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  1. On the Minecraft site, they have an online demo which lasts for 5 ingame days, and a downloadable demo which is basically minecraft without custom skins or multiplayer, and it's offline. Once I finish the rest of the toa and makuta, I'll put the skins up here for you guys to grab 'em
  2. Thanks a bunch ^^ I'll post up the rest of the Phantoka and Mistika when they're done.
  3. So... I finally got around to trying out the minecraft demo. Wanted to see what all the fuss was about.. and... I loved it. I loved the shiz out of it o.o I took a look into creating custom character skins, and while brainstorming for ideas, it hit me to try and make my own bionicle skins. Here's Pohatu Nuva and Gorast from the phantoka/mistika period! (I plan on making all six toa nuva and makuta)
  4. If you have THAT many "demo" and incomplete games because you keep starting new games, I think you need to just stop making new games and actually finish something through to the end first.
  5. I... have absolutely no idea what's going on there. From what I see in the snapshots, conceptually it looks alright, but needs some polishing. The intro's cute, haha.Some issues I ran into while playing it were..-Your instructions file is empty, and on top of that it's not clearly accessible. I hadn't used a gamemaker application in years and forgot that instructions are always under the F1 key. You should really add in proper cues so people know where everything is. -I have no idea if I can shoot or interact with anything because of the lack of instructions. So far I've only figured out how to jump around the map. -There's no real explanation of the environments at all. How do I know what those blue circles are? -The controls are a little buggy. On tahu's level, I was stuck at the beginning because the jump key doesn't work when you're holding down the left arrow key. I had to jump first, and then move. Yet for some reason it works fine with the right arrow key. You'll want to look into that. -The screen is a tad small and cluttered. Tahu's face and the score shouldn't take up half the screen. I actually had a hard time reading what score I had. I'd suggest using larger graphics and making slightly wider screens. Sometimes bigger is better. (If graphics aren't your thing, you could take Max's suggestion and use a sprite kit. There are quite a few available on the new and old BZP forums.)-Polish the grammar. I noticed you're Russian. Nothing wrong with that, just it might be a good idea to have a proofreader for all your text and dialogue if you're presenting your game to an English speaking community. -Test your levels more extensively. Unless I've missed something, I'm stuck on the first level. There's a platform that's unfortunately too high to jump back onto, meaning I can't retrace my steps, meaning I can't proceed any further if I've missed something along the way. As for artsy stuff. If art isn't your thing, feel free to disregard this. You're using a lot of sharp contrasting colours and shades in a lot of your graphics. This is a real strain on the eyes, mainly your Mata-nui map. Oceans aren't typically a bright and piercing default blue, and lush vegetation isn't typically neon green. You'll want a more natural and desaturated colour selection for the artwork that represents nature. Tahu's level, I'd recommend making the scenery darker, but adding some warmth from flames or lava. Tahu's level seemed a little cold to me. I'd also suggest a new title screen.. putting it simply, it just..doesn't make all too much sense. Good luck with the project.(P.S. If that is a mini-map in one of your screenshots, I will love you forever.)
  6. I'm still here. My account got deleted after the attack or whatever happened to the site. >_<
  7. So I just remade my account. Do I have to repost the first five posts again before I have full access again? Or is there a way around that?
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