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  1. Help! BZpower is loading slow, I can't respond to PMs or threads because the message typing thing doesn't load at all!

    1. ToaKapura1234


      Are you still having this problem?

  2. If only I had a Kanohi Avsa IRL

    1. Chro


      Is that your current icon?

      It's a good representation of what an uncorrupted one might look like. I should get Modalt to do one, LOL...

  3. Welp, looks like you were right. They could have made a better way to end the joke thread though. B6's feels a little...bleh.

  4. Greg is either evil for magnificent. Maybe both.

    1. Elrond of Rivendell

      Elrond of Rivendell

      Who? Greg Farshety? Or me?

  5. That new Doctor Who episode was AWESOME.

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