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    The Hall of the Raven King
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    Philosophy, Bionicle, Supernatural, Halo, Dead Space, BlazBlue, Music, Top Gear, Military History, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (yes I am a Brony), and a lot of other stuff.

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About Me

Hello to anyone who bothered to view my page, and welcome.


As listed in my interests, I have an interest for fiction (usually sci-fi/fantasy) as well as history, especially if it is military history, and have a really inconsistent taste in music. I may overanalyse some things, though it depends on the subject.


I also have a love for the supernatural (as well as the show of the same name too), the insane, and outright oddities. Such as the eldritch horrors of Lovecraftian style fiction, to odd moralities of people or beings.


As also hinted at in my interests, I am a philosopher and like to talk about philosophy.


Send me a PM if you have any questions, or would like a philosophical discussion (or any kind of discussion really)


Such a shame our skyline is not this cool, no?



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