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  1. Is the last spot still available? (If it is sign me up please)
  2. Huh, I just happened to check your profile on your fourth anniversary.

    1. Hitoshura


      I didn't even know I was here for that long.

  3. Terrorsaur: screw the stone regionTimelord: haha yeah TL: TL: Screw you guys Nato: No, screw YOU. Pulse: quests and allies Burnmad: cool Vox: not cool Everyone: yes cool Nato: scarred for eternity Burn: surrender Smoke: nah Burn: Burn And that's season 1 So...it's BZPGOT: Screw Everyone? That's actually not too far off from the actual thing.
  4. Claiming my spot. I'll send PM in a bit.
  5. Voting Trijhak. Was going to vote Smoke Monster, but being on the suspect list twice in a row feels fishy to me.
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