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  1. Huh. I finally found this after a month of trying to access the old URL

  2. I miss the memories I made on here. Maybe some day I’ll return and continue my epics, whether you’re invested in them, or if they just make you laugh

  3. You know, it’s almost nostalgic watching how much you grow over the years

  4. Jeez, [blank] number of months later and I finally show up

  5. Huh. So this site's a thing. Maybe I'll go back to writing in it again

  6. Noted. If I have time during the summer, I may be able to rebuild the characters and start it again. For now though, the most I'll do with this topic is use Garry's Mod for the final chapter
  7. Oh, you're not talking; I thought you weren't being annoying.

  8. Welcome all! I am pleased to annouce my newest project, The New Adventures of Geha and Friends. It will be my current comic series with hand-drawn figures. First off, here's a little background on how I got here. After the utter failure of my picture comics, Toa Geha's Life, I reconsidered my options here on BZP. As some may know, I am still in school, which doesn't give me a lot of time to make picture comics. A month after releasing my second chapter of Destruction at Will (my epic), I had the urge to begin making comics again, but not with actual models. I worked out many ideas and eventually settled with doodle-comics as I can draw fairly well and I can get them done during my free time. For now, that will be all. Be sure to keep watch for the first/piolet comic.
  9. A new project will be coming up soon and it will involve Onoku's remodels of my characters. It will be annouced on Saturday, so keep watch for that

  10. Chapter 2 Kasha rose from the ground, her vision slowly fading back in. The last thing she remembered was having her hands bound together by some form of electrical energy. She observed her surroundings, though there wasn't much to see. She was in a small prison cell made of smooth stone tinted blue from the bars that closed her in. All of her armor and weapons had been removed from her. She walked up to the guard that stood in front of her cell. "Hey," she asked, "What's this all about?" The guard sounded like he was straight out of Skyrim. "Dont know. Only thing we were told is that we're supposed capture and question anyone who is or associated with the Kanohi Force." Kasha was about to question him. "Why would you-" But the guard interrupted her. "No lolly-gagging." Kasha grunted, but obliged. She stepped back and turned around to take a closer look at the objects in her cell. To her right was a polished Cherrywood nightstand with a poorly made Pixar style lamp on top of it. In front of it was the bed, a queen sized luxury, not as nice as the nightstand, but enough to earn Kasha's complement. She turned back around to the guard. "You treat your prisoners well here." "It helps with the breakouts," the guard responded. Well, it's not going to stop me from getting out. We had better furniture on the ship anyway, Kasha thought. She observed the guard. He wore a modified armor of Lhikan with a Glatorian helmet, which meant that he probably didn't know about mask powers. "Oh yeah," the guard told her, "Forgot to tell you. That's not your mask. It's just a regular Kaukau Nuva, if you didn't already know that." Nevermind… Kasha grunted again. That meant she couldn't use her powers to EMP anything around her, so she needed to figure out another way to get out. She walked over to the nightstand and looked in it. There was an MP3 player from the 21st century. She picked it up and scrolled through the songs, eventually coming over the song "We R # 1". At that moment, Kasha knew exactly how to get out. She walked over to the guard, clutching the MP3 player in her hand. "What's this for?" She asked. The guard turned around and looked at the device. "Oh that?" he replied,"That's for your entertainment. We don't include headphones for security reasons." "Well," Kasha smirked, "bet you didn't think about this!" She tapped the play button and "We R # 1" began playing. The guard collapsed to the ground and started spinning in a circle, while screaming: "NOO!! DEAD MEMES! IT'S TOO MUCH, TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF!" Kasha chuckled at his reaction and bent down. "I'll turn it off, but only if you let me out. Deal?" The guard was still rolling around on the ground. "I SUBMIT! IT'S A DEAL!" Kasha tapped the pause button, and the guard got back up. He went over to the control pad, tapped a few buttons, and the energy bars that contained Kasha were shut off. Kasha walked out and turned to the guard. "Don't tell anyone, and I don't kill you." The guard simply just nodded, and Kasha silently ran off. ~~~~ **Kasha had trouble navigating around the prison. Every section and cell was the same, and guards, all smarter than the one that had guarded her cell, waited around the corner. What she found interesting about them though, was the fact that each guard wore a different mask and different armor, but their masks were colorless, just like her mask was. They had been drained of their powers. Kasha kept searching for the master controls, or at least for Geha. She came across a large chamber filled with wires, mechanisms, and a containment tube as big as the room itself, sat in the back. Approaching it, she saw what they were attempting to keep contained. It was The First Shadow. He was held in place by the same energy that enclosed Kasha's cell. Below the tube was an intimidating control panel with flashing buttons and switches. Luckily for Kasha though, she had experience with these and knew exactly what each button and switch did. So she tapped a few buttons, and flipped a little bit of switches. The containment tube released a cold breeze, and lowered to the ground, releasing Shadow. Unfortunately, upon releasing Shadow, an alarm went off. He fell to his knees and looked up at Kasha with calm eyes. Wasting no time, Kasha helped him up, grabbed his wrist, and darted out as fast as she could. The alarm blared in her ears, and she heard more and more footsteps as she dashed through the halls of the prison. All of a sudden, a door came down and blocked their path. Kasha let go of Shadow and turned around. The amount of guard that were pursuing them almost shocked her. Another door came down on that side and blocked the guards. The lights went out and the alarm stopped, leaving Kasha and Shadow in complete darkness and silence. “I know who you want to find,” said a voice on the intercoms, “but you are not going to find him.” The voice sounded just like Geha’s, but slightly deeper (not that it could get any deeper). “How would you know?” Kasha shouted back, “With our technology, we could find him in an instant!” “You speak as if you’re going to live.” Kasha took what he said as a challenge and formed a Plasma Sword with her light, while Shadow, being as advanced as he is, took a piece of his armor and transformed it into his staff. “Step into the void, if you wish to suffer…” the voice told them. Doors on another side of the wall opened, leaking dark red light into the room that Kasha and Shadow stood in. They ran into the center of the room, the lights shut off, and windows opened on both walls. The room was enormous, almost three times the area of Shadow’s containment room. In front of them was a tall throne with stairs leading from the seat to the floor. In the throne sat an armored being. Kasha tried to recognize the armor it wore, but she could only name a few. Thagomizers were his arms, Deadeye was his chest, and Lhikan’s Hau was the mask. No, Kasha thought, that’s not a stock Hau. This one is Geha’s! There was no denying it. The mask had everything that Geha’s had. The scratches, the paint, and the leftover Gorilla Glue on the sides of it. The being stood up and pulled out The Infinity Blade and a shield. “Prepare to meet your doom!” he shouted as he leaped into the air. The ground shook as the warrior landed. Kasha charged into him, being able to knock him down. She attempted to stab him, but was thrown back by an invisible force. She slid across the ground back over to Shadow, who had already began sprinting towards the warrior. The warrior swung The Infinity Blade, but Shadow dashed behind him and was able to hit him with his staff only a few times, before he was blasted away as well. The warrior leaped back and sheathed his weapons. “Take care of them,” he spoke to someone, “They’re wasting my time.” ***As he spoke, a circle shaped elevator lowered him down into the building and was sealed. Another being walked forward. It’s appearance startled Kasha. There was almost nothing organic left, not even a mask. Wires and metal stuck out everywhere, parts of the original being had been molded with the artificial. It was twice the size of Shadow, and twice as bulky as Geha. The only way Kasha could tell that it even was once living was by the few areas that had been untouched. “I’m sorry, please forgive me,” the amalgamate said. Even how it spoke almost made Kasha faint. It sounded as if there were hundreds of voices speaking at once, but mainly a female’s voice was heard. The amalgamate’s right arm molded into a needle of some assortment. She raised it up and slammed down upon Kasha so fast that she had no time to react. Kasha was flung back and she hit the metal door with such force, it sent knocked her out. Kasha’s vision would fade in from time to time, only for it to fade out again. In the moments her brain was conscious, she could hear bits of Shadow’s voice. “This is Shadow… Requesting evac… Casualty…” The world became a blur. Her vision went dark, she became deaf, and she couldn’t feel Shadow dragging her across the ground, yet she could still think. The area she was in was just darkness. Nothing could be seen. Is this… the afterlife? she thought. Or is it another plane of existence? She got up from the ground and looked for the Light that would guide her to her final destination. Nothing was there. She called out. “Hello? Is anything there?” There was no response, so she sat on the ground, crossed her legs, and began to meditate. (*Note: This is unfinished. I am unable to insert links in the mobile version of the site)
  11. The final stand shall be for the lone wolf

  12. I'm back. If anyone's been waiting for me, I'm sorry. The SIVA outbreak arose and I was one of the Guardians to stop it. Chapter 2 for Destruction at Will is coming soon

  13. You need another hand? It seems it has left you, unless you're all right without it. I mean, you've got the trumpet, so break a leg! I'm sorry, am I pulling your tailbone? ...Okay, I've let all the puns I have out
  14. Sheesh... Been awhile since I've been on. How's everyone been?

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      Sorry for being late well I've been fine but what about you it's been some time.

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