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  1. Welcome to BZPower!

  2. "Is Mayonaisse an element?" Wow. If this were on Reddit, I'd give you gold, Lyichir. That reference was really awesome. -Azani
  3. For a second there, I was simply fascinated by that idea. "Kra-Matoran, Matoran of Waffles"
  4. Good guesses. And the Results are... "Gutsiest move I've ever seen!" was Ackar from the Legend reborn "You have no right!" Jala from the book Makuta's Revenge "Wow. You make Kongu look handsome." Hewkii Mahri. I'd say that it figures that I've never seen The Legend Reborn, then. Thanks!
  5. Just to be straight up, the Mantax quote was a little different... "I have no friends.... only enemies I haven't killed yet." Either way, I'll give these a shot. Man, these are tough. "Gutsiest move I've ever seen!" was Photok at some point in the Karda Nui storyline. (This is literally just a guess) "You have no right!" was Vakama at some point in Legends of Metru Nui. "Wow. You make Kongu look handsome." was Hewkii at some point in the Mahri Nui storyline. Alright, I'd be pretty amazed if I got any of those down exactly. I'm a little rusty. I'm putting down these few: "The mask is part of me!" "Mutran never had a chance... and neither do we. " "They will come to us... and we will destroy them." ...As a bonus, one that might be a little easier... "Papu and Rangi have great plans for you, Chronicler."
  6. Hey, it still sounds noteworthy. It's not my area of expertise, that's for sure. So, there's a relatively small amount of documentation on this, but these did turn up. I could be wrong, but I think that both are owned by BZP members; a fellow who goes by Crezdonn owns the Keelerak. As it were, I'd be pretty surprised if Goopy wasn't from that era.
  7. To be totally fair, each of the mainline Protector kits came with a Skull Spider. -Azani
  8. Would it be safe toassume that the original models from the GameBoy sequence are out there somewhere? I know that a fellow has all of the non-corrupted ones from Bionicle: The Game. Just thought that I'd put that out there. On the original models, it might be a bit of a long shot to get in contact with a couple of these folks; I'm not sure about a few of the identies of the folks who created certain Dark Hunters, despite having sent out PMs to several of them. Insofar as it's possible that they'll respond, I feel like it's worth the time spent. Munty should be a different story, as I think he's around pretty consistently. Any chance you've heard back from him yet? I sent Munty a PM a few months ago and never received any reply; haven't really attempted to follow up beyond that yet. It could potentially be worthwhile to try to contact one of the purchasers of the Sand Tarakava replicas, but I'm not sure that it would be right to distribute scans of those instructions without any response from Munty. That's a little unfortunate to hear- hopefully he's easier to reach via social media or PM than some of these DH folks. Nah, I'd definitely agree with you there. As tough as it may be, can we work much off of the photos? I know that there are three or four photos of the original that a certain website founder has; unfortunately, they're pretty low-resolution.
  9. Funny as it is, I was thinking about old times here and trying to figure out if I'd ever heard of ya. Then I saw your Skype handle... see, that's a name that I remember.

    1. Makuta Luroka

      Makuta Luroka

      Yeah there's a few names I go through on here, sometimes I'll use meme nicknames for a while.

  10. Hey, it´s quite easy to find, I have about 5 of these and there are tons of them on Bricklink Not necessarily cheap, but easy to find. Funny how that works. A couple of good deals on old sets can be found here as well as here. EDIT: MISB Cahdok and Gahdok for 90 USD!
  11. No, you're not. If you don't understand how to do it, just ask. -Azani
  12. Though it shouldn't be too big of a surprise, this is where it starts to get really tough. Coming off of the question of the Yellow Pakari and armor, it's possible that it was in Quest for the Toa, especially as that game was pretty Matoran-focused. Additionally, are we sure that it isn't from some one-off merchandise like the board game or the 2001 Happy Meal boxes?
  13. What's the deal with that habit of quoting folks with nothing to add? Nah, it would be nice, if y'all were up for it, to create a game that was more stat-based and less chance-based in a physical format. As it is, I get the idea that the average text-based ROG tends to freak most casual fans out. -Azani
  14. To give the fans a recolor. That is the official explanation for why, if I recall correctly.
  15. I'm happy to learn that those once-elusive JtO Makuta instructions provided by Dorek have reached BZP; for a while, I wasn't sure if they had made the rounds yet. Have you guys been able to contact the fellow on the (possibly linkable?) TTV MBs who worked on the design team over in Billund? He went by 'toothdominoes"; I've seen a few high-quality images of both the Mask Maker iteration and the Overlord iteration from photos that he shared. On the original models, it might be a bit of a long shot to get in contact with a couple of these folks; I'm not sure about a few of the identies of the folks who created certain Dark Hunters, despite having sent out PMs to several of them. Insofar as it's possible that they'll respond, I feel like it's worth the time spent. Munty should be a different story, as I think he's around pretty consistently. Any chance you've heard back from him yet?
  16. Given the manner in which this was presented in the first place, as well as the author and such, none of this should have ever passed for legitimate. Very bizarre. I am in the process of attempting to redesign the original webpage; however, most of the original assets are a little tough to come by, so it could very well take a long, long time. If you're making an effort to take the preservation seriously, then it's great to have you contributing. If not, then it's kind of an issue to have potentially confusing fan content being tossed around all the time. -Azani
  17. Welcome to BZPower! Solid MOC right off the start. :P

  18. Sure, BS01 has that marked as "citation needed", but I highly doubt that the original source was a standalone Greg quote; I distinctly remember one of the Adventures novels referring to the direct "year and a half" bit. Typically, Greg has been on the fence about answering core canon questions like that. Heck, close to half of the concrete facts on that page are marked as "citation needed" including ones such as "Back in Metru Nui, Dume and the other Turaga awaited the return of the Toa Nuva and continued the reconstruction of Metru Nui until the usage of the Staff of Artakha." Source on that one is pretty clear to me: it's BL #1.
  19. Not that I'm too surprised, but you guys really remember old canon pretty well; better than me, for sure. And see, that may be true; since it's never been unequivocally described in a forward-facing manner, I always assumed that he essentially filled a role similar to Vakama and Co. on Mata Nui; acting as arbiters of small-scale disputes and serving as "priests" while Matoran such as Jaller and Onepu ran the army. It's pretty clear, at least as far as I can see, that that was the role of the Turaga on Mata Nui. Sure, but as I was writing in the opening post, I suspect that the Matoran probably weren't worried; if anything, it would be other leaders and the OoMN.
  20. Hey, I'm not sure how often you're online, but I wanted to swing by and mention that I've been a serious fan of your work for a few years now. Glad that you're around.

  21. Glad to hear that you're intrigued. And yes, the Kokei, a group of isolated robotic villagers, live in villages scattered across the archipelago, sticking to the classic "elemental segregation" motif. The five tribes that reside on Mahi Moko affiliate themselves with the archetypical Fire, Water, Earth, Ice, and Air; however, they share a common cultural thread in their worship of a certain "Lord of the Machine" - the Tetsujin mentioned in the first post. Additionally, Faybos has been updating the team's good old Facebook page, which is linked to in my sig. -Azani
  22. Sorry to crash the party, folks, but this is pretty clearly not the original text of the site. I'm not sure why anyone ever began to think that this was a reliable source, but apparently some people did. See, this is what the site had for Pohatu's excerpt. "Pohatu, Toa of Stone, and his people live in the foothills of Mount Ihu, where the great stones are carved as symbols of the Tohunga's faith in the Toa." For the record, this is Pohatu's actual page text. "Pohatu is a stone spirit. He is immensely strong and can literally move mountains. Pohatu can cause massive rocks to explode like bombs, or roll with great precision towards any attacker. His huge feet contain great power, destroying even the toughest rocks with a single kick! Pohatu is liked by all the Toa for his kind nature and for his rock-solid dependability. He's slow, but friendly and dependable. He's not good at snap decisions, but when he makes a decision to do something, he sticks with it until the end--and you DON'T get in his way! Whenever there is trouble, Pohatu will always be there behind you, an immovable force that few enemies can dislodge. His only fear is water: he cannot swim, and he sinks like a stone. Pohatu inhabits the foothills of Mount Ihu, moving slowly but sure-footedly among the rocks and boulders at the base of the great mountain." Does this look more familiar?
  23. What did you think of? You gotta start out with some sort of idea, man. -Azani
  24. So, sometime around the same time that Teridax infected the GSR with that sleep-causing virus, he took on the appearance of Turaga Dume in Metru Nui, presumably after subduing somehow and stuffing the real guy into a Matoran sphere. Now, according to BS01, Teridax went ahead and took over the person of "Dume" about a year and a half prior to the climax of Legends of Metru Nui. The question is... how did he avoid arousing suspicion right off the bat? If Teridax was the "Makuta of Metru Nui", presumably one of the folks who could directly influence trade, communication, and regulations concerning Metru Nui and work with the inhabitants of other islands to keep the place safe, how could he possibly have disappeared for over a year without creating mass panic? Sure, the Matoran probably didn't see much of an effect, as it's possible that they didn't even knew who Teridax was; however, the folks in charge of Xia, Zakaz, Stelt, and the Southern Continent would have surely made an effort to communicate with him on issues concerning immigration and commerce. As far as always figured, Teridax was the de facto leader of Metru Nui after the Matoran Civil War, with the Turaga serving a strictly ceremonial role for social events and rituals like Akilini games. (IIRC that's pretty much what the Turaga did on Mata Nui as well.) At the very least, he would have been watched by the Order, which was definitely keeping tabs on him and his efforts at militarizing the Brotherhood. Wouldn't folks have been trying to reach him constantly, especially as rumors spread of the Morbuzahkh and certain Dark Hunters? If anyone can clear this one up, then that would be phenomenal. Discuss. -Azani
  25. I could be in the wrong here, but I get the feeling that you're not alone by any means. Working with what the others have said, I would agree that the hierarchy of immediate needs during that first year and the practical scarcity of resources would have factored in to the decision to hold off on a major "rebuilding". However, the MNOG and associated online animations make it abundantly clear that the Matoran definitely had significant access to materials that they could process into mechanical components prior to the defeat of the Bohrok (like that insanely complex screeching pulley system in Ta-Koro), so I'd suspect that the former reason holds more weight here. There's actually a lot to dissect here, so to speak. Additionally, the Turaga might have wanted to avoid "rebuilding" the Matoran while they were still in a semi-childlike state, having not yet regained all of there former memories. I always thought that the reason for why the Legend of Mata Nui seemed so simple and juvenile to us stemmed from the inability of the Matoran to get behind a more complex, serious story when they first emerged from the spheres that had taken away their stature and memories in the first place. Maybe the Turaga thought that it would be inhumane to "rebuild" the Matoran without their full consent? Regardless of how quickly it was mentioned, and then lampshaded in canon, the whole process always bothered me in a serious way. I'd prefer not to think about the actual visceral details of it too much, especially if the Bohrok parts replaced some of their organics as well as their former mechanical parts. I meamn, I can't really understand how else they would do it.
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