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  1. Out comes an ult-ing Winston from Overwatch. In goes holiday cheer.
  2. I stab you with a candy cane and tie you to a Christmas tree, I consider using the mask as a tree topper but change my mind. My mask.
  3. 4/5 Can you play careless whisper to me while you're killing me?
  4. A not-so-subtle joke about lesbians. (edit: I have a new holiday icon ft. eyes, enjoy.)
  5. Granted, "H-hey come on Lan w-w-we *Burps* got some stuff to do. Let's g-go *Burps*" Your interdimensional buddy is Rick Sanchez. I wish for the coming apocalypse to be prevented.
  6. Hey little mama let me whisper in your ear IT'S FREE REALES- DECAPITATION My mask.
  7. Granted, every single thing you say sounds sarcastic, you're just lovely at funerals. I wish for some quality content.
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