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  1. Welcome back! Does this mean we'll see you at some events in the near future?
  2. Hey, if we can encourage kids to be "master breakers", why can't we encourage them to be arsonists too? I mean, that's why the cities are all cops and firemen, right? This is much funnier for those of us old enough to remember when LEGO invented fire...back in 1993. It was nearly impossible to get your hands on enough flames to build a burning building until 1998, when this set came out: https://brickset.com/sets/6580-1/Land-Jet-7
  3. Weren't the G1 alarm clocks made by a different manufacturer? It's hard to keep track of who LEGO licenses things out to.
  4. Having something less permanent than Krazy Glue is definitely appealing. Then again, with the variety of brackets and Technic elements that can be used to brace things today, I find that there are very few situations where normal LEGO pieces won't hold well enough already. To make matters worse, LEGO has started making more and more SNOT pieces to the point where most places I've been tempted to use glue, tape, cutting etc over the years are now moot - I could make the pieces stay where I want by swapping out old parts for the newer ones. I wish we'd tried getting video here - we were allowed to intentionally break some samples of glued bricks at their booth. The real fun would probably be intentionally using this weak glue on something that would eventually be worn down, so the MOC would seemingly break free in the middle of a convention. I'm convinced that with proper planning, LEGO pieces alone could un-glue themselves. On second thought, this might help with less-sturdy GBC designs, too...
  5. In general, we all need to do a better job of preserving our own history. I don't know what's up with this specific case.
  6. Won't it go out of business faster if people can't get in to buy things?
  7. Your old Snap Circuits parts are compatible with new Snap Circuits parts. The Snap Circuit thingies connect to the adapters shown in the photo above, which in turn can connect to bricks (which are LEGO System-sized, although they appear to be broadly compatible and the Snap Circuits: Bric Structures set comes with their own bricks). Their bricks and adapters should be compatible with LEGO across the board, although when I asked about them having plate-style connections instead of tile-style connections (with a groove around the side), I was told that the ones I saw are technically prototypes and they may change the exact parts before the sets hit stores. Some of the photos show their specialty separator piece which allows the adapters to be removed from whatever bricks or plates they're on top of.
  8. It's now official enough to talk about: I'm starting an exciting new job at Comcast in Philadelphia on October 15th. In some ways, it's a big step up after a lengthy rough patch, but in other ways, it's a logical next step after the end of my time at Talari Networks in 2013. I was overdue for a sane career move and it couldn't have come at a better time. In related news, I'd currently be up for roommates or crash space in the Philadelphia area. I figure I need to start with some temporary arrangements until I can find a place to move into permanently. I'll still be paying a mortgage in Camp Hill until after I've secured a house (or equivalent) within reasonable commuting distance of Center City.
  9. I don't see it. There's still a possibility that there could be buildable figures in the future - it's just that they've only revealed a minifigure so far. We can still wildly speculate whatever because there's no definite information about this hypothetical line here. ...and BZP isn't going anywhere. There are enough of us willing to talk about other LEGO stuff here.
  10. Sort of - it's very teen/youth oriented, so it comes across as relatively "hip", especially in comparison to regular dollar stores. The double meaning of the name is that they're a little cooler, like five degrees below something. Five Below does appear to be somewhat regional, though - I know when I lived in Florida, we didn't have access to them at all. It would drive me crazy that $5 phone chargers were commonplace in much of the country, but buying the same item at the local Walmart would cost me $20+. I'm much too cheap for that. I used to like that the cachet was the price point - they carry LEGO polybags and collectible minifigures at regular price, since they're below $5 anyway. In recent years, I've noticed them carrying more off-brand products and even their own store brand of bricks. Their inventory seems to vary more with trends and seasons these days, too - last year they had tons of LEGO Dimensions and fidget spinners, and both are long gone now. Then again, there was a different regional discount chain that got even steeper discounts on LEGO Dimensions, and I never saw any of those for myself (it was in the southwest IIRC).
  11. I didn't watch the show much, but I did see Chima as a big presence at the LEGOLAND parks. I believe the Florida World of Chima has been closed, but as far as I know the Chima-themed LEGOLAND California water park is still there. If this page is to be believed, the Chima Water Park is only closed seasonally and will be open again summer 2019: https://www.legoland.com/california/legoland-water-park/rides-and-attractions/
  12. I thought about sharing this as news, but I'd like some outside confirmation first. My local Five Below had the 1x1 round storage bricks from Room Copenhagen in stock today. I wasn't certain of MSRP, but searching online a bit, $5 a pop looks like ~60% off. Definitely a good deal for those of us who like giant system bricks and want more cannister-shaped LEGO storage in our lives. Also definitely a deal for people who have a bin marked 3062b and expect people to know what that means. When I went to the register, though, there was no sign of these bricks in their system - they rang them up as generic storage containers at $5 each. Checking their website doesn't reveal anything either. I suspect this is a new item that they'll be carrying for a little while, but it's also possible that it's just a fluke that these showed up at my location. Have you seen any of these around? See: https://www.fivebelow.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=lego https://www.fivebelow.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=room+copenhagen https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lego-storage-brick-1-round-bright-blue-room-copenhagen/1127237101 https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Storage-Brick-1-Round-Black/37849617 https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Round-Storage-Box-Black/dp/B008KQ2400
  13. Granted, but now they're medium lime instead of regular lime. I wish my posts would show up reliably.
  14. I'm still interested in a 2XL. You mentioned that the tie-dye costs more - how much should we expect this to set us back?
  15. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=32474#T=C Curiously, it appears that several non-production colors are available on BrickLink. I suspect spray paint may be involved, although mislabeled colors pop up often enough. Note that the printed versions would have different BrickLink catalog entries.
  16. I am alarmed by how many members of this forum appear to know the black market street value of a kidney. We may need someone to build a ball joint ball color chart.
  17. I, for one, laugh with anyone buying sealed Galidor sets. My set of the main characters was purchased used without the boxes.
  18. Did anyone actually try this one? I haven't bothered with the app. I did get an Assembly Square 15% off with a similar coupon a few weeks ago, though...
  19. There are Klutz Lego books? I like Klutz books but didn’t know they made Lego ones. Quite a few, actually. We've covered some on the front page here, including How to Draw Ninjago, LEGO Make Your Own Movie, Crazy Action Contraptions, LEGO Chain Reactions, and the upcoming LEGO Gadgets. They vary a bit, with some of them including enough LEGO pieces to build all the models in the book, and others being more of an "inspiration" than a how-to.
  20. Another key thing to remember: "LEGO" is a much broader topic than what's technically made by LEGO. Dimensions sets are actually a Warner Brothers product, stickers are Santoki, storage bricks are Room Copenhagen, books are DK, Scholastic, and Klutz, clocks and watches are ClicTime, etc... you can still buy plenty of real LEGO stuff without buying any excluded "LEGO construction sets". ...which has been good to know for a while, since Toys R Us promotions and rewards programs have been excluding LEGO for months now. The right strategy is to earn points on LEGO, then blow the points on licensed gear.
  21. I have some nice TRU-branded Bionicle gear. The kanohi collector's case and the book Makuta's Guide to the Universe both come to mind.
  22. Something electronic/rhythmic would be nice, but I think LEGO is too kid/family-oriented to push as far as LCD Soundsystem, never mind something with more of a Nine Inch Nails sound. That leaves, what, pop singers produced by Jack Antonoff? Actually, a female voice would be appealingly different here... Based on things LEGO is goofy enough to try, I'm going to say they'd shoot for something more like Jackie Chan playing Guns'N'Roses on a flute.
  23. How will we tell the "old" and the "new" apart? I figured it was a matter of time after one of the clone brands announced that they'd done it. I figure the bits in the press release about the Chain of Custody and Code of Conduct are why it took so long - and if not, that was brilliant PR spin. We're not falling behind, we just take corporate responsibility more seriously! *2010s meme voice* I understood that reference. Currently, there's not a big difference in price between oil-based plastics and bioplastics. Plant-based bioplastics actually used to be MORE expensive, but as the technology's evolved and become more widely adopted it's gotten cheaper while the cost of oil-based plastics has continued to increase. Those trends may continue, but I don't think it would have a huge impact on the cost of LEGO sets, as the cost of the plastic itself makes up only a small part of the cost of a set. If anything, as LEGO expands their use of bioplastics, we may see piece counts rise faster than prices. I remember that trend hitting pretty strongly around the 2008-9 sets. A few set designers said things about how the lower cost of oil at the time meant that they could squeeze more parts into moderate Agents price points. No, not hemp, sugarcane!
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