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  1. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

  2. Ask Lan: Have you seen a red 1x2 brick that goes by the name Samantha?

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    2. Zasshu


      Give me what I desire first. Then we'll talk.

    3. Ghidora131


      What? a pint of water?

    4. Zasshu


      No... I desire respect. Respect for the members of this fine website called BZPower.

  3. An old titan is rising up once more to the BIONICLE world...

  4. Grenades are wonderful until you throw them, then they can get a little out of hand.

  5. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

  6. I suppose this means you're going to be going away for good. Either way, it was a blast hanging around you Soran, and I hope you have fun wherever you're headed next. If you ever want to talk to me again, I'm everywhere these days. ;D

    1. Soran


      Neato. Will do.

  7. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

  8. I just got shot by a kid with a bb gun; I'm taking this to pellet court

  9. The one thing Veggietales is severely lacking

  10. What even is this

  11. Huh, one of the few people on the site that I have no clue about. How are you?

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    2. MetaStriker


      I guess for the first few years since I'd left I really hadn't appeared much, and I know there was a huge gap between 2015 and 2016...I've made more of an effort to revisit and check in over the past four months or so. Currently I'm rewriting my first BZP comedy, The Adventures of Tahu, which is receiving a glorious coat of polish, a sensible timeline and plot, and more structured humor that doesn't detract too much attention from the story itself. It's something I...

    3. MetaStriker


      I've wanted to pay tribute to it and justify it to be the best work it can possibly be, and with the schooling I've received since 2012, I feel like I can actually do that now. And it's a cool feeling.

      Besides that, I do want to reconnect to my roots, too. I wouldn't be the person I am today without some on this site, and I couldn't be more grateful that I've gotten to communicate with them. And you. So, thank you!

    4. Ghidora131


      No problem! if you have any questions about- well, anything really, I'd be more than happy to help.

  12. When are you going to change your name to Facepalm?

  13. Cue the flow of edgy, bittersweet 2017 new-year blog posts

  14. I thought about seeing an acupuncturist, but he said not to pin my hopes on him. So what's the point?

    1. Voxumo


      I hate you...

    2. Ghidora131


      You're welcome

  15. It's that time of year again, where you wake up and find listed packages with your name from a stranger in the dead of night, which you should totally open. Merry Christmas!

  16. My best avatar is on the 31st - stay tuned!

  17. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

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