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  1. Props for those Ben 10 limb pieces. They fill in nicely! I gotta say, how you came up with ways to use some of those pieces is way beyond me. Every time I look I see something new haha!
  2. Greetings! So back story for my story. I’ve always enjoyed telling stories. So I figured I’d dry my hand at something I’ve been toying with the idea of for years. Can’t wait to see where this goes! FIRST LOG HERE Pewk out.
  3. KoPewk Log 0 Greetings! I’m not sure why it was requested I record my endeavors, but I’m also not one to argue with a Ga-Matoran scholar, so I digress. I have heard whispers as of late of some ancient superstructure recently unearthed by a large natural tremor somewhere in the vicinity of old Po-Metru. I thought everything out there had been dismantled, but stranger things have happened I suppose. The first real log should be taken after i arrive and set up base camp. If I can even remember to do so, that is. All I’ve been able to fixate over recently is this structure. It’s as if I can almost see it. Pewk out.
  4. Rubber band holders and a lid. Love seeing that.
  5. For anyone with anything. Guitars, Trumpets, Armonicas, the list goes on. Just finished this baby today...She has Seymour Duncan Mini Humbuckers and RS Guitarworks guts. Sounds amazing! Post on people!
  6. Really lookin' forward to the story with this guy. I love that you made a stocky build without giant gaps everywhere.
  7. I can appreciate the colors and the theme, but i'm not sure the large use of ccbs was the best idea here. While it fits well,a more technic or even (dare i say), a more brick based build for the decaying side. For a build with leftovers this is really well done!
  8. I like the way you used the exo-force arms on the chest piece, they make it look like they are holding on a piece of armor. The shoulder design is also elevates the shoulder armor quite nicely.
  9. I feel that the torso fits quite well! I like seeing the chest armor used in a way that you see most of its shape, and think that it really drives the "brute force" theme with the chunky shape.
  10. I like that you made the gunmetal thornax launchers symmetrical, that's a cool little detail. Also, i see what you did there with the name.
  11. I must admit that I'm not usually a fan of brick built "masks" but I think you definitely captured the Kanohi Olisi's lines.
  12. It is said that deep within the harsh landscape formerly known as Metru-Nui, there lives a being so withered he appears to be little more than bones and armor It is said he can summon various powerful tools to his hands, seemingly out of thin air. It is unclear where this being has come from. Is he the last Toa from a bygone era? Perhaps he is simply an unfortunate traveler doomed to wander a crumbling home forever. Or maybe e has been sent to serve a purpose that has not yet made itself clear, and is simply waiting to make his presence known. Perhaps one of the Turaga can share some insight...
  13. This moc looks great, especially considering that dark gold isn't the most common color. I also like how you used the vahi to fill in the waist area, but why are his arms different in some of the shots?
  14. Great job with this. You did a good job using simple arm-and-leg designs, and you wrote a great back story for a villan in the hero factory universe. The epaulettes are a nice touch as well.
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