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  1. Just putting this out there, but I feel like Lava Beast should've been 1st place price than 3rd, sense the last wave of G2 sets are more impossible to get in the 3rd market than the wave before it. Just saying, it feels like the person in 3rd place would get more than the 1st place winner.
  2. Sith Battle Pack Jek-14's Landspeeder Tiny Clown Car Trophy of Creation Made a MOC for that Ideas trophy contest, and some MOCs I wanted to make like they could be sets.
  3. ummmm... that contest is close, May 21st is when they announced the winner of the contest.
  4. Look like this polybag will make a fine addition to my collection.
  5. Well, I don't really care too much about the art book,but me be eyeing on that Onua or Skull Basher. Good news for me is that I'm finish with my half of the entry, I just need to wait for my partner to finish his half, than "We'll be waiting for you at the finish line".
  6. This thing was made with both CCBS and system working together, and I don't know if this would go in the Bionicle-Based Creations or System-Based Creations. flickr This figure is design to have both the CCBS and system working together, with the base torso being a long CCBS bone piece. This figure was also made to use up an of those Star Wars Ultrabuild human heads that I have, and while the CCBS human heads are something that is disliked, the adding of system which add some texture rather than printing, really helps not make it too ugly. Which the current human head that are around, Chirrut Îmwe from the Rogue One is a perfect size and can move around in the helmet greatly. This figure was made as an LEGO idea project, hopping that with a concept like this, could get more people to try mixing CCBS and system, along with pleasing the fans of the two building system. If you like this and wish to see a set of it, please support it on LEGO ideas. LEGO Idea page: (Click Here)
  7. 9DRC 2014 (Toa Mata, Mata Nui and Teridax) Here are all the revamp from this year 9 Day Revamp To Christmas. That I have done on my flickr and DeviantART. The 9 revamp are Furno, Evo, Surge, Stormer, Stringer, Fortis, Breez, Nex and Rocka. --> NOTE THE DEVIANT PICTURE IS DIFFERENT FROM THE FLICKR <-- Day 1: Furno deviantART | flickr Day 2: Evo deviantART | flickr Day 3: Stormer deviantART | flickr Day 4: Surge deviantART | flickr Day 5: Stringer deviantART | flickr Day 6: Fortis deviantART | flickr Day 7: Breez deviantART | flickr Day 8: Nex deviantART | flickr Day 9: Rocka deviantART | flickr Hope you all like theses revamp and would like hear you honest opinion and criticism about these.
  8. Tomorrow if anyone go out shopping, you must prepare yourselves for the deadliest battle of your life... The War of Black Friday where you must go threw all of creature and monsters to get that new TV, Video Game and Microwave (to kill flowey with). Black Friday was the day where I met my true live... Reese's Sticks
  9. Sense this was share on BZP and bloodthirsty fan sharing this like hot cake, it's not impressive at all. If it had 3000 supporter right now, then that would be impressive.
  10. You guys do know that 1000 supporter don't mean to NASA, to get NASA to notice this, you have to get million on supporter and the last time I checked Bionicle isn't popular as what it use to be. This is basically like that kid who made that "Bring Nex and Stringer Back" Petition and needs 100 supporter. Also Toa Imrukii, act like a sonic like fanboy much...
  11. Well you make a point about criticism soooo This my good sir is the most epic and greatest of MOCs out there, you are the Best MOCcer Ever, you should be working for LEGO, no, in fact you should be in charge of the LEGO group.
  12. I'm not allowed to have an opinion, that makes no sense at all. It not like I said "omg this is the worse MOC I have even seen, you shouldn't even MOC ever again", I just said that I didn't like it and why I don't like it, nothing more, nothing less, I just gave him my constructive criticism. Also I'm not even entering in the contest.
  13. Your logic on this is so off, because Bionicle G2 and Hero Factory build are the same thing, just take off the knob box and change the mask to HF, slap a Hero Core and boom you got a HF set. I wouldn't be shock if you say "But it Bionicle" (thank Mephek for getting me the idea to add that ).
  14. No, no I don't. You're also taking this very personally for some weird reason. It's like you're letting your hate for the set cloud your judgement. The whole point is that the thighs plus the the slender torso piece make an hour glass shape and the way the whole set is armored looks slimmer than the others and is for that specific reason. Pohatu and Kopaka have a very different look going on with how their shells are positioned. (yes because you can easily tell by text that I'm taking it personally, it's not like that how I always go at thing like with my commentary on LegoMationStudio, Banana Girl and others, do you want a cookie ) Have you forgotten that Kopaka and Pohatu have that same torso piece (female rocka anybody ), again there nothing different from her build from any of the other master of Hero Factory sets. Here something that can go with Kopaka, "the way her armor is place on the legs show that she have some very big hips, she just have those big shoulder armor because she want everyone to know that she is the leader"
  15. Okay so we can now say the Kopaka and Pohatu is feminine because of those reason and it's because you haven't noticed yet. Do you see how that logic can slap you back.
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