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  1. ohey welcome to BZP! I sees you playing dem Mafiors. Hope you are enjoying it! (because you shall never escape)

  2. somebody has tried to frame me twice now, I'm looking at you chro So in that case, I'm voting for chro
  3. I'm gonna have to choose Zakaro
  4. oh look, it's my killer

  5. personally, my favourite was 2006 because of the piraka; to this day there still my favourite villains of all time, just because of how unique each character is and the chemistry between all of them is amazing, and some rivalry's are worse than others eg Avak, Hakann group together to scheme against Zaktan all the time and Zaktan most of the time puts them down by using threats and even attacking them, while Vezok was too paranoid to make alliances and Thok prefers to work alone and Reidak... I don't know he just is too impatient I suppose Also the matoran resistance team was so underestimated because they were matoran but in the end using their teamwork and tactics they outsmarted most of the piraka which is really cool and has a lot of moral behind it that you don't have to be a Toa to save the day and that you should never underestimate your enemies
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