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  1. It seems like an iteresting concept. I'm just wondering what the tech is like on this figure. I'd like to see some people hack this system, and use it in custom creations.
  2. I was really hoping for a light-up feature like the other toy-to-life games. I guess wireless light bricks are going to only be from 3rd party sellers.
  3. Something I would love to see is some polybags with more playfeatures or functions. Maybe a mini solar model with the sun and the Earth. The Earth spinning, when you orbit it around the sun. Or a miniature moving engine thing. Basically neat little desk toys with interesting techniques implemented.
  4. Yeah, you can definitely tell which ones I put more time and effort into. I wish that I would have put more effort into Gali, but time was not on my side. I agree, gali needs to be reworked quite a bit. I might do that soon. Every time I try to upload pictures, they just say they are broken.
  5. My entry to the building contest. I mainly wanted to remake some of the toa to have a better balance of greebles/ccbs, but also to make what I thought shadowmatoran would look similar to. I still can't figure out how to put pictures on here. But, here's the album with all the pictures. https://www.flickr.com/photos/94050823@N02/albums/72157682127903483
  6. I can hear the sound of my little cousin, Cyro crying. Sounds of fright and sadness. Both our houses were suddenly attacked and destroyed. Thank goodness nobody has been hurt. I’ve heard a similar tale of sadness before. Both my story, and this ancient one come from the same origin. It was such a simple path that led to this. Jealousy, and want for fame can lead to darkness, and many times it causes you to forget about others. Who knew that something so commonplace could lead to so much pain? Makuta and Ekimu were brothers. Both made amazing masks that allowed everyone on Okoto to go throughout their lives and complete tasks with ease. It was a wonderful time. We were flourishing, with all the comforts that a city could bring. It was a time of little hardship or conflict. We all thought it would stay like that. It didn’t. To celebrate the great help that these two brothers gave us, we held an annual festival each year to thank them. As well as to see what they had in store for us this time. Makuta and Ekimu both presented that which they had created. Although both created marvellous things, Ekimu’s always shone brighter in the eyes of the people. Eventually, a seed of jealousy was planted in Makuta’s heart. Instead of letting that seed spoil, he allowed it to grow. He allowed it to grow to a point to where he dabbled in things that could not be understood.Makuta allowed himself to become corrupted, and in turn hurt those that he wished to acknowledge him. In secret, Makuta had created the Mask of Ultimate Power. A mask with so much power, that it enlarged his faults even further, and led him to do things which we thought he would never do. Dark things to make us fear and worship him. Thankfully, Ekimu’s quick thinking kept the island from being destroyed, but his decision came at a price. Ekimu fell into a deep sleep, and we were forced to leave the great city which we had built due to the destruction that happened. Despite that sadness, we were eventually able to regain our lives. We had peace for a long time. Jealousy and greed bubbled up again to the surface. Our villages were attacked by creatures under Makuta’s control. We could do little to protect ourselves. We realized this and called upon an ancient prophecy about six heroes and protectors to help us in these dark times. We still had hope. The barrage of attacks kept on coming, and we were scared, but these heroes came and are doing all in their power to protect us, and give us comfort in this time. We are thankful, and we will support them in any way we can.
  7. This sure is interesting! I'm definitely going to participate in the building division, and maybe one of the other two as well. I'll be spreading the word about this!
  8. There's one coming to my state at least. They've announced at least three on Facebook somewhere. I'll try and link it here. Here is the website with the planned stops. https://worldofcreativity.lego.com/
  9. Oh, good. Me and Djokson are the only ones who have entered so far. I've shared this on all the places where I posted the photos, so hopefully the word gets out and we get some more entries.
  10. This is a costume that I built for Halloween this last year. I wanted to emulate a realistic version of the mata designs while also keeping some aspects of the original toy. This is what I came up with. The miru is just a stand-in for now, but a hau is being made. The blue jumpsuit is also being replaced with a more skintight black suit, with more detailing as well. Here's a good photo of it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/94050823@N02/30745594156/in/dateposted-public/ And also a video of it.
  11. I'm looking to sell Set 60069 Swamp Police Station. It has been sitting in a box in storage for half a year. I have no need for the parts or the set as a whole. Everything is still in it's original bags and stickers still on their original sheet, but I don't have the original box. I am looking for about $55 for it plus shipping, but that price isn't set in stone. I am also open to trades. DM me if that is the route you want to go through.
  12. I haven't heard of a cosplay theme for a LEGO Convention before. I'll have to keep that in mind if I go to Brickscascade.
  13. Basically any sort of character that has bright colors. A'll we've really been getting are neutral colors. Yoda would be great, or any basic droid with color. I think we have enough stormtroopers for now.
  14. Heat is the only way to fix it. Ironically, a heat gun will probably give you the most consistent results. They produce a constant stream of heat at the same temperature when they are heated up fully. If you do use a heat gun, just hold it further away from the part so it doesn't get a ton of heat. Keep on reheating it and letting it cool until the mark disappears or minimizes to it's smallest state. Boiling water might help you get some light stress marks out, but that method works best on reforming softer parts. The most dangerous, but the easiest solution is using a lighter. With that, don't hold the part directly to the flame. Hold it above where there is still a decent amount of heat. Only hold it for a second or two, then let it cool, and repeat. If you hold it too close or too long, the plastic will melt and/or deform. Just a note, LEGO plastic is really hard to get stress marks out. I have tried it several times with varying success. Usually you can get a small amount of the discoloration out and reform it by gently pushing it back into it's original position. Those are the methods that I have tried, but I also have very little experience with this. Be VERY careful when attempting it. If it looks like it's getting shiny or the texture changes, it's melting. Good luck.
  15. Are You in California? Because I have one No, I'm in Idaho. She also has both the other exclusive transparent masks there. Can't remember her name.
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