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    where are they now?

    Thanks for the replies everybody! Honestly my most active years on here were '07-'10 under a different account which got deleted for reasons I can't really talk about. But I went by the username Cap'n Kopaka and I think my most memorable footprint on this website was those silly spinning leeches. Remember when signatures were only allowed to be, like, 100 pixels high because it was like 2009 and the server was probably a potato? For anybody curious, I'll mention the game not by name. It's a weird personal/passion project about the internet. Right now I'm really trying to focus on less experimental stuff, just to get my name out there 🙂
  2. This rules, the molotov and jaller head are a great touch. I also love the cigar, reminds me of "Heckboy" Is the head that hard plastic part of the canister?
  3. Arcee


    Dirt is great, just recently got into AIC actually. I've been on a death metal kick as well, just recently saw Immolation live which may have been part of that. I've been especially getting into some older 90s stuff like Death and Sodom.
  4. The best Gundam anime is War in the Pocket. This isn't a very fun answer because it's the one about civilian tragedy and doesn't happen to feature many robots prominently, but ****** it does the "war is bad" thing best out of all the series I've seen. I love the classic anime too. Been wanting to get more into Turn-A and G-Gundam. Never built a Gunpla, but my goal is to one day do a pastel pink Zaku
  5. This is a pretty broad topic, but since BZP isn't very active anymore I figured broad is better than specific. What metal bands/songs/albums are your favorites? Some bands I'm into at the moment: Acid Bath, Napalm Death, Chat Pile, Immolation, The Body, Cattle Decapitation, Darkthrone, Anaal Nathrakh, Mayhem's later work, Sepultra, Job For A Cowboy Favorite albums would have to be: Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics & When The Kite String Pops Immolation - Close To A World Below Napalm Death - Utilitarian Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality
  6. love the Y'shtola icon/header!

  7. Oh wow, I didn't know I needed a googly eye Tahu spinny until now! I think I saw a CCBS gear floating around too, is that one of them?
  8. Ah, ok! Then changing the number gets me the spinny I was looking for. Thanks! Is this all of them? ... now if only I knew what those last two are supposed to be, lol
  9. Seems like the Q&A page's spinny section is out of date. The embedded links aren't showing, and it only goes up to Gali G2 Does anybody have the full set of spinny gifs? Especially the newest ones, which are what I was looking for in the first place
  10. hey everybody! I decided to visit bzp last night and was really happy to see a lot of familiar usernames. I joined here back when I was only 15 years old... I'm nearly 30 now, and looking at my post history on this account it looks like I haven't regularly posted here since bionicle gen 2 was coming out. I think the best part of checking around sites I used to frequent is seeing the familiar users getting into careers they enjoy, getting really into a new hobby, or otherwise just doing new things in life. So here's my question for everybody, whether you've been here a long time or not. What have you been up to since Bionicle ended? As for me, I became a game developer. Not my full time gig yet, I'm working as a cook full time now too. Back during my teenage bzpower days, I always thought I would be a visual artist or novelist, but nowadays I'm way more into game dev and producing music. I can't link my project since it's fairly M-rated, but I have one game on Steam! My goal right now is to make a lot of little arcade projects in my signature garish grossout style. Anyway, this is me procrastinating. I should be programming right now, lol. Let me know what you've been up to! See you all around! ❤️
  11. Hey, great stuff so far. Very cinematic writing style, and I really like the more human-like traits the matoran/toa have. It's a good touch. I'll be keeping an eye out for more of this!
  12. Arcee

    Musings of an old man

    Hey, I just happened to jump on here for a nostalgia kick, I was happy to see this update on your life... I remember you from the Old Days, and it's really a trip that this website is still around. Glad you're doing well!! 🙂
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    Matoran Guy

    I was trying to design some Bionicle-inspired robot characters, but this one ended up being particularly Bionicley. This guy is named Ludwig
  14. Hey bzpower, I haven't been around in a loooong time but I used to write a lot of stories on here. I've been thinking a lot about a new story, one which is spun-off from Bionicle but not about the lore, world, or characters we are familiar with-- the idea is an imaginary toy line inspired by Bionicle where I design the sets as part of the story. The concept is centered around action figure model kits based on bionicle but also gunpla/zoids, where mask collection plays a role in the story but the idea is that the toys are designed to be custom painted, rather than having color variations sold in mask packs and the like. The idea also involves the sapient robot characters piloting larger robots, because I absolutely love robots-in-robots. There are no Matoran or Toa but instead a race called the Knecht, who live in an industrialized world and are at war with organic aliens. Anyway, I'm keeping this short and kind of vague as I haven't made much progress on the story and I am spending most of my time on other creative works... but if I eventually wrote something like this for the Epics forum, would anybody be interested in reading it?
  15. hey yall! I'm home sick today so i did what any grown woman would do when faced with boredom. i played with bionicles! i had half a skrall, most of a protector of ice, and change lying around so i made this lil friend (also its eyes match my hair) i dunno what this lil buddy does but it's an elephant with two legs and it shoots lasers from its tail. I'm not made of bricks!
  16. It's cool to see an interview with Sayger after all this time, he's always been my favorite of the Bionicle illustrators. Always thought he was super underrated. Brought a really unique, really his-own style to Bionicle comics, and a unique take is really wonderful to see in comics about robots, who most artists will try to keep as on-model as possible at all times (it's what I love about Sarah Stone's and Alex Milne's Transformers books, is how unique and expressive their styles are...) And really, that origin story of sorts at the beginning of the interview was great to read. I always figured he was a relatively unknown artist before Bionicle, but I didn't know it was, like, his first comics job outside self-published stuff. Looking at his site now it looks like he's gone on to do some other smaller-scale comic books, it's good to see. Of course thanks @ Stuart, ChocolateFrogs, and 55555 for this, I'm genuinely happy to read stuff like this.
  17. I really want to update my premier membership, I really miss having a blog on here again :-P Anyway though some quick updates been thinking of getting back into Bionicle fanfics! I've tried doing some Kopaka/Pohatu shipping oneshot things but it's been so long that I don't know the characters as well as I once did :-( ive been getting super into Transformers comics lol (hence the username change...I can't believe Arcee was up for grabs!). Super loving MTMTE and RID so far, I'm so pleased to see Rattrap in a context outside Beast Wars :Y speaking of Transformers I've been getting into drawing them, and my little ponies, and sometimes ponies as bots and sometimes bots as ponies Here, have some Kohatu WIP
  18. Arcee


    I don't remember if you're allowed to link to Tumblr on here but this is of dire importance.
  19. I haven't read any of the novels or comics so I can't say for sure, but from what I gather from the '15 animations and JtO, Kopaka is a huge lovable goof. So, Kopaka for sure.
  20. Haha, what a wild question. I think the blinking in movies serves the same purpose as Bionicle eyebrows and the like: it humanizes the characters, it makes them more relatable, and in the process it makes them less spooky than a character who doesn't blink might be. The same goes for the metal on the masks bending to make facial expressions. It doesn't make much sense but if it were realistic there would be either no emoting at all or it'd look like Bayformers. I like the explanation that Bionicle eyelids exist for purposes like blocking out harsh light rather than blinking. I think that the blinking in movies could be considered a non-canon artistic liberty, again, for relatability purposes. But like, canon gets weird when we start analyzing toy robot biology, y'know? Maybe stuff like this is better suited for a "they blink if it's convenient for them to blink in this particular medium" kinda deal.
  21. Hey I made that assumption too! Well, I thought Krekka was one of Lhikan's teammates at least. And then I thought Sidorak and Roodaka were transformed members of that team when they were released... I wasn't too well-versed in any lore that didn't appear in the comics back then. The thought of non-Matoran species was just so inconceivable back in '05 that everything had to be a Matoran/Toa/Turaga or a mutation of them.
  22. I just picked up a lot at Goodwill with all the canister sets from 2009/2010 (at $20 in mint condition too! Crazy bargain!) so I've finally gotten a chance to see those sets up close after never owning any besides Pohatu '08 and Atakus. I am really impressed with Krika's anatomy. Plus, those blended red/white parts are super creepy. Despite his overall bareness, I think Krika is one of the coolest Bionicle sets I've ever owned. '07-'09 had a lot of experimentation in builds, which sometimes failed or wasn't all that exciting, but I think Krika's paid off really well, even if he followed the Inika build pretty close. Some titans might be impressive in size alone, but I think very few sets capture the personality of the character as well as Krika does. His simplicity knocks him down a few pegs IMO--there's very few Technic elements, not even any armor on his limbs--but he still manages to look cool.
  23. I took this poll when I saw it on Tumblr earlier and had a thought... How detailed does Strawpoll let you get with the data you collect? It might be cool if there were some variant options--what site you spend most of your time discussing Bionicle on, what you do most in terms of Bionicle discussion... Seeing whether or not people like G2 compared to G1 is cool, but it might be even cooler to see how opinions stack up on BZPower vs Eurobricks vs Tumblr, or how MOCists vs G1 story theorists vs fanfic writers vs collectors see things! Maybe if Strawpoll can't do this stuff I'll look into making a similar poll with Google Forms because I'm curious now. Anyway though, I love G2's sets and its story is alright IMO, so I said I like G2 overall.
  24. Financially, I don't think Lego would take that kind of risk. I'm actually really surprised to hear the Ninjago movie is gonna be released theatrically, a single story-focused theme seems like far more of a risk than running with sort of a novel idea based on brand recognition (cmon, who wouldn't be interested in a movie just called "THE LEGO MOVIE"). On the other side of things though I think a theatrical film based on Bionicle would work as a movie. Mask of Light hasn't aged terribly well but I think it's the kind of animated movie people go to see in theaters. Bionicle (either generation IMO, all you really need to build a good story off of is a good backdrop) has more than enough potential to fill two hours with a self-sustained storyline. The thing is it's probably safer and a better marketing strategy to put those two hours of story into a simple Netflix miniseries instead of going bigger than Mask of Light.
  25. The Uniter torsos are a bit.............much, I'll agree with everyone. They're a lot much. My biggest problem with the greebles though is how mismatched they sometimes look... I wish they'd toned down the mechanical look if they were gonna try making the Uniters look techno-organic or whatever through the textures/greebles alone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Making the Uniters get closer to nature or whatever was alright but if next year is the final incarnation of these Toa that we're getting, I'd like to see something more like a return to the emphasis on mechanical parts. Maybe just.......like, if they could do the sets with a dozen fewer molded-on pistons it'd be nice.
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