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  1. I use a resin printer to print my masks. I bought the Elegoo Mars Pro last year and have been using it non stop to make masks, weapons and other parts. The parts are highly detailed and quite sturdy as well. As said above the printers are harder to use than FDM printers. Though, I think it's worth it since the results of a resin printer are so much better. There are many videos online on how to use resin printers efficiently. After a few attempts I found the right settings and now I only have to insert a usb and start printing. The cleanup requires a bit more time as you need to clean the print thoroughly with alcohol and expose it to UV light to cure it completely. I ended up buying a curing station to make that process easier as well. Now all I need to do is print the part, put it in the curing station to clean, then swich to UV mode and cure it completely, remove the supports and done. I've included a couple pictures of masks I've printed so you can see the details up close.
  2. Hi Mc, I want the 8942 Yellow Jetrax T6 and the 6128 Function 2008 together for $55. Please PM me with your full bank account details and also I need to know what to pay incluiding shipping to the Netherlands. I will give you my full address by relply. awaiting you PM Thanks for now, regards Niels
  3. Can you keep them on hold for me please. I'll get back to you tomorrow.
  4. Then I will offer you $70 for these 3 sets. I live in the Netherlands, can you tell me how I can pay you because I do not have a credit card or PayPal.
  5. I was interested in the yellow Jetrax t6. My bid was $45. I am also interested in K8761 The Shadowed One, 6126 Good Guy 2008, 6127 Bad Guy 2008,6128 Function 2008. Can you give me a good price for these sets? And do you have some pictures of the sets? thank you for now.
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