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  1. IC: Jason Ferro- Starwhale "Well, one sided fights tend to stay pretty small. If some of the crew members were in their quarters when they were attacked, they were probably either hiding or ambushed." He continued moving further into the Starwhale, ever vigilant. "Hopefully, the lack of corpses means that the crew was taken hostage, rather than killed."
  2. IC: Wilhelm Gorn- Mekron Police HQ Gorn emerged from the dropship, leading a bound Corroder to the gathering of heroes and officers. "The pizza's here. Who ordered the acid-spewing psychopath?" IC: Jason Ferro- The Starwhale Ferro boarded the Starwhale, and began looking for anything out of the ordinary in the initial area, beyond the obvious lack of a crew.
  3. If I recall, Jade had contacted Stormer to notify him and Drax of Corroder's capture and never received a response. Meanwhile, Gorn was so preoccupied with being an edgelord that he forgot to confiscate Corroder's communication device, which she then used to call Black Phantom and inform him of her predicament. I assumed that meant that Black Phantom was going to try and rescue her.
  4. IC: Jason Ferro- Captain Obvious As soon as the massive craft came into view, Ferro was taken aback by it's odd, yet amusing design. "Wow. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the designer might have had a thing for whales." OOC: Zippy, are you going to act as GM for the group on Mekna, as well?
  5. That figure actually also appears on the sheet that comes with the Lego batman movie series minifigures.
  6. IC: Jason Ferro- Antropolis "Yeah, I was there... That mission sucked. Though, what came after it was a lot worse. Anyway, I don't think Gyro needs our help just yet. I doubt that a group of villains who had just taken a hostage would still be out in the open like this..."
  7. IC: Jason Ferro- Antropolis "Nice to meet ya, Flames. The name is Ferro. Jason Ferro." ... Wow. That had sounded sooo much cooler in his head...
  8. IC: Jason Ferro- Antropolis "I dunno... I'm sure it'll be obvious if something goes wrong, though. Besides, mission control can see everything that Gyro does, so they'll probably send out an alert if things start to REALLY suck." Once Ferro saw the ship, he quickly ducked behind a corner to avoid being seen. "You guys should take cover, too. If they notice a hero watching them, they'll probably make a run for it."
  9. IC: Jason Ferro- Antropolis Having also received and read Gyro's message, Ferro ran after Shard and Flames. "WAIT! IF THEY THINK HE'S ROTOR, THEN ALL YOU'RE GONNA DO IS BLOW HIS COVER!"
  10. IC: Wilhelm Gorn "Her weapons have been removed, she will not be spitting acid again any time soon." Gorn took a seat himself, across from Corroder so as to keep an eye on her. "But I'll stay, if it will make you feel better."
  11. IC: Wilhelm Gorn- Mekron Gorn raised an eyebrow, a gesture that was masked by his helmet's static faceplate. "Oh, come on. You know that I would have won either way." Gorn set Corroder down on one of the seats within the craft, her communication with Black Phantom having gone unnoticed. "Nevertheless, your assistance was appreciated. Thank you." Gorn started making his way back to the street, before pausing and then turning back to Jade. "Do you want me to come with you, in case she tries anything? Or have you got everything under control?"
  12. IC: Wilhelm Gorn- Mekron After removing Corroder's meteor blaster and remaining claw, Gorn turned to see Jade's ship descending to the street, most likely to transport Corroder back to the police station. He lifted up injured villain, an easy task now that she was disarmed, and began making his way over to where Jade was about to land.
  13. IC: Wilhelm Gorn- Mekron Though Gorn had been doing just fine on his own, Jade's help was appreciated nonetheless. He quickly retrieved a pair of hero cuffs and approached the motionless villain. Upon activation, the bonds immediately began to seek out Corroder's wrists.
  14. IC: Wilhelm Gorn- Mekron Gorn swung his shield, swatting the claw in mid air before returning the shield to it's default position. The impact flung the weapon far off to the side, away from the pair. Nevertheless, a small amount of acid managed to find it's way past the shield, and began eating holes in Gorn's armor. IC: Jason Ferro- Antropolis Having joined the rest of the heroes in the subway, Ferro noticed Gyro leave the group and duck into a subway tunnel. He thought nothing of it, assuming that Gyro just wanted to be alone after failing to catch the evil railing-icer. Ferro understood, and decided to simply wait with the others until he received new orders.
  15. OOC: Sorry for the delay. Finals suck. IC: Wilhelm Gorn- Mekron Gorn quickly attempted to thrust his blade into Corroder's claw, still intent on rendering the acid sprayers unusable.
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