse has 5 letters, and add the difference of one and we get 6! Aha! LIFEBOAT #6! Which just so happens to have one Toa Chuck on it, whose guilt has been previously established! yes, indeed, I shall vote for Boat #6 to be CASTAWAY into the endless void of SPAAaaaa-CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC.
  7. IC: Zakaro (The Spine, with Olari and Xara) "Go ahead. I'm going to try something different, myself..." He pauses and builds up energy, focusing it, before kneeling and plowing the heel of his hand into the ground. A seismic wave shot through the rocky terrain, cracks appearing along its path, before it attempted to blast upwards just below the cracked area, which in open air would have sent a spire of the terrain upwards. With the building in the way, however, who knows. Perhaps the whole thing just tilted. Perhaps it just failed. Maybe it made some ants mad. Only time- and the GM- would tell. IC: Maccha White! (Sota Coliseum, with Green! and Cam!Xara) "Hip! Hop! Flip, don't flop!" White! shouted out, launching herself into a series of flips and dodges to avoid the plasma. For all the theatrics, it wasn't as effected as it seemed, and White winced as multiple burns seared across her thigh, wrist, side, and even one direct impact on the collarbone, which stopped that flip instantly as she just dropped to the ground, stunned for a second with the wind knocked out of her. Grimacing, she rose to a crouch, and then fired off a "Maccha White! Spirit Barrage!", which for the uneducated of us was basically three arrows notched at once and fired at the target. Of course, only one would hit, unless you were really big or really stupid and somehow jumped into all three of them. Why would anyone expect three arrows fired at different angles to hit the same spot, anyway? That's also just stupid. Mata-Nui.
  8. IC: Zakaro (The Spine, with Olari) He shrugged and focused, before stomping his foot and sending a sizable chunk of earth rumbling free from the ground. Stepping forward, he pushed the power of both his mask and his elemental abilities into his fist, before slamming it into the levitating earthen piece. Predictably, it was sent flying towards the odd building. Whether it impacted and what happened if it did remained to be seen.
  9. IC: Zakaro (With Olari, Virse, Xara, Puppet, others?) "Well, someone's got to go with her." As the discussion had occurred, Zakaro had continued to feel through the ground, somewhat zoning out in the process, but now he was fairly sure that there wasn't anything moving for a good area. "..Guess that's me, then." As the rest of the team didn't move, Zakaro just shrugged and began to make his way down the mountain, his control over the earth making it an easy passage. Plus, who better to break a hole in a wall than a warrior with the power of quakes and control over the dirt? NotaGMIC: Zombles Invatus: Zombie Invatus's poking stick broke again, into four parts. Screeching with rage, the Zombie Invatus found a new solution. he picked up the rock and began poking the stick pieces with the rock. IC: Maccha White! (Sota Coliseum, BATTLE) "Perfect! Teamin' up again! Hey! You! Why don't ya just give up already!" Maccha White called out towards 5040, firing off a spirit arrow at him for good measure. Teleporters were no fun to fight. Just Poppin' around taught her that well.
  10. IC: Zakaro (The Spine, with Olari, Virse, and Co) "Seems likely enough. Considering how they seem to be able to invade other worlds and dimensions to 'save' and enslave, a teleportation system isn't out of the question. Does seem to be an arena of sorts, though I suppose it may be something else circular. A prison, or just a fortress." Zakaro crouched down, placing his fingertips on the earth while looking forwards. Nothing too out of the ordinary. If the building was generating small shockwaves from the movement of crowds, it wasn't a strong one. "..I can confirm that they're not moving vehicles around. Or tap-dancing. Seismic activity seems quite low, not much jumping, at least not on directly hard surfaces that will shake with the impact." IC: Nisaduf (Engineering, cuddling with Riss) Nisaduf slept on. Subconsciously, she nuzzled into Riss's side a bit more, and squeezed her fingers. A long, contented, sigh tumbled from her burnt orange lips, as the little Matoran let out a breath and another smile spread across her face, wiping away the rather neutral expression she had before. IC: Bajets (Outside Engineering, with Halken and Ilyin) "You coming, Ilyin?" IC: Sevyn (Engineering, all alone) Sevyn made another salad. IC: Astaer (With Kale's group) This was going nowhere fast. The Korumine frowned, leaning on a nearby wall. So far, this Toa hadn't impressed her. All talk, no action. For someone who willingly forsakes speaking, this was utter boredom, condensed and continual. Perhaps it would just be better to go elsewhere... Soon. A few more minutes, and she would go. With a plan in mind, Astaer allowed herself to rest her eyes for a few seconds. If anyone was stupid enough to take a potshot at her, they would pay the price. Whether it was Astaer herself making them pay or that mysterious figure, the Enforcer, they would still pay. IC: Ajiseni (Training Sector, talking to Uri) "You're a pretty good shot, there," a voice from behind Uri remarked. The owner of that voice was soon revealed as the one and only owner of the imperfect body shape in the entirety of the Bionifight tournament, Ajiseni, as she walked up beside Uri. Glancing at him out of the corner of her eye, she decided that he wasn't half bad. Who was she kidding. This Toa was gorgeous! Now for the hard part, talking to him without making an utter fool of herself. "Couldn't do that myself if I tried. Don't have a steady enough arm. You, though, you're good. I.. respect that." Karzkarzkarzkarz I just ruined everything, just don't move, let him talk, don't freak out yet.. IC: Nisadeff (Trophy Hall, with Asi) "This? This? This? This? This? This? This? This? This? This? This? This? This? This? Maybe this? Perhaps this? No? Alright, moving on~" IC: Maccha White! (Sota Coliseum, Maccha Fight!) "I wouldn't say no to a team-up show, how about you Green, feeling just as keen?" Maccha White! flipped to the side, pulling another spirit arrow and firing it at 5040, instantly pulling another and watching for the Agent's reappearance.
  11. poolse oolse (because no p in our ools) Ba-Bum. Ba-Bum. Beating Like a Drum.
  12. IC: Maccha White! (Sota Games, Maccha Fight!) "Two-for-one, and even without a coupon! Huzzah for unannounced sales!" Maccha White cried, moving towards Green's position slowly while firing off a few Spirit Arrows at Zeraxa. 5040 had enough trouble for the moment. "Duo dual double team, Green?" the Glatorian questioned, glancing towards the other Maccha.
  13. >COMPETENCE + MEDIC = NO VILLAGE DEATHS ha hahaha hahahahaha... guess medics by nature are therefore always incompetent
  14. guys why are you not listening pulse has already revealed the answer we must chuck chuck into, well, the well of blood and shame gosh, and i thought you people knew how to follow the leader oh and valendale's guilty for the other one who else would be cold enough to do that to two lovers, dying in blood together? ....vox? yeah that's true. he's not on the list though. we can lynch him later.
  15. IC: Maccha White! (Sota Coliseum, BATTLE) White glared at the others, standing back a little to allow Thok and Casanuva to go at it, while keeping an eye on it all the same. At Green's call, she turned and grinned, shouting out and firing a positively charged spirit arrow at Green's back to give her a boost. "Alright Green! I got'cha back, go get 'em!" She cried, throwing her powers into the words, increasing their power to bolster morale and strength. Stepping to the side, she cried out again. "Incoming at ten o'clock for a warning!" And her spirit arrow flew by the approaching Green, aimed at the side of 5040's face. It would be a nasty shock if nothing else.
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