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  1. I just got email notifications from bricklink 10 hours ago from a store selling the original white huna, and one of the yellow rurus, for $2,500 and $3,500 respectively. As of writing this the store that I got the notifications from is empty. Not sure what's more likely, that it was a fraud, or somebody's already bought them. Perhaps some goof bought them on bricklink with no actual intention of paying so they're no longer in the store?
  2. Nope. Gold paint kinda sucks like that. The problem is that we can't prime the mask. The primer we use is a spray paint, so it's either all or nothing. This limits what we can do with transparent masks. The paint would come off very easily. I tried it with some red paint just to see, and it didn't come off until I scrubbed it very vigorously with my finger, so if you wanted another color I think it would be doable. But gold comes off really easily.
  3. We have Masks of Creation in our inventory, you would not have to send us one. Send us a commission through modaltmasks.com or by email to place an order. If we did not have the mask in stock then yes, we would paint it and send back the same mask.
  4. Whoops, forgot to post the link. Bid is up to $41 currently. http://www.ebay.com/itm/222036128269
  5. I'm selling a Cahdok+Gahdok, bidding starts at $20.
  6. I'm sorry, I didn't word that well. You only get the $1 discount for each mask you send in if it's on the list. The 'potential free mask' would be if you send in enough masks to offset the cost; for example, if you want an $8 mask, you could send in 8 masks from the list, and get yours free!
  7. Modalt Masks 2016 Update We at Modalt Masks are excited to announce some important new changes for 2016! We now have a large inventory of the new 2015 masks. Yes, that includes the Masters, Protectors, Skeletons, and even the Mask of Creation itself!You can now send in masks for a discount on your order! Each mask you send in will credit you $1 off your order.* Your painted masks could be FREE!We have a new website! You can now order masks we currently have in stock or place commission orders, all from the convenience of our site. You can even pay for your order with paypal on-site! (Note: You can still place commissions via email as usual!)Unfortunately, we also have some bad news. All painted mask prices have been increased by $1. Older masks have become more scare recently, and the new masks are equally more expensive. To offset this price increase, you can now send in certain masks for a discount! PRICING GUIDE Standard Mask: $8 This includes most basic paint jobs, and can include scars or other basic modifications. High Detail Mask: $9 This includes tribal designs, scales, or anything else that takes more time than usual. Conversions: $11 This tier is for masks with physical modification to them, such as adding a scope. Armor and other parts: TBD The pricing for non-mask parts varies, typically from $2-5. Ask us! How to order a mask: Just check out our new website, or send us an email with what you’re interested in getting! SEND US YOUR MASKS* Don't want to pay full price for your commission? Send us masks from your collection, and your mask could be FREE! Each mask that you send in (from the list) will give you a $1 discount on your order total. List of eligible masks: Hau Mata (Toa Tahu Mata)Akaku Mata (Toa Kopaka Mata)Miru Mata (Toa Lewa Mata)Komau (Turaga Onewa)Mahiki (Turaga Matoro)Rau (Turaga Nokama)Huna (Turaga Vakama)Solid 14k Gold Mask of Creation Keep Up With Modalt! ModaltMasks.com DeviantArt (This will be the most closely updated) Flickr Tumblr Email Feel free to ask questions in the comments! * Not all masks are eligible for discounts. List subject to change. Discount not available at conventions. Buyer covers all shipping costs. Discount not applicable to shipping costs.
  8. Here's a pic of the defective jungle mask if you're interested: Jungle mask A Wheels also tend to be a lot cheaper than masks. As I've mentioned before, Ebay and Paypal's fees both bump up the price a bit on what I'm able to sell them at. I've looked into putting my parts on other sites, but there just haven't been that any with as much traffic as Ebay. Oh never mind then, that's a larger defect than the other ones. I might see about getting one later, but I just got a TNGSS so I'm holding off on buying expensive masks right now :/
  9. Could I call potential dibs on the $10 jungle mask, but get a pic before I buy? I'm just not sure as to the extent that the damage is. Otherwise I'll think about the legit one. Neat masks! I've always wanted to get some chrome masks, but both of the lego chrome retailers are in europe and shipping is awful. Granted, they're a good deal cheaper than you (they don't sell masks, but I do see that they have some wheels that are much larger than bionicle masks which they are selling for $5), so I'm a bit hesitant, but I wish you luck in your business, and as half of modalt masks, the current leading bionicle customization business, I'm very interested in this!
  10. The dropbox links for some of flintsmith's stuff do not work. I'm also wondering if you'd be interested in expanding the rares category with non-binkbag non-mask parts. I and DV own mata green tahu nuva swords, Brickthing has some number of green lewa nuva swords, lots of people have green nuva chests, black hordika necks, and a whooole slew of other interesting recolored parts. I could go on for a while.
  11. Hey Flintsmith, I'm the co-owner of Modalt Masks, one of the current leading bionicle customization services. I've been hugely impressed with your work for a long time and have tried similar projects before (both mask color changing and metal mask making), and I'd really appreciate if we could PM a bit so I could ask you some questions!
  12. Wow, and they're just about the only things on the list that are cheaper than they are now; some of the prices on that list used to be atrocious!
  13. Voted for matoro, because I think it does the best job of looking just like the original set, while using none of the original designs of it, and just being an overall good moc. There's a lot of good entries here, but I felt it was the most appealing as a revamp.
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