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  1. Hi!

    1. Zacian


      Hey, man! It's been a while!


      I'm really sorry we haven't talked for so long

  2. Say hi!

    1. ToaTImeLord


      Hello never seen you around here before?

    2. Zacian


      Dude, is that supposed to be Snoke? Oh Lord, he looks like a total creep


      Anyway, hey man! How are ya? Sorry it’s been so long!

  3. I am alive!

    1. Voxumo


      *Gasps* The prophecy has begun!

  4. I'll see it when I believe it.

  5. Life can be cruel.

  6. Awesome as always man. You should try doing the other Toa, too. I'd love to see that.
  7. Yeah seriously that finale kicked arse. A wild ride from start to finish.
  8. Nice MOC, Chris. I love the unique design, and especially the back engines and how the cockpit sits in slightly. Great work, keep it up.
  9. Way to screw up the UK guys!

    1. Kanakalackin
    2. CeeCee


      I'm sure the EU will be fine. We probably won't

  10. Hey!

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    2. CeeCee


      Hey that's awesome dude. How have you been doing at Uni, anyway?

    3. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      Quite well, actually. First term exams went very well, now I'm taking the final ones. There's a couple of exams that worry me, but I think I can manage to pass them with decent marks. Apart from exams, it's great, I love this university; it's got its cons, of course, but the people here are cool, and almost everybody is nice. Even found two guys who live almost in my same town. Worst part of it is having to catch the train every day and spending an hour per journey every day...

    4. CeeCee


      Ah good to hear you're enjoying it. The journey doesn't sound to fun though.

  11. Kylo Ren is shredded.

    1. Petewa


      I understood that reference.

  12. A Toa of plantlife could trick someone into eating seeds, then make the plant grow inside them, killing them from the inside.
  13. This is incredibly cool and inventive. I remember always trying to free this poor dude on Battlefron II.
  14. Well as much as I think the 2016 sets are getting too much of a hard time(they are probably better than most stuff in G1) they can't compete with the Masters for me. That, being said, I only own the Masters yet and my opinions could change when I actually get the 2016 sets. I just feel like the Uniters have this clunky look to them and having technic is places there doesn't really need to be. I do love the Uniting feature they have with the creatures and most of the sets really benefit from, although I feel like the Toa themselves could look a bit more complete in their own. Also, it seems to me. that while not all character in their build is lost, a lot of it is. All in all, the Masters are pretty much the perfect Toa for me, and the Uniters would have had to do a lot beat them on my ranking. That said, the Uniters are good sets, I just hope Bionicle heads more in the direction on this year than the next for 2017.
  15. I'm not a rapper.

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    2. CeeCee


      The best Rap Battle of the millennium

    3. Makuta Luroka

      Makuta Luroka

      But he's not a rapper.

    4. CeeCee


      That's what makes it the greatest.

  16. Have you got Fallout yet, man? Also what about a mic?

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    2. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      ...Haven't spoken in a while

    3. CeeCee


      I'm good on the whole. How is Uni?

    4. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      ( big delay here... Sorry, have been busy, and sick, these days )

      Heh, tiring to say the least. :P But cool nonetheless, I'm learning lots of stuff I didn't know. Learning Russian is fun, although it's kinda difficult and we're quite in a hurry beacuse we only have two hours a week of it. I've met some great people there, too, and the teachers are overall good, so I'd say I nailed it when I chose this specific University.

      Doing anything special these holidays?

  17. Guess what, man? Finn is gonna whoop Kylo's arse.

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    2. Makuta Miras
    3. Makuta Miras

      Makuta Miras




    4. CeeCee


      ###### dude. Just seen the movie last night. Amazing.

  18. That's pretty cool actually. My head canon of Umarak is that has a legend of folk lore back from when Makuta and Ekimu were kids, and that no one really was sure if he existed. It was the Legends to scare young villagers to never go into the woods where he roamed or else he would steal you mask. Somehow Makuta was able to contact him when he was K.O'd by Ekimu, though even he was very hesitant to do so. Umarak accepted Makuta's deal but only to plan to betray him.
  19. I have a few actually. - I have changed the sexes of a few characters. Vizuna, Izotor, Kivoda and Skull Slicer are all female. - All the Skull Villains are individual enemies with personalities. - Kulta and Warrior are brothers - Skull Slicer and Gali have some sort of romantic thing going on
  20. A lot of things really. I think mostly the way you can combine the Creatures to the Toa. Something about that really appeals to me, and I can't explain why.
  21. Sad when you just lose track of people on here, with no way of finding out how they are doing. Makes me grateful for the friends I still have here though.

    1. Voxumo


      *Throws a tumbleweed past you for dramatic effect*

  22. Obviously at this point we don't know, but anything is possible. Unfortunately though, I doubt it, but we shall see. It would be amazing if they did.
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