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  1. Welcome to BZPower!

  2. Hello everyone i'm new to this site and i'm very glad i found a still active bionicle/lego fanbase. But i have a question. I posted some things in the 'Completely off Topic' fora but it didn't go towards my postcount, is this normal?
  3. Aliens vs Zombies: The Dark Lurking. It's just horrible. The CGI is not good, the plot is created by someone who did some illegal stuff with drugs and the acting is horrifying. >
  4. Exactly i do think it would be awesome to see how a non 'copy' shadow toa would look like.
  5. My personal favorite would be Kalmah's tentacle whip thingie. I really don't know why but i love it.
  6. The Necronomicon. It's basicly most of H. P. Lovecraft's stories in one book.
  7. Saving Private Ryan. It's a great movie.
  8. The last game i played was Bully: Scholarship Edition.
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