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    MOCist, 3D modeler, and a long-time fan of Technic and Bionicle. Mainly active on my Flickr account, 3D stuff can be found on Shapeways.

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  1. A reimagining of the prototype Visorak as a part of a collab. Click the image to be taken to the Flickr post, where the other builds are linked.
  2. AKA: H-301 Autonomous Reconnaisance Unit Although designed for scouting missions, H-301 units are often deployed on the battlefield front lines acting as forward observers and relaying information to units stationed in the rear. Thermal imaging and night vision ensures consistent efficacy in locating enemy troops. My part of the collab with Jayfa and Red for the 2019 Space Jam. We decided on military animals as the running theme.
  3. Had some free time for Christmas and this thing happened. Secret Santa gift for JakTheMad, he likes using Rhotuka parts in his builds so it felt appropriate to use them as a seed part. Flickr link here
  4. "Warlord from an age long forgotten, legends say that only a blade of pure glass may lay him to rest. Unfortunately, glass proves to be quite ineffective against steel armor." Wanted to get one more MOC in before the year is up. Been working on this thing for quite a while, it's finally gotten to the point where I can say that I'm satisfied with how it turned out.
  5. Both MOCs were built in LDD, these are just very good renders. We actually live not too far from each other, so we just got together for a beer and took pics.
  6. Vahki were one of my favorite villains in G1, so I figured I'd give one of them a makeover. Not gonna lie, I was partially inspired by the Doom aesthetic for this one, hence the color choice and exhaust thingies on the chest. Been wanting to use those plates for a long time now, and a forge-dwelling robot seemed fitting. Tried something new with this one by deliberately staying away from smooth shells for the first time in a while, since I wanted to emphasize the "function over form" thing the Vahki had going on. Obligatory spider function: That's it from me, don't forget to support our boys in blue (well, red) and vote in the contest poll!
  7. Thanks! The main torso is divided into 3 pieces with a balljoint-socket connection between each (lower torso, midsection, upper torso), so that's two points, not counting the pistons
  8. Made another 3D thing, this time it's a Toa Mata torso with 2 points of articulation and working pistons. You can get it here: http://shpws.me/OlNb
  9. Oh wow didn't realize this god featured and stuff. Thanks for the comments everyone, I truly appreciate it! Since most of the comments are about the legs, allow me to clarify why I opted for this type of design. From a physics standpoint, it is much faster and more energy efficient to have this type of design when the machine is supposed to run fast or just have agility all in all. Basically, the less weight is thrown around when the feet move, the faster you can move them due to a lower angular momentum (Trust me, I study this stuff). This principle was used by companies like Boston Dynamics for their robots, or for these things: http://www.bionicboot.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/keahi-bionic-v2-950x500.jpg (I'll admit, these might've been part of the inspiration for the MOC). I can understand why some people might not like this approach due to the original Pohatu being really bottom-heavy with legs that were made for stomping, but this was supposed to be a sort of experiment to see what Pohatu -could've- possibly looked like. And honestly, this was partly an excuse for me to use up as much technic suspension as possible, so there's that :v The only reason I didn't use the turntable slopes was simply because I couldn't find enough of them. I do agree that the legs would've looked better with them, but i figured it didn't make that much of a difference in the end. As for the bushings, will do! Didn't realize the open axle was that noticeable when I was taking the pictures, mainly because I was looking at it top-down. Thanks for the C&C, I appreciate it! Once again, thanks guys! I've been kinda on a hiatus recently, hopefully I'll be able to finish something over the holidays.
  10. Thanks for the comment! Like I said in the Flickr post, this was a quick thing where the main goal was to fiddle with those technic pieces. I did try out multiple versions of this, including something more "original" than just Pohatu, but I've ended up liking this version the most, partly because I didn't have much time to do anything more refined. I do agree that the colorscheme seems a bit jarring in the pictures, although that might be due to my light setup (or rather, lack of it, again because of time constraints). As for the blue pipes, I don't really see what's wrong with them, considering the outer armor layer was supposed to contrast the internal mechanical structure. This wasn't really a "serious" build so I'm not too bothered if it has some issues, but still, thanks for the thorough C&C, I really appreciate it!
  11. Wanted to experiment with pneumatics a bit, ended up with this. More details (including functions) on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cezium/29883221761/
  12. Thanks guys! Thanks! A tire wouldn't really fit there, since the black color would look out of place. I don't mind the bare neck too much tbh, since he's a skeleton under those robes after all.
  13. Thanks! I'm not a fan of larger MOCs either, mainly because the smaller details get lost in big builds. Thanks! The brown was actually supposed to be a sort of leather armor, but I guess it works as flesh as well xP
  14. Thanks everyone! Thanks. Honestly, I'm not really expecting to win anything, there are a lot of great entries in the contest after all.
  15. Thanks! And yeah, the idea behind the Makuta was to have a sort of necromancer/priest look going on.
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