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    BIONICLE, History, Movies, Board Games, Music; favorite artists include: CHVRCHES, Grimes, Luna Shadows, Sasha Alex Sloan, Ava Max, MARINA, Taylor Swift, and Kim Petras.

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Hi!  I'm JAG18, but you can call me just about anything except stupid face.  I got Pohatu for Christmas of '01 and have been a Bionicle fan ever since.  I started stalking the site in '08, but stopped after Gen 1 ended. Then one day, while walking down memory lane I decided to join on a whim in early 2014.  I was a lot more active back in those days spamming up S&T and BBC, but these days you'll probably only see me G&T, the blogs, or any of the music topics in CoT (I love music). 


In RL, you'll probably find me pursuing one of my interests listed below or reading/watching something random on the internet.  If you'd like to make fun of my music tastes find out what I'm listening to these days looks me up on lastfm.com under JAGeighteen

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