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  1. "Days of Dash" by Konomi Suzuki 1st ending theme for the anime Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo released in 2012-2013! i love this song! it's amazing as amazing can get (meaning it's pretty freaking amazing, lol)! gotta love Konomi's vocals on this track! <3
  2. "Dreamer's Pain" by Mia Regina b-side track on the "Dear Teardrop" single released in 2018! Mia Regina are a female J-Pop group and they are awesome! <3
  3. dude! is that Marii Buratei from Joshiraku as your avatar? OMG Marii is my favorite of the Rakugo in the show and Joshiraku is one of my absolute fav. anime of all time! the opening theme song is catchy and i love it! Joshiraku FTW! ^.^ 

  4. "Saiaku na Hi demo Anata ga Suki." by Yuu Serizawa ending theme for the anime How Not To Summon A Demon Lord released in 2018! i love this song! <3
  5. "Sugar" by System Of A Down yes i like SOAD! don't judge me!
  6. ah, i remember looking at these pics years ago during G1's run! i actually have a repackage of the Sea Star figure called "Doomsday" from the Masters Of Disaster line which were produced by Glopo! it was available on Amazon for a decent price! it's not on there anymore, though! the plastic quality just makes me want to cry 'cuz it's bad! these Final Fighter/Masters Of Disaster sets look cool but quality is still VERY questionable! oh well!
  7. tired AGAIN!! i watched my Joshiraku Blu-Ray last night and i'll be watching my Azumanga Daioh DVD here in a few minutes! anime is awesome! ^.^
  8. hey i know reviving topics after almost FOUR YEARS is against the rules but can somebody please fix the links for "Mata Nui: The Music Chronicle" and "Tales From The Amaja" mp3 downloads on BandCamp for Mata Nui's sake? seriously! these two albums are nowhere else on the internet and THAT bugs me to high Karzahni like nobody's business! i can't even remember ever downloading them (i'm 26 yo) and THAT's a problem! GOD i hate my memory! *sigh* T_T
  9. oh God! it's Spider-Thomas the Arachi-Engine! quick, somebody squish this insect before i blowtorch it to ash! lol joking aside, this actually does look quite interesting yet still funny! i imagine it must'v been traumatizing for the Tank Engine to go through this kind of metamorphosis! ha ha! still, it's an interesting concept! i wonder if his friends met the same fate! hmm... ah whatever! lol
  10. well even if it doesn't get turned into a purchasable set i believe this Moc has plenty of merits and a Moc that you should be proud of whether it gets 10K votes or not! some of my Mocs are "erotic", to say the least, and yet i'm proud to be Moc-making! i could never build the Great Spirit Robot myself even if i had the parts and instructions in front of me! BTW, could you post a checklist of exat parts needed as well as detailed instructions (in case anyone would be willing to build it themselves)?
  11. you know... i get really annoyed looking at these Mata Nui Robot Mocs that people build/post online 'cuz they never, and i mean NEVER, get as close as possible to looking like the actual CGI model in toy form! but this, man, this looks about as it can get! this Moc is close enough to the CGI model without detracting from what it's supposed to look like! i'm serious, man, this looks pretty awesome!
  12. always has been and forever will be! nice art, dude!
  13. "It Is Said That "All Endings Are Merely Beginnings Waiting To be Born". Mine Was Much The Same!" ~Mata Nui, 2009 "Now You May Be Wiser, But If You Think Your Troubles Are Over, You'll Soon Find Out They Have Only Just Begun!" ~Barraki Mini Movie, 2007 "New Legends Await, But Old Lessons Must Be Remembered. This Is The Way... Of The BIONICLE!!" ~Turaga Vakama, 2003 "Unity! Duty! Destiny!" it's either Bionicle or nothing! Bionicle must return or else the End of all Days might as well happen! we're doomed if Bionicle loses! i'm not toxic, just an incredibly dedicated fan (who is an Autistic Christian, btw!)! team up for battle, folks! for it has only just begun! Amen!
  14. simple; because it IS a mask! there's not much to it, is there? hmm.. ah whatever! anyway, i think Tuma only said "mask" because the plot needs him to say it! *sorry for the The Critical Drinker references. lol*
  15. i assume you just want the Morbuzakh sponge to look at/add to collection and not wash/clean yourself with (..no further comment)! it WAS a German only thing added to the comic it came with, right? ah whatever! lol i'm also interested in the German comic (and NOT the sponge), IF anyone here in America has it that'd be sweet (can't accept from other countries right now due to the pandemic)! it's not like the standard English comics though, is it? besides the German language it there anything else that differentiates it from the English Metru Nui comics? perhaps exclusive stuff inside (NOT the sponge)? i'm confused!! :/
  16. and my response to that was; "yeah thanks for that, Lego! screw you!" as for my two cents on 2009; i thought it was odd yet awesome at the same time! the story was great, although there were flaws (i guess) but overall the story for '09 was pretty interesting! the sets were awesome! they all had fun and interesting builds to them (especially the vehicles), despite the socket joints splitting/breaking i had fun collecting most of the sets ("most", meaning there were sets i never got for whatever reason)! i will say that i never ot the Toa Mata Nui set and i have been wanting that set FOR YEARS (and i still want it)!! seriously, man! i cannot find Toa Mata Nui anywhere on Ebay for a price i deem acceptable! Amazon is no help either and i refuse to look at places like Bricklink, Etsy, AliExpress, etc. etc.! (someone please help!) i mean, seriously! good Lord, God almighty! grr. lol the books i never finished collecting but what books i did collect/read i enjoyed! and i plan on ordering the remaining books throughout this year (2021)! i do have a spare copy of "Raid On Vulcanus" if anyone is interested! also, ya'll need to quit hating on TLR because people who hate TLR sicken me! it was a bit corny here and there but i thought the film was awesome! Michael Dorn as Mata Nui was a decision that remains one of the best! i do not care if Kiina sounds like a peppy tsundere (like Asuka from NGE) i enjoyed watching her on screen! i think the biggest takeaway for many fans is that TLR was way more comedic in nature unlike the Miramax Bionicle trilogy which were more serious and foreboding yet had a little humor here and there! yes the spinning bits on the characters were annoying but i am able to ignore them and enjoy the movie (unlike some folks i know)! so yeah! TLR was, and still is, an awesome Bionicle film! it may not be the best but it's still enjoyable in my book! i love it! 10 out of 10! overall; 2009 wasn't the best year for Bionicle Gen1 (2001 is the best! don't argue with me!), but it is still rather interesting to see the Bionicle lore expand beyond the Matoran Universe! some folks may be salty over it, BUT i think those folks are a small minority! i mean, at least it's better than Gen2, am i right? (ah, sarcasm! you continue to exist even in my posts online! lol) he he!
  17. tired, drained of energy (elemental? lol), annoyed, etc.! stayed up til' after 4:00 IN THE MORNING!! i was getting back into Moc-making and wanted to build a new Makuta Moc, as well as a new Toa of Water! so i did and i'm pleased with the results! i also disassembled and old massive dragon Moc (as well as a smaller, worse dragon Moc), among other stuff, an that took some time! i enjoyed Mocing again and i hope to continue Mocing until i'm dead (as long as the parts are available.)! finally went to bed sometime after 4 AM (yeah i lost track of time! bite me! ) and woke up around 7: 42 or whatever! so yeah! that's not at all good but hey at least i have two new excellent Mocs to display and be proud of! that's something, right? point is i had fun Moc-making again and also fixing/improving older Mocs (Rob Zombie; Toa of Industrial Metal, Sanaa Lathan; Toa of Fire, Elektro; Toa of Electricity, among others) and that is the important part is having fun building these Mocs! God i love Bionicle! <3 Mocs built last night: Makuta; The Shadow Master and Takea; Toa of Water
  18. "Gohan wa Okazu" by Ho-kago Tea Time (band from the anime K-ON!) insert song used in season two of K-ON!/K-ON!! i love Tsumugi's keyboarding on this track! amazing! ^.^
  19. 7 years on BZPower already? good Lord, man, i feel old! ha ha! i guess time flies by when you're having fun (even during a pandemic)! :D well i got my Mask of Life spinny, so that makes me happy! :) thank you BZPower for these last 7 years! now let's go for another 7, huh? how about that? ^.^ 

  20. "Kimi ni Aeta Hi" by Adachi and Shimamura (Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura / or their seiyuus) opening theme for the yuri anime "Adachi and Shimamura" which aired in the last three months of 2020! this song is absolutely amazing! i fell in love with this track the first time i listened to it! easily one of my favorite anime OPs of all time! seriously! it's soo awesome! <3
  21. an evil Decepticon looking like he's constipated or something! lol "TRANSFORMERS, ROBOTS IN DISGUISE!! AUTOBOTS,.. ROLL OUT!!" (...sorry, i couldn't resist. )
  22. 1.5/5, i'v seen you around on various topics and even replied to some of your posts AND received replies from you so you seem to be a bit famous! i don't know you personally, though! i'm not sure if it's too late for us to be friends, and i'm not sure if you'd be willing to be friends with me anyway since i can be quite a jerk sometimes, but that's for you to decide! Happy 2021, MI! ^.^
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