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  1. Better storylines. Maybe something that already exists, but I want a better storyline that's more complex and has more possibilities. Maybe something like Portal of Half-Life or Assassin's Creed. And Ender's Game. I want Ender's Game LEGO sets.
  2. A larger demographic, IMO. iOS is good for families with small children.
  3. I'd assume it would be if there really was a Hero Factory 2014 photo, I haven't been a fan of the designs since the second wave.
  4. Bionicle Moderator for Skyrim: a 3D model of The Black Six stares at you while you play Skyrim. :3
  5. Yes, I do. The person below me has never played Team Fortress 2.
  6. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the Superheroes stuff because of Iron Man 3 and certain other things. Does that imply something? I'm really excited to see some Iron Man 3 sets, so I hope it does xD
  7. Wow, I went inactive at the right time. Welcome back BZP
  8. Yeah, it really does look like one of those. Maybe it will inspire someone to make a LEGO Avatar project....derp if it's already been done. xD
  9. Most of the time, it ends up that parents or siblings have moved them without telling you. lol
  10. Am I the only one that doesn't enjoy The Clone Wars? It seems a little bit boring, but the corresponding LEGO sets are quite good.
  11. Was I the only one that did NOT like the voice acting...?
  12. Of course. Just be sure to give credit. (As Guurahk204) Alright. Thank you!
  13. Wow! These would be awesome in a cinematic video I've been planning. Mind if I use them?
  14. Yeah, same. They weren't very bright for me though.
  15. Lewa. BTW, if I timed it right, this is the 10,000th reply to Set Discussion...
  16. Wow!! That's great. Since I used to be an admin on the Ninjago Wikia, I ran the "Minejago" server. We made Ninjago City, we made the Bounty, it was really fun. We ended up getting griefed by someone that had vandalized the wiki as well, but it was fun. We never made the Floating Ruins though! ^w^
  17. One of my HF sets went missing for no reason. I never found it after that, even though I searched everywhere. I later found it's head though. It was pretty creepy. :I
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