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  1. Man, wish I had heard about this contest before, well, today. Oh well. That said, these entries are great! I ended up going for #4, A Simpler Time, because, well, it gave the Toa something to do other than the regular heroics. They're just normal, everyday people, who have goals and dreams, and I really appreciated that. It's a nice piece of character building that wasn't really present in G2. So yeah. And good luck to all the contestants!
  2. I can't find the exact quote, but I remember reading somewhere on BS01 (I think) that there were small sandbars scattered around Aqua Magna that allowed the birds and stuff to survive the 100,000 or so years between the Shattering and Mata Nui's impact on Aqua Magna. And I assume that the sandbars originally came from some obscure Greg quote from back in the day.
  3. Honestly, I'm kinda sketchy on some of these. It's clear that a lot of hard work and effort went into this. It's really very inclusive, and some of it makes a lot of sense. But yeah, some I do like, because they don't require any major jumps in logic to make, while some of it however feels like it's done just to have done, or (not to be rude) to make someone's headcanon be canon (Not that I want this topic to devolve into one of those pro-canonization vs. de-canonization topics/arguments), but honestly, that's what at least some of this feels like. So, to summarize my feelings on some of these... Things I like: -Nocturn/Sentrahk/OoMN guy- I like it because it doesn't require any major rewrites of canon or bending over backwards to make it work -Primal/Seeker- ditto Things I don't like: -Prototype Makuta- other than all having shadow related powers, there isn't enough to make me think that they should be grouped together. Think of it like this: Just because Roodaka has shadow powers, does that also make her a prototype Makuta? -Kalmah- Again, there's not enough we know about him to make me think that he belongs there with TSO/Ancient's species. It makes me think that he's grouped there only because he has red armor -Void- I feel like that you called TSO's group Void only for convenience's sake, but I feel like it's still worth mentioning -Krahka/Triglax- I know you explained your reasoning for this, but it's been stated over and over again that Krahka is a rahi and Triglax isn't. To me, it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to say that there are multiple shape shifting species in the MU. And is the terminology arbitrary? Yes, definitely. But there's been too much said to just wave a hand like that and say that all that past history doesn't count for anything. I don't know, maybe call one a subspecies of the other or something, but don't call them the same species. I also feel similar about calling Airwatcher and Poison Rahi. -Nynrahns- I'm fine with Dweller and Vanisher being the same species. Even arguably Vengeance. But saying they're from Nynrah seems to me to come out of nowhere, and is there just to be there -Lariska- Similar to above, to say that she comes from Odina has no real precedence, and really just bugs me Neutral: Mantax/Trinuma- Horn/tentacle thingies. I could go either way with this Pridak/Tobduk- I'd personally lean against this, but at the same time, I don't care one way or another Axonn/Carapar- I'm just not a fan of the prototyping idea in the first place, but if other people like it that much, I guess I'll go along with it Upper Steltians- I can begrudgingly accept Brutaka being a Steltian, but I just don't see Hydraxon being a part of it, prototype or not Hopefully I don't come across as too rude/harsh in this, but if you're serious about wanting to canonize these, I think there needs to be a larger discussion about the pros and cons of some of these. But, again, these are just my opinions of all of this, so take all of it with a grain of salt. (Also, in another topic on here, it was decided that Conjurer was part of TSO's species and subsequently canonized. Just a heads up )
  4. These are some pretty great ideas! Honestly, I've just figured that the third year would just be what appeared in the end of JTO, what with Temple of Light and all that, but expanded. I dunno, maybe Makuta's emergence from the portal would've been pushed back to then too. Oh, and that Takanuva would appear and assist the Toa in their darkest (see what I did there ) moment, ala MOL.
  5. I'm 95% positive that there's a Greg quote somewhere that explicitly said that there aren't any Skakdi of Light or Shadow created by Spiriah's experiments. Of course, if any Skakdi were attacked by a Shadow or Light Leech, that would be a different story . That said...Vezon, Skakdi of Light, loopier than a hula-hoop, hero of the multiverse, confirmed.
  6. Well, to me, the tweet seems kinda ambiguous; it doesn't straight out say yay or nay in terms of an eventual constraction line, it leaves it open. Basically, I could see it going either way: either, due to how suddenly/unexpectedly G2's collapse/implosion came, they didn't have time to think up another constraction line, or, Lego is just keeping its cards close to its chest, and they want to keep their plans for an eventual constraction line quiet. That brings me to another question though: to anyone who paid attention/was here in 2010, how long of a delay was there between the news that G1 was ending and that a new line would be replacing it? Was it a while? Because if so, this might just be history repeating itself. But, then again, what do I know? (Hint: not much )
  7. Well, straight from Lego's Twitter account via a reply: "There is no theme set to 'replace' BIONICLE. As far as a new constraction theme, we'll have to wait and see." So... in terms of a straight constraction successor to Bionicle, the 1st sentence seems like a straight 'no', but the second leaves it as an ambiguous 'no'. So...bad news all around today. For constraction in general though, it seems like it'll continue in some form. So... good news I suppose. EDIT: Slightly better news, again, straight from a reply on Lego's Twitter regarding constraction: Q- "Are there any plans to launch a new constracion theme in the near future?" A- "We never know what our designers are working on. We'll just to wait and see."
  8. This is sad news. It make me want to cry. But, still, I hope Lego doesn't wholesale give up on constracion figures (after Star Wars, anyways). Hopefully we will get a successor to Bionicle, and maybe even further down the line, a G3. But, right now, I'm very saddened and nervous.
  9. Huh, I'm having a strange sense of deja vu about all this... Screen wash effect The year: 2010. Lego has just announced the discontinuation of Bionicle. *Fandom outrage. Mass hysteria. Chaos. Cats living with dogs. Etc.* "BRING IT BACK!" "I WILL NEVER BUY LEGO AGAIN! NOT EVER!" "BONKLES 4 EVAR!" But, in all seriousness, this is sad news, but pouting at Lego isn't going to do anything. Do I wish that G2 would continue? Yes, of course I do. But Lego made a decision, and we should all respect that, whether we agree with it or not. Let's just remember what they did for a second: They brought back a line that they cancelled. Discounting movie/show tie ins, how many times has Lego done that? Not often (the only time I can recall explicitly being Space Police). So be thankful that they did what they did. It's clear they put a lot of effort into this revival, and it showed, with the care put into the 2015 Animations, with the subtle callbacks/shoutouts they did to G1, with the set designs, I think it's clear they did care about this. Was it perfect? No, but that isn't a bad thing. Imperfections are a good thing. They allow room for improvement, they let people be imaginative, they let people come up with their own thing, to either explain it or work upon it. ...Look, I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but summed up? I think we should embrace G2 for all of its perfections and imperfections. Embrace it, move on to whatever next Lego (hopefully) has planned for a Bionicle successor, and hold the darkness at bay until a G3 (hopefully) pops up. All that, and enjoy G2 for what it was: an attempt to commemorate the life that was Bionicle. (EDIT: Seeing as how this is my hot take on the news, perhaps this wasn't the most well thought out/articulate post, as I did kinda ramble, but whatevs )
  10. I WANT TO CRY! I mean, we've all heard the rumors, sure, but... I thought the plan was to go on to at least 2017, regardless of sales. I-I mean, were the sales THAT bad, or is this due to something else? I mean, they even designed and MOLDED the MoUP just to what? Show it off in a Makuta Building Contest? I honestly find that hard to believe, even if they decide to give it away in some raffle/contest/charity event/something else. I doubt they would go to all that effort (of molding it) without the original plan for it being released en masse in retail stores. And...all of the loose plot threads...I just want to cry so bad right now. Sad times, truly.
  11. Nice trailer, but I get the feeling that that 30 seconds just showed/summarized the whole 20-30 minutes of the episode.
  12. So if they don't need to keep their eyes lubricated, do they have tears? Or, to phrase it a different way: Do Matoran Universians actually cry?
  13. Personally, I generally just imagine the sets, where applicable. For characters that don't have an official appearance, my mind just sorta... blurs them out, I guess. I mean, I get the general idea of them (2 arms, 2 legs, etc), but otherwise, I just sorta mentally... ignore them (whatsmore, I generally tend to forget what characters explicitly look like when I'm reading about imageless characters, be it in Bionicle or some other literature). Alternatively, my head occasionally makes weird leaps in logic, and deposits/substitutes other 'imaged' characters for the imageless characters (case in point, for the longest time I imagined that Lariska as Ravager.) In terms of hands/fingers, I'm in the same boat as SPIRIT, as while I do acknowledge that characters whose sets don't have 'real' hands do actually have hands, my mental image just reverts to the standard 01-08 hand/ankle/neck piece. As for faces, it varies depending on whether they have real faces or they are covered with masks. In cases with real faces, like the Piraka or the Barraki, I imagine them as being fairly emotive. However, in cases where masks are involved, I imagine the mask being fairly flat and lifeless (even if the text calls out an emotion), while the face beneath the mask can be/is emotive. And in terms of movie masks (off the top of my head), I think the animators got it best with the Avohkii. For me, it has the perfect blend of set accuracy and movable parts. Plus, it doesn't have outrageous eyebrows (cough cough Turaga Vakama). And actually, I like how the 2015 online animations did facial emotions: they had the perfect blend of rigid-but-movable masks and eye... expressions. I dunno, it just works for me. And, okay, maybe this is more of a tangent than the topic allows for, but I just realized this the other week and I can't stop thinking about it and I want to know what other people think of it. So, Glatorian/Agori are entirely organic creatures (disbarring the metallic bone structure), correct? So if that's the case, if we take TLR as a strict interpretation of what the characters actually look like, how is it possible for these entirely organic creatures to have all glowey-glow, light-up eyes? But, yeah, back on topic, that's how I view the characters. But then again, everything I just said is fluid; nothing of what I just said is a hard set rule. Each case has its own exceptions, there are no real set rules as how I imagine the characters. It just sorta changes day by day, depending what piece of media I have just most recently looked at.
  14. Neato! Seems like a really interesting read! Also, it's nice to have confirmation that everyone in G2 is in fact biomechanical, and not just straight up robots (if this had already been confirmed previously, then, heh, whoops, guess I missed that (I haven't read any of the other books, so yeah)...) Anyways, seems like we'll be getting the full backstory to ol' skully here, and I can't wait to see where it goes. ... Huh, maybe we'll even get a Skull Grinder meeting/vs. Umarak moment.
  15. I only half remember this, so some of this might not be true in the slightest, but I believe I heard that in the original story bible(s?) the Toa Inika/Mahri were originally supposed to also go to Karda Nui and do their thing there. After this, things are bit more vaguer, as the story team never really got around to fleshing out this part of the original story bible, but something along the lines of after that story year was finished, we would've then switched back to the Toa Nuva, who were going to do some island hopping stuff along the Southern Islands(?), which then would've awakened Mata Nui. Or something like that. I think.
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