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    Let's see... BIONICLE, STAR WARS, MARVEL, community theatre, movie making, collecting (and building obviously) LEGO sets, hanging with friends, The Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed, LEGO video games, reading, and other crazy interests.

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  1. It would appear that we've been invaded by spam bots or something of that ilk...

  2. Which type of feet out of curiosity?
  3. Some people certainly have been stocking up, found these on Bricklink.
  4. That's how much the set is actually worth in Lego's eyes. They have a product page for all of their GWP, with a set amount as the price.
  5. Not sure if I'll be able to grab it from Lego directly, my pocketbook is a little light currently. 😕 I'll probably get it eventually from some generous seller who isn't going to charge an arm and a leg for it.
  6. This has been sold, this topic can be closed now Thanks all!
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm selling my Skopio XV-1 on Ebay. It is in near perfect condition, only 1 cracked piece (I note which one on the listing), it comes with instruction manuals, and I'm offering free shipping as well. If you're interested, or you know someone else who is, feel free to check the link below. https://www.ebay.com/itm/175600165704
  8. Welcome, we always love new faces around here!
  9. I think I have a spare Mcdonalds Hahli Inika (battery is dead sadly) if you need that one for your collection. Otherwise, my other family members collected a lot of the piraka/inika mcdonald toys I can see if they still have those to trade/sell as well.
  10. Cool! Wish I had known that sooner, I spent my spending money on other stuff because I didn't want to buy $100 worth of non-licensed lego sets. Oh well, there's always the aftermarket I suppose!
  11. Oh I loved it as well! My story is very similar to Aderia's where I was old enough to access BIONICLE.com more or less on my own and was able to play VNOG very easily and it was just about my skill level. It was always fun rounding a corner and finding a piraka waiting for you, and getting smashed by them until you got stronger and were able to take them down later! The Rahi used were very cool and inventive (shore turtles anyone?) and exploring Voya Nui was cool and mysterious. I didn't try out MNOG II til a little later, and when I did I actually got stuck somewhere (I think Le-Koro?) and I had to reset my progress and that kinda killed it for me
  12. The blended Mask of L & S is really cool, I always thought that was a cool concept!
  13. My top 3 things of G1: Mask collecting Well written characters the comic books Top 3 things of G2 pieces that didn't break very easily (compared to post 2007) new heads and mask functions use of the Nuva symbols on the Uniters as a reference to 2002.
  14. It's true, I lost so many of these... still finding cordak blaster bolts behind stuff.
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