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  1. laptops up and running and there will be a 2 part special for christmas stupid stupid laptop getting viruses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!! just when i need it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!! sorry about this guys, its like the laptops cursed
  2. Wait, you live in Wales? I've always wanted to live in Wales...

  3. sorry guys no more parts for 2 weeks my laptops seriously fried
  4. A corpse that doesn't exist considering Carapar was disintegrated by Tren Krom. That's already a contradiction to what he originally said: If it's continuing from the official story-line, Carapar will not be able to be revived and there's been no explanation as to why all the Toa have suddenly all died/vanished. Honestly I disagree with what most of the people here have been saying and I feel they're just trying to not upset you, but the whole thing so far is full of plot holes and confusing situations, and the fast pace of it doesn't give enough time for proper character and story development, it's just one quick scene and then boom, on to the next without any sort of explanation as to what was just going on. I feel that there is also too much dialogue going on (in short bursts I might add) and not enough actual story telling. It's just like reading a transcript of sorts, which I don't think this is meant to be, is it? The format also make it very hard to follow, not to mention the constantly changing font styles, poor grammar and broken formatting tags which can just throw you right off. If you are to continue this as a continuation to the official story, your plot will probably need some revisions. Try reading some of the other stories that members have posted, analyse how they lay it out and the ratio of dialogue with the telling of the story that they use. Use what you learn from reading these to adapt your story into a more stable format, because it will make a very noticeable improvement. Do that and you'll be on the right path, my friend. thanks for the comment but i'm sticking with my original dialogue style, also you say carapar was disintegrated but why then do the barraki bury carrapars body in tales of the deep issue #36 it could be they bury ashes or something left of carapar. Also there will be a reason the other toa disappear connected to the barraki needing to sacrifice bionicle to bring back carapar
  5. chapter 2: breakout: part 3 the dust clears around the dungeon and later (a lot later) hearing returns our matoran heroes are walking through the desolate sands "I told you to trust me" "I know!" "Excuse me but we need some explanations, one who are you?, two why were you in prison?, and three why do you keep ducking and diving behind those rocks?!" "OK I'll explain, I don't know who i am or why i was locked up and the reason im hiding is for some unknown reason sunlight burns!" "I know what you are" "you do?" "ye you'r a kra matoran" "wait a second komi your saying this guy is shadow matoran?" "yes" "wait a second guys where are we anyway?" "in the middle of a desert" "so why is there hand prints in this rock?" "what?" "theres 7 hand prints in this rock and they have symbols under them ta, ga, le, po, onu, ko and kra" "isn't that us valko is ta matoran oshi is ga matoran rota is le matoran notrode is po matoran gruti is onu matoran i'm ko matoran and no name here is kra matoran" "komi you might just be right my hand is tingling and the print is glowing" "should we put our hands on them valko?" "on the count of three guys 1! 2! 3! chapter3 toa and rahkshi part 1 aaaaaaaagh!!! as the matoran place there hand on the rock they are overwhelmed by the power they feel they all pass out in the sands there bodies lurch and expand to two times there hight they are the toa kratus unlike the other toa before them they are different a combination of pit mutagen and shadow leech chemicals make them dark still toa still good but resemble makuta "that hurt" "oh you don't sat captain obvious!"
  6. While you, being the author, may understand who's speaking, it's more difficult for the reader. You can easily fix this by adding a few words to each line, just to show he's speaking, like so: Just those little additions would make the story much easier to follow for your average reader. I'd also like to see more description! You're created this fascinating new society, but we don't know what it looks like. What do the buildings look like? How big are the cities? What does city hall look like? Adding just a bit of description in between your dialogue would make your story that much more real. Keep going! I'm looking forward to see where you take this story. hm the chances of you being Justin bieber are 221,456,332 to 1 but in the bizarre roll of fates our lives are you could just be Justin in witch case Justin thank you for your comment i dislike your music but if you like bionicle we may just have a common interest
  7. guys i'm really sorry but i can't do a part today but there will be 2 on sunday
  8. thanks I do need to work on my grammar but I'm working a lot on a tablet and if you haven't seen I'm twelve so my grammar needs some work but i'm getting better with it
  9. hm 2 times a week went down well, lets try 3 times a week chapter 2: breakout: part 2 "you have until the count of 3 to show yourself or i will be forced to attack" "you'll be forced?" "yes now show yourself" "by who?" "what?" "you said you'd be forced, by who?" "um.." "exactly you don't have to fire" "but what if you attack us?" "you are enemies of esorach correct and the enemy of my enemy is my friend" "are we meant to to trust you or something?" "you're not meant to but you should" "how can we, we can't even see you" "well i can" "shut up komi!" "i'll prove you can trust me" ... CRACKOBLAM!!! "VALKO! I! THINK! I'VE! GONE! DEAF" "WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
  10. chapter 2: breakout: part 1 voyu nui palace dungeon "this is all your fault valko this isn't fair he said, we have rights he said, obey the laws he said, please don't throw me in the dungeon he said for mata nui's sake valko what were you thinking!" "he had no right!" "i think we're not alone valko" "of course we're not alone komi there's six of us" "no discounting us there's still one" "what? how would you know that?" "i worked in a observatory i'm good at looking at things" "ok then, show yourself prisoner" "i can't i'll burn" "where are you" "in the shadows around you"
  11. thanks a lot guys i try my best :evilbiggrin:how am i doing guys? also who do you think the new character is?
  12. After bionicle finished this site was in updation, for a long time when we needed it most so I did the math and found out this site has 47,680 members and under 600 have been on at once since the update so I am organising a event everyone who can will come online, january 1st at 18.00 in Britian but different places have different times so you'll have to find when it starts in your time zone, we will all stay on for 1hour just to make sure also make sure you tell everyone
  13. I looked around and I found that most other epics are weekly so to boost this one's popularity there will be 2 parts a week so enjoy Chapter 1: reborn part 3The graveyards of the bionicle who fought in the great spherus magna war are silent and peacefulUntil ​ ​BOOM!​The ground is shaken, dust and rock fly into the air and six figures walk out of there graves ... or that's what it look like at first but then more and more climb from there graves there smaller than the six but not by much 42 in all "you were right guurahk you could disintegrate that rock""ha of course I could turahk you doubt me even after this long""our numbers are to great these broken fools can't stop us none shall stand in our way"
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