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  1. In defense of his majesty the king || Flickr || Instagram ||
  2. Official Designation: D1G-R Flickr Album Here​​​​​​​
  3. As requested by several people, here are the instructions for the MOC​​​​​​​
  4. Once Xarton was the Protector of Okoto's Earth region, but during Makuta's uprising he fell victim to the temptation of power that was promised when he aligned himself with Makuta. Makuta used his dark powers to transform Xarton into a stronger being with massive claws and impervious armor. Xarton was sent by Makuta to seek out Lothar, the ancient guardian of the Earth region, and retrieve him for Makuta to corrupt, but he was never heard from again after he descended into the caverns of Okoto. Flickr Album
  5. I went ahead and threw the artbook into my personal dropbox so people can still access it while BZP's getting their new link set up.
  6. The light is supposed to be his eye, in order to fit with the aesthetic set by the previous MOC. Someone did point out to me that the holes do look like eyes and mouth. I can assure you though, that was completely unintentional They're purely for looks, inspired by the back fin on the Kaiju Mutavore from the movie Pacific Rim
  7. A renowned warrior from the distant planet Mechaniron, Pylon leads his legion of brutes into battle against all who oppose him. ~~~ Flickr Album ~~~ So this MOC took about two months to build, nitpick over, and rebuild to get to the point it's at today. I can personally say that I'm pleased with the way Pylon came out in the end, being originally driven by the usage of Hero Factory 1.0 pieces in different ways (I mean, the leg armor is still leg armor, but it's upside down now). The longer I took with him, the more the MOC evolved from a much smaller drone-like character into a hulking, ax-wielding brute. In the story I'm developing, he is part of the same robotic species as Spry (a MOC I made earlier this year), as well as in the same universe as Carmine Wheeler and the Gasket Brothers.
  8. ...Meet the cure. Okay, not the cure, but more like a topical ointment to reduce the swelling and itch. Hi Tom!
  9. I finally finished it. It took a year and four months, but it's finally been completed. Originally, my project consisted of installing ramps, platforms, tunnels, shade structures, potable water sources, planting trees, and installing new pet waste stations (courtesy of DOGIPOT). The completed project was much refined based on the amount of volunteers I could muster and the resources available. The shade structures and potable water sources were the first to go; the shade structures wouldn't be able to be delivered to the park and would be too complicated/revenue consuming to work in my project and there was no way potable water could be piped into the park. The trees didn't happen because the park is very particular about the trees planted and never gave me a list of the trees they would like in the park. In the end, the pet stations were installed, as well as the ramps, platforms, and tunnels. To make up for the trees, I refurbished the benches in the dog park. I've received an immense amount of positive feedback from the park, who's seen an increase in usage, and from the dog community here in Naples, Italy. I also had to delay my project six months for a work permit to be pushed through. Twice. That it turns out I didn't even need. Anyways here are some pictures of the completed project, to be honest I'm incredibly happy and relieved to have it finished. Now that it's out of the way, I just have to face my Board of Review (I've finished all of my paperwork, merit badges, and had my Scoutmaster Conference). Hopefully I can get this all done before the end of 2016...
  10. Yeah, I printed out a few minifig face prints on some label paper and stuck the mouths on the tires. I really wish Lego would just release a sheet of minifig face decals, they'd be a fantastic resource for things like this.
  11. Prepare for trouble... ...And make it double! or this could be Attack of the Clones idk The Gasket Brothers are infamous members of the Mean Wheels gang. "What are they infamous for?" You may ask, bumbling around their native planet of X-Speedia and somehow succeeding in their nefarious deeds. As far as gangsters go, these two are as incompetent as they come, however, they are incredibly loyal to each other and whoever they're working for. Currently they serve as co-representatives of the Mean Wheels gang for Carmine Wheeler after a treaty was signed between the Heavy Treads, Mean Wheels, and Motostrikes to dominate their planet and essentially run it under the leadership of Carmine himself... Flange Gasket is probably the least competent of the two brothers, preferring to take a stab at problems immediately rather than wait and see how things play out from a distance. Manifold "Fold" Gasket is arguably the most competent of the two brothers purely because, to a degree, he thinks through how to solve problems first rather than get up close and personal with them as soon as possible. Whenever there's talking to do, Fold's the one who seemingly does it the best while not annoying and aggravating everybody else in the room. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So if you didn't guess it from the blurbs I threw up there to give a bit of characterization to these wheelie cool dudes and the world they live in, I suddenly regained my interest in developing it and potentially tying it into another series of MOCs I hope to work on that inhabit a universe outside of BIONICLE or Hero Factory. This is all part of a plan I have for BrickFair Virginia 2017, where I plan to exhibit some of my favorite MOCs from the past year or so that garnered a lot of positive feedback or I felt were swept under the rug in the midst of everything kicking back into high gear with BIONICLE's short-lived revival. I hope to ultimately have a little setup in the BIONICLE section with Carmine Wheeler, the Gasket Brothers, and two other gang representatives from the Heavy Treads (construction-themed gang) and Motostrikes (motorcycle-themed gang). I've already got the wheels in my head turning on how I want the last two to look, so be sure to check back when I hammer them out!
  12. I'm the strongest trainer!

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txBFtNNugjQ Title says it all...
  14. Roses are red; disco is groovy; BIONICLE Mask of Light THE MOVIE

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      Okay... *Backs away slowly*

  15. Avohkii (edited because I commented on an earlier reply... oops!)
  16. I know that BIONICLE G2 just ended rather abruptly, but the universe just wasn't tied up enough for me, so I got speculating a bit on the larger universe of BIONICLE G2 that could have been explored if it hadn't got canned so early... Planets We all know that the Toa in G2 come from the planets as seen in one of the earlier story animations, but it would seem odd that there would be a massive planet (looking at you, planet of ice) populated by one creature, and that one creature being a single Toa. A god character (or multiple god characters, similar to the Great Beings in G1) also has not been established, leaving the question of "where did everything come from?" Hopefully we can all agree that somewhere, somehow, the BIONICLE universe was created; be it from an omniscient creator character or big-bang type scenario. I would like to think that along with the creation of the BIONICLE universe, a conscious entity was created along with it, who would then be instinctively tasked with trying to create a perfect diverse society. In order to run the "tests" to create aforementioned perfect society, you would need different cultures initially to create a population diverse enough in the BIONICLE universe to accommodate different tasks and regions. In this theory, the god character used the six elemental planets to grow a population of different species that are all affiliated with their respective element from Protectors to Toa. The elemental creatures could also hail from these planets and be the only members of their species to be transported to Okoto as a test run. Okoto Okoto is obviously located on a different planet in the same solar system as the six elemental planets, but where does that make it fit in relation to the other planets? I believe that the god character used Okoto as a "test" island to attempt to create a perfect diverse civilization that could be wiped clean by a volcano blast emanating from the center of the island if something were to go very wrong. If that is the case, how would the skull raiders fit into the story, and how have Ekimu and Makuta fit into the timeline if this isn't the god character's first attempt? For the sake of simplicity, I'll say that this was the first attempt at a perfect society on Okoto, and it was going pretty well for a time up until Makuta made the mask of ultimate power and Ekimu bashed his face in. The skull raiders could be seen as a civilization from another test island that cultivated a civilization indigenous to Okoto that were mostly wiped out by the god character somehow, leaving the skull raiders as a splinter group that likely drove the extinction of their species and were looking for a new home with the exceptions of Skull Slicer, who had been a pre-established being located on Okoto (potentially a similar species to the Toa who was the only one transported to Okoto for compatibility testing) and Skull Scorpio, which was likely a scorpion creature transported to Okoto and then corrupted by Kulta. The thing about having different islands is that the god character could run multiple tests simultaneously and if something went wrong, he could start over after the apocalyptic event finished and the island restored itself naturally. Toa We know that the Toa come from the elemental planets but, like the rest of the Okoto civilization, don't remember life before Okoto. The only things they remember are their name, element, how to handle their equipment, and base character traits. These character traits could represent the social norm where they come from, and clue us in as to how things work on their planet. The Toa would most likely have been introduced as a way to assist the Protectors in defending the island, as well as a compatibility test with the island's peaceful denizens. Ekimu and Makuta Ekimu and Makuta would be the same species as the Protectors, but assigned to a different subcategory than the Protectors of Water, Stone, etc. They served as Okoto's leaders. I believe that this theory opens up a lot of possibility for just how large the G2 BIONICLE universe could be, and how large it could grow to if the story hadn't been cancelled. We could have seen a much larger and diverse population of characters and worlds in future waves where new species or new characters from species we'd already seen before become a part of the story. The amazing thing about BIONICLE, especially this incarnation of it, is that LEGO continues to get one thing right with it by giving us a massive universe to explore on our own and create our own extensions of canon from there. While the previous BIONICLE universe could be viewed as more completed with only having three planets/moons in the story, much of Bara/Spherus Magna was left unexplored and unexplained, leaving it up to us to fill everything in.
  17. On what grounds do you say this? I speak these words on the battlegrounds of humor.
  18. Surprise guys, bionicle G2's end was all a prank. We're getting sets in 2017. LEGO planned this all along to throw us off their scent while they design G3. The only plan that could rival Makuta's is that of LEGO's. LEGO BIONICLE movie coming 2017. Get hype.
  19. Bricklink is your best option apart from conventions where people sell lots of stuff
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