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  1. didn't the ignika have those lightning powers that made all the difference?
  2. anyone one here watch/read game of thrones? jaime lannister is the perfect example of how someone who is a villain can turn into a hero. it can be done but it has to be done right.
  3. Hail is an awesome set. my lime green priced never broke but i know some people have had that problem. i would defiantly say get it.
  4. Vakama hordika. It was in zellers and I was stuck between vakama and whenua but there were a ton of vakamas and only 1 whenua so I decided to go with vakama
  5. Might want to update your sig. :P

  6. I really like the mystical feel. Both are gret but playing Mnog with the mystic feel was the greatest. There are thousands of epic stories but few mystical ones in the way bionicle was
  7. Personally i think nothing can top 2001. I loved the simple animation and the lack of cheesy characters. Yes, i know it had its bad moments but overall i think it was amazing. and of course the fact that kopaka, the coolest hero ever, is now clumsy ( just ruins the image of a stoic, elegant hero to me) kinda puts me off 2015. Yes i guess its good that the to a have flaws, but did the have to make kopeck clumsy? couldn't they just make him to proud or to independent him being clumsy just ruins it for me
  8. 4 HUGE boxes ( I'm talking about the big styrophome 12 pounder ones that fishers use to transport their fish) filled with bionics
  9. We would try to base it off mata no. the new would realize that bionicles don't eat and weed all starve
  10. I would love to see it in the comic style. I hope it docent get cheesy like the hero factory cartoons though.
  11. When u visualize bionics doing stuff in the stories, do u think they look exactly like their sets, with the holes and the pegs? or do you think the sets are just representations of what they actually look like, and you visualize them as more realistic beings without any holes. Personally i always thing of them just like the sets. Let me know what you think Also as a side note, not that bionicle is back, will the BS01 podcast start up again? Thanks
  12. I like mocking weans but i hate doing feet and toros. I always have trouble making my mods 3D they always look kind of flat.
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