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  1. IC: Mu (Causeway) Mu frowned. "I thought he was dead?"
  2. IC: Mu (Causeway) I know that voice... "Omicron?" "Pretty sure it does," Mu replied indignantly, clearly angered by his brother's attempt at- yet again- ruining something for him. "What she said!" the diminutive Rahkshi yelled. "Really?" Mu said. "How so?"
  3. My body contains neither iron, cobalt or nickel. Therefore, your puny "magnetism" is incapable of tearing me apart. My mask.
  4. There is no such thing as Magnetism, only Electromagnetism. My mask.
  5. IC: Mu (Hallways->Refectory->Main Entrance) Mu got up from where he had been slumped by the wall for the past few days, shaking his head somewhat groggily. His recent memories were entirely gone, vanished into thin air. Dusting himself off, he began to head for the Refectory- he was starving, having not eaten in far, far too long. As he ate, sitting quietly in a corner, he became aware of two things. Firstly, the Refectory slop was actually quite edible, despite what he had heard from other students. And secondly, that a particular Rahkshi invoking the name of Omega had turned up, very distinctively covered in red and black spikes. Following this line of investigation- after all, his dear brother may have been dead, but Mu could not stand by and let anyone unworthy stand for his memory- the diminutive Rahkshi made a beeline for the entrance of the school, where some of the other students in the Refectory said they had seen them go. As Mu arrived, he spotted Eps- seemingly immediately, his blood began to boil- as well as this other, mysterious Rahkshi, seemingly attempting to beat Eps to a pulp. "Hey!" Mu yelled, scrambling into flight mode as Eps and the stranger began to head off across the Causeway. "Who are you, and what the karz are you doing talking about my brother?!" IC: Malady (Hallways) I stepped out of the Infirmary after what seemed like months, though it could only have been less than five minutes- the idiot masochist had been dealt with, and therefore, I was on my way back to my room to collect my weapons; in the Library, I would have been able to dispatch the pair of obnoxious ##### long before the Prefect- Recherche?- arrived to spoil my fun. I slip my sword into its scabbard on my back and grab my rhotuka launcher- I must get this integrated into my arm at some point, I think to myself as I leave my room, heading vaguely in the direction of the Gym, in search of someone to spar against. OOC: Malady OFI in the Gym or hallways.
  6. It may be your mask, but in an alternate reality I was born with the mask inside my ribcage. My (alternate reality) mask.
  7. I have a Death Star. (Without an unshielded thermal exhaust port) My mask.
  8. nah m8 the entire concept behind y60k was "pacific rim except it's bionicle" and then we ted our way to some lore that vaguely made sense or at least i did, pretty sure dane didn't help with that
  9. o waddup, excuse for me to bring back mu
  10. I think you're forgetting that light is just as vulnerable to shadow as shadow is to light. If there's more Makuta than there are Av-Toa, then the Makuta are still quite easily going to win, given their abundance of other powers. Actually, Toa of Light aren't inherently vulnerable to Shadow; pretty sure the Makuta are only vulnerable to Light since they're literally beings of Shadow, whereas Av-Toa are simply beings who can harness Light. Not that I don't agree with your point.
  11. One does not simply steal the mask. My mask.
  12. ayyyy lmao let's see if i can keep this up without going inactive within a week or two
  13. We're in a singularity; you can't squash me because I'm already infinitely squashed. My mask.
  14. Before you crush me, I turn into a photon and run at a wall which has two gaps in. Due to quantum physics, I turn into two photons. You squish one of the photons; the other one is still alive. I turn back into moi and take the mask. My mask.
  15. I look at your army, and due to quantum physics they cease to exist. My mask.
  16. The universe crunches into a singularity, therefore putting me right on top of the mask. My mask.
  17. I put on the Vahi and speed up time around you until you die from old age. My mask.
  18. I break free of the mind control and shoot you 19384 times. My mask.
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